Bacha Coffee

Looking for a delightful coffee experience? Head over to Bacha Coffee in Singapore, where you can indulge in a range of specialty coffees, teas, and pastries. Their menu boasts a wide selection of premium beverages and treats that will leave you wanting more. Explore the Bacha Coffee menu and get ready to embark on a flavorful journey.

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What are the specials at Bacha Coffee

Best 5 specials at Bacha Coffee: Scrambled eggs with black truffle, US Angus Beef tenderloin, Moroccan chicken pastilla, Crushed strawberry and rhubarb dessert, Champagne Ruinart.

Bacha Coffee serves a variety of French pastries, gourmet croissants, coffee cakes, salads, sandwiches, and other dishes. They also offer fresh fruit juices, hot chocolate, mocktails, cocktails, wine, and champagne.

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Bacha Coffee Menu Singapore

Gourmet Sweet Croissants
Butter Croissant, 2 piecesS$8.00
1910 Coffee & Chocolate Croissant, 2 piecesS$8.00
Lemon Croissant, 2 piecesS$8.00
Raspberry & Cinnamon Croissant, 2 piecesS$8.00
Pistachio Croissant, 2 piecesS$8.00
Orange Almond Croissant, 2 piecesS$8.00
Gourmet Vienoisseries
Sugar Brioche, 2 piecesS$8.00
Traditional Kouglof, almond, 2 slicesS$8.00
Coffee Cakes
Preserved fruit cake, 2 slicesS$8.00
Lemon Cake, 2 slicesS$8.00
Chocolate, cocoa bean cake, 2 slicesS$8.00
Free Range Eggs
Scrambled eggs with black truffleS$24.00
Eggs Florentine, baby spinach, Mornay sauceS$22.00
Poached eggs, smoked salmon, green lentil saladS$22.00
Gourmet Sacoury Croissants
Croissants, Comte cheese, green salad, vinaigretteS$18.00
Croissants, truffle mushroom, roquette salad, cherry tomato, vinaigrettteS$18.00
Cucumber tzatziki, caramelised watermelon, fresh mintS$20.00
Burrata, tomatoes, citrus vinaigrette, basilS$22.00
French Toasts & Sandwiches
French toast sandwich slow-cooked chicken, jalapeno pepperS$22.00
French toast sandwich smoked salmonS$24.00
French toast sandwichtenderloin steak, caramelised onion, sweet gherkinS$26.00
Club sandwich chicken, Cheddar cheese, beef bacon, fried egg, onion raisin confit, gherkinS$24.00
The Vegetable
Vegetable tajine, coriander, parsley, butternut, pumpkin, courgettes, aubergines, baby potatoes, butS$26.00
Moroccan chicken pastilla, almond, Rosenheim CoffeeS$24.00
Our traditional Moroccan Kefta meatballs, gravy, straw potato friesS$28.00
US Angus Beef tenderloin, crushed potatoes, sauteed asparagus, French red Bordelaise sauceS$30.00
Cheesecake, pandanS$9.00
Strawberry pistachio tartS$9.00
Tropezienne tart, pastry cream, whipped cream, condensed milk, crumbleS$9.00
Lemon tartS$9.00
Chocolate puff, Milano Morning CoffeeS$9.00
Mille Feuilles, orange, Grand Moka Matari CoffeeS$9.00
Molten grand cru chocolate cake, Bantu Secret Coffee ice creamS$12.00
Crushed strawberry, rhubarb, olive oil, Tahitian vanilla ice creamS$12.00
Tiramisu, Rwanda Superior CoffeeS$12.00
Afternoon Coffee
Mineral waters
Still mineral water 50clS$7.00
Sparkling mineral water 50clS$7.00
Fresh Fruit Juices
Hot Chocolate
Traditional “Sahara” hot chocolateS$9.00
Chilled milk with Marcala Excellence Coffee ice cubesS$11.00
Iced Magdalena Coffee, fresh orange juiceS$11.00
Cocktails(with alcohol)
Bacha MartiniS$18.00
Irish CoffeeS$18.00
Bacha CreamS$18.00
Pencarrow Sauvignon blanc (Glass)S$18.00
Pencarrow Sauvignon blanc (Bottle)S$18.00
Pencarrow Pinot noir (Glass)S$18.00
Pencarrow Pinot noir (Bottle)S$85.00
Champagne Ruinart (Bottle)S$145.00

Bacha Coffee Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Bacha Coffee – ION Orchard10AM – 10PM Daily
Bacha Coffee – Marina Bay Sands10AM – 11PM Daily
Bacha Coffee – Raffles City10AM – 10PM Daily
Bacha Coffee – Vivocity10AM – 10PM Daily

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