Amigos Restaurant

Looking for an authentic Mexican cuisine experience? Look no further than Amigos Restaurant menu in Singapore. With a variety of traditional dishes and modern twists, Amigos offers a flavorful journey south of the border. Check out their menu today.

What are the specials at Amigos Restaurant

Amigos Restaurant offers a variety of chicken dishes, pasta, and sides, including whole and crispy fried chicken, fish n chips, and mushroom cream spaghetti. There are also burgers, fries, salads, and sauces available as add-ons. Prices range from S$2.00 to S$26.90 for a family set of 9 pieces of chicken.

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Amigos Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Whole Signature Fried Spring Chicken S$16.00
Lucky Plate (2 Pcs) S$7.90
Happiness Plate (3 Pcs) S$10.50
Tender Set (5 Pcs) S$14.90
Family Set (9 Pcs) S$26.90
Crispy Wing S$6.90
Half Crispy Spring Chicken S$8.90
Broiler S$3.30
Fish n Chips S$9.90
Beef Steak S$14.90
Grilled Lamb Chop S$14.90
Chicken Chop S$8.90
Chicken Cutlet S$8.90
Teriyaki Chicken Chop S$7.90
Chicken Lasagna S$7.70
Grilled Fish S$11.50
Seafood Spaghetti S$9.90
Chicken Mushroom Cream Spaghetti S$10.50
Mushroom Cream Spaghetti S$7.90
Chicken Cream Spaghetti S$8.50
Meatball Spaghetti S$8.90
Mushroom Aglio Olio S$7.90
Chicken Mushroom Aglio Olio S$10.50
Chicken Bolognese S$9.90
Old School Chicken Burger S$4.00
Old School Fish Burger S$4.00
Buffalo Drumlettes S$6.90
Chicken Nuggets (5 Pcs) S$4.50
Signature Coleslaw S$3.50
Crispy Fries S$3.00
Cheese Fries S$5.00
Cream of Mushroom S$3.50
Crispy Fried Wing S$4.00
Crispy Chicken Skin S$5.50
Fragrant Rice S$2.00
Nuggets w Rice S$5.50
Nuggets w Fries S$5.50
Onion Rings S$3.90
Potato Salad S$3.50
Add On
Honey Mustard S$1.00
Cheese Sauce S$1.00
Mayonnaise S$1.00
Black Pepper Sauce S$1.00
Tartar Sauce S$1.00
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Amigos Restaurant Locations in Singapore

Location Working Hours
Amigos @ JEM Monday – Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Amigos @ Jurong Point Monday – Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Amigos @ Marina Bay Sands Monday – Sunday: 11am to 11pm
Amigos @ Nex Monday – Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Amigos @ Tampines 1 Monday – Sunday: 11am to 10pm
Amigos @ VivoCity Monday – Sunday: 11am to 10pm
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