Al Falah Restaurant

Looking for authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in Singapore? Al Falah Restaurant offers a mouth-watering menu of traditional dishes such as kebabs, shawarmas, and hummus. Check out their menu online for a full list of options.

What are the specials at Al Falah Restaurant

5 best specials at Al Falah Restaurant: Chicken Kebab Roll, Tandoori Chicken Briyani, Murtabak Cheese Chicken, Chilli Prawn Roll, and Garlic Kebab.

Al Falah Restaurant offers a diverse range of Indian and Malay dishes, including pratas, soups, rolls, briyanis, kebabs, and noodles. They also have an extensive beverage menu with a range of teas, coffees, and juices.

Al Falah Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Al Falah Prata
Plain Prata S$1.50
Egg Prata S$2.00
Cheese Prata S$2.80
Mushroom Prata S$3.50
Banana Prata S$2.80
Planta Prata S$2.80
Plaster Prata S$2.00
Plain Onion Prata S$1.90
Honey Prata S$2.50
Tissue Prata S$4.00
Bomb Prata S$2.70
Double Egg Prata S$3.00
Chocolate Prata S$3.00
Egg Onion Prata S$3.00
Cheese Egg Prata S$3.80
Cheese Onion Prata S$3.00
Cheese Egg Onion Prata S$4.00
Cheese Mushroom Prata S$3.80
Cheese Egg Mushroom Prata S$4.00
Cheese Banana Prata S$3.00
Cheese Plaster Prata S$3.00
Cheese Butter Prata S$3.00
Banana Chocolate Prata S$4.00
Chocolate Cheese Prata S$3.50
Masala Prata S$3.00
Bomb Cheese Prata S$3.50
Milo Prata S$3.00
Milo Cheese Prata S$3.50
Milo Butter Prata S$3.50
Kothu Prata Mutton S$9.50
Kothu Prata Egg S$7.50
Indian Soup
Kambing Soup S$7.00
Chicken Kebab Roll S$9.00
Chilli Fish Roll S$10.00
Chilli Prawn Roll S$10.00
Vegetable Roll S$7.00
Egg Roll S$8.00
Murtabak Chicken S$10.00
Murtabak Cheese Chicken S$12.00
Murtabak Mutton S$10.00
Murtabak Cheese Mutton S$12.00
Murtabak Sardine S$8.00
Murtabak Tuna S$10.00
Masala Thosai S$3.50
Egg Thosai S$3.00
Egg Onion Thosai S$3.50
Butter Thosai S$3.00
Paper Thosai S$4.00
Ghee Thosai S$3.00
Honey Thosai S$3.00
Cheese Thosai S$3.00
Cheese Egg Thosai S$3.50
Onion Thosai S$2.50
Roti John
Roti John Mutton S$6.00
Roti John Chicken S$7.00
Roti John Cheese Mutton S$7.00
Roti John Cheese Chicken S$8.00
Roti John Sardine S$6.00
Special Briyani
Paneer Masala Briyani S$10.00
Tandoori Chicken Briyani S$12.00
Hariyali Kebab S$8.00
Garlic Kebab S$8.00
Chicken Tikka S$8.90
Fish Tikka S$9.00
Malay Kebab S$8.00
Chiken Fried Rice S$8.00
Chicken Noodles S$8.00
Egg Fried Rice S$7.00
Egg Noodles S$7.00
Shzewan Rice S$8.00
Shzewan Noodles S$8.00
Paneer Fried Rice S$8.00
Paneer Noodles S$8.00
Prawn Fried Rice S$9.00
Mushroom Fried Rice S$8.00
Vegetable Fried Rice S$7.00
Chicken Lolli Pop S$8.00
French Fries S$5.00
Indian Food
Dum Briyani Fish S$8.00
Chicken S$4.50
Fish S$4.50
Curry Chicken S$4.50
Vegetable S$1.50
Chicken Steak S$7.50
Mutton Chop S$10.00
Mee Goreng S$6.00
Bee Hoon Goreng S$6.00
Nasi Goreng S$6.00
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis S$7.00
Maggi Goreng S$6.00
Nasi Goreng Ayam S$8.50
Teh Tarik S$1.60
Teh Halia S$2.00
Teh O S$1.40
Teh C S$1.80
Teh Iced S$2.80
Teh Cino S$3.20
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.50
Kopi Tarik S$1.60
Kopi O S$1.40
Kopi C S$1.80
Kopi Iced S$2.50
Kopi Cino S$3.20
Bru Coffee S$2.00
Milo S$2.20
Milo Iced Gaja S$3.80
Milo Dinosaur S$4.50
Nescafe S$2.50
Neslo Iced S$4.00
Horlicks S$2.30
Horlicks Dinosaur S$4.50
Lime Juice S$2.50
Bandung Dinosaur S$3.50
Teh O Limau S$1.70
Watermelon Juice S$5.00
Carrot Juice S$5.00
Sweet Lassi S$5.00
Mango Lassi S$6.00
Banana Milkshake S$6.00
Banana Lassi S$6.00
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Al Falah Restaurant Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Al Falah @ Bedok 11am – 11pm
Al Falah @ Tampines 11am – 11pm
Al Falah @ Jurong East 11am – 11pm
Al Falah @ Yishun 11am – 11pm
Al Falah @ Bishan 11am – 11pm

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