Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

If you’re looking for authentic south Indian cuisine in Singapore, Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai has got you covered. Known for their popular biryani and masala dishes, this restaurant’s menu is an explosion of spicy, flavourful goodness that will transport your taste buds straight to the streets of Tamil Nadu.

What are the specials at Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai

The best 5 specials at Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai are Nattu Kozhi Shredded Fry, Mutton Sukka, Prawn Pepper Fry, Tandoori Chicken, and Garlic Naan. The menu offers Indian cuisine including biryani, dosas, kothus, and curries, as well as Western dishes and beverages. Prices range from S$2.60 to S$15.60.

Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Meal Sets
Nattu Kozhi Meals S$10.70
Fish Meals S$10.70
Mutton Meals S$12.00
Border Rahmath Parotta Special
Border Parotta 3 Pcs S$3.90
Wheat Parotta 3 Pcs S$5.20
Veechu Parotta S$2.60
Saalna Parotta S$4.55
Egg Kothu S$7.80
Chicken Kothu S$11.60
Mutton Kothu S$12.90
Egg Ceylon S$5.85
Egg Chicken Ceylon S$11.60
Mutton Ceylon S$12.90
Egg Parotta S$2.60
Border Rahmath Seafood Special
Fish Fry S$7.15
Prawn 65 S$9.10
Prawn Pepper Fry S$9.75
Prawn Onion Fry S$11.05
Border Rahmath Nattu Kozhi Special
Gun Chicken 1 Pcs S$7.15
Nattu Kozhi Porichathu 1 Pcs S$7.60
Nattu Kozhi Shredded Fry 1 Pcs S$9.10
Nattu Kozhi Chicken Curry S$7.15
Nattu Kozhi Shredded Onion Fry 1 Portion S$9.75
Nattukozhi Chicken Podimas 1 Portion S$11.60
Border Rahmath Mutton Special
Mutton Chops S$11.05
Mutton Sukka S$11.05
Mutton Pepper Onion Fry S$11.70
Mutton Podimas S$12.90
Border Rahmath Kaadai Special
Kaadai Porichadhu S$6.50
Kaadai Shredded Pepper Fry S$7.80
Kaadai Shredded Onion Fry S$9.10
Kadai Podimas S$11.05
Border Rahmath Idiyappam Special
Idiyappam S$3.90
Idiyappam Paya S$13.00
Idiyappam Chicken Kothu S$11.60
Idiyappam Mutton Kothu S$12.90
Idiyappam Egg Kothu S$9.00
Border Rahmath Egg Special
Ding Dongs Eggs S$3.25
Karandi Omelette S$3.25
Masalai Kalaki S$4.55
Omelette S$3.25
Half Boil S$2.60
Egg Podimas S$6.50
Mutton Omelette S$7.80
Chicken Omelette S$7.80
Border Rahmath Dosa Special
Kal Dosa S$3.90
Nice Dosa S$3.25
Ghee Dosa S$3.25
Onion Dosa S$3.25
Egg Dosa S$4.55
Chicken Dosa S$6.00
Mutton Dosa S$7.20
Border Rahmath Dosa Special
Wheat Veg Kothu S$10.30
Wheat Egg Kothu S$10.30
Wheat Chicken Kothu S$12.90
Wheat Mutton Kothu S$14.15
Paneer Dishes
Palak Paneer S$11.90
Paneer Butter Masala S$13.30
Kadai Paneer S$11.90
Muttar Paneer S$11.00
Chili Paneer S$13.50
Non Vege Side Dishes
Butter Chicken S$10.00
Chili Chicken S$15.00
Chicken Tikka Masala 5 Pcs S$13.20
Chicken Kadai S$12.50
Chicken Khorma S$12.50
Chicken Curry S$8.50
Mutton Masala S$13.00
Mutton Rogan Josh S$15.00
Mutton Kadai S$12.30
Garlic Chicken S$12.30
Ginger Chicken 6 Pcs S$12.50
Chicken Loly Pop S$15.60
Prawn Masala S$14.50
Prawn Curry S$13.00
Chilli Prawn S$14.80
Butter Prawn Masala S$15.00
Egg Masala S$7.80
Mutton Curry S$12.50
Border Rahmath Biryani Special
Mutton Biryani S$15.20
Nattu Kozhi Chicken Briyani S$13.20
Plain Biryani S$6.80
Kaadai Biryani S$12.00
Vanjaram Biryani S$12.00
Prawn Biryani S$13.20
Ghee Rice with Fried Fish S$12.90
Ghee Rice with Mutton Curry S$14.90
Border Rahmath Vege Special
Vege Combo S$7.80
Wheat Vege Kothu S$10.30
Vege Kothu S$7.80
Idiyappam Vege Kothu S$7.80
Vege Dosa S$4.55
Vege Noodles S$7.15
Egg Noodles S$7.80
Chicken Noodles S$9.75
Mutton Noodles S$11.10
Fried Rice
Vege Fried Rice S$7.20
Egg Fried Rice S$ 7.80
Chicken Fried Rice S$9.75
Mutton Fried Rice S$11.10
Chicken Chops S$11.50
Vege Side Dishes
Dal Tadaka S$7.15
Aloo Gobi S$8.50
Gobi Masala S$9.10
Aloo Mattar S$9.80
Bindi Masala S$9.10
Vege Khorma S$9.80
Mix Vege Masala S$9.10
Gobi Manchurian S$10.40
Chana Masala S$7.80
Tandoor Dishes
Tandoori Chicken S$8.50
Chicken Tikka 6 Pcs S$12.50
Chicken Cheese Kebab S$15.60
Rashmi Kebab 6 Pcs S$13.60
Hariyali Kebab 6 Pcs S$13.60
Naan Dishes
Plain Naan S$2.60
Butter Naan S$3.90
Garlic Naan S$4.60
Cheese Naan S$4.60
Garlic Butter Naan S$4.60
Chappathi S$2.60
Tandoor Roti S$3.50
Ice Cream with Fruit Salad S$6.00
Banana Split S$6.00
Ice Cream S$3.00
Hot Beverages
Tea S$1.80
Milo S$2.00
Coffee S$1.80
Bru Coffee S$2.00
Nescafe S$2.00
Ginger Milk Tea S$2.00
Black Tea S$1.50
Black Coffee S$1.50
Hot Lemon Tea S$2.00
Horlicks S$2.00
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.90
Badam Milk S$3.00
Boost S$2.50
Iced Beverages
Milo Iced S$2.70
Horlicks Iced S$3.30
Iced Tea S$3.00
Iced Coffee S$3.00
Milo Dinosaur S$4.50
Milo Godzilla S$5.00
Bandung Iced S$2.50
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.90
Iced Badam Milk S$2.80
Lime Soda S$4.50
Butter Milk S$3.00
Canned Drinks S$1.80
Fresh Juices
Orange Juice S$4.00
Apple Juice S$4.00
Pineapple Juice S$4.00
Mango Juice S$4.50
Watermelon Juice S$4.00
Lemon Juice Yellow S$3.50
Avocado Milkshake S$5.00
Banana Milkshake S$5.00
Mango Milkshake S$5.00
Strawberry Milkshake S$5.00
Chocolate Milkshake S$5.00
Pomegranate Milkshake S$6.00
Sweet Lassi S$4.50
Salt Lassi S$4.50
Mango Lassi S$5.00
Strawberry Lassi S$5.00
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