Burger King

Burger King’s menu in Singapore offers a variety of burgers, sides, and desserts for all tastes. From the classic Whopper to the plant-based Rebel Whopper, there’s something for everyone on the menu. Discover the latest offerings and deals at Burger King Singapore.

What are the specials at Burger King?

The Ultimate Selection includes chicken and beef burgers, with meal options available. Plant-based Whopper options and sides like cheesy fries and onion rings are also available. Beverage options include Coke, iced tea, and SJORA fruit drinks. Curry and BBQ sauces are offered as well.

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Burger King Menu Singapore

The Ultimate Selection
Ultimate Chicken KingS$9.80
Ultimate Chicken King MealS$11.80
Double Ultimate SalmonS$12.45
Double Ultimate Salmon MealS$14.90
Ultimate Angus Classic BBQS$10.65
Ultimate Angus Classic BBQ MealS$13.30
Ultimate Angus Mushroom SwissS$10.45
Ultimate Angus Mushroom Swiss MealS$13.30
Double Ultimate Angus Mushroom SwissS$13.25
Double Ultimate Angus Mushroom Swiss MealS$15.70
Beef Burger
Double Western WhopperS$14.55
Double Western Whopper MealS$16.55
Double Whopper with CheeseS$13.70
Double Whopper with Cheese MealS$15.90
Western WhopperS$11.70
Western Whopper MealS$13.70
Whopper with CheeseS$10.15
Whopper with Cheese MealS$12.25
Double Mushroom SwissS$9.25
Double Mushroom Swiss MealS$11.55
Double BBQ Turkey BaconS$9.25
Double BBQ Turkey Bacon MealS$11.55
Whopper MealS$11.25
Double WhopperS$12.40
Double Whopper MealS$14.50
Chicken & Fish Burgers
Spicy Chicken KingS$7.95
Spicy Chicken King MealS$9.95
Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill ChickenS$9.50
Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken MealS$11.75
Tendergrill ChickenS$9.00
Tendergrill Chicken MealS$11.05
Long ChickenS$7.60
Long Chicken MealS$9.45
Double Fish BurgerS$7.90
Double Fish Burger MealS$10.00
BK Nuggets 9pcs (Curry Sauce)S$8.00
BK Nuggets 9pcs (Curry Sauce) MealS$10.60
BK Nuggets 9pcs (BBQ Sauce)S$8.00
BK Nuggets 9pcs (BBQ Sauce) MealS$10.60
BK Nuggets 6pcs (Curry Sauce)S$6.35
BK Nuggets 6pcs (Curry Sauce) MealS$8.90
BK Nuggets 6pcs (BBQ Sauce)S$6.35
BK Nuggets 6pcs (BBQ Sauce) MealS$8.90
Plant-Based Whopper
Plant-Based WhopperS$10.00
Plant-Based Whopper MealS$12.10
Double Plant-Based WhopperS$13.10
Double Plant-Based Whopper MealS$15.20
Sides and Desserts
BK Nuggets 9pcs (Curry Sauce)S$8.00
BK Nuggets 22pcs (Curry Sauce)S$14.70
BK Nuggets 9pcs (BBQ Sauce)S$8.00
BK Nuggets 22pcs (BBQ Sauce)S$14.70
Mexican Drumlets 5 pcsS$7.05
Mexican Drumlets 12pcsS$13.10
Hersheys’ Sundae PieS$4.50
Cheesy Fries RegularS$4.40
Cheesy Fries LargeS$4.80
Onion Rings MediumS$4.20
Onion Rings LargeS$4.60
Fries MediumS$3.60
Fries LargeS$4.00
Taro TurnoverS$2.30
Cheese SauceS$2.00
BBQ SauceS$0.90
Curry SauceS$0.90
Heaven and Earth Iced Lemon TeaS$3.90
Iced MiloS$3.70
Brewed CoffeeS$2.80
Hot TeaS$2.80
Dasani Bottled WaterS$2.80
SJORA Lychee BerryS$3.60
SJORA Mango PeachS$3.60
Minute Maid Refresh OrangeS$3.30

Burger King Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Bugis VillageMonday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
Jurong PointMonday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
Changi Airport Terminal 1Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
Changi Airport Terminal 2Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
Changi Airport Terminal 3Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
Changi Airport Terminal 4Monday-Sunday: 24 hours
East Coast ParkMonday-Sunday: 8am-10pm
NEX Shopping MallMonday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
Kallang Leisure ParkMonday-Sunday: 10am-10pm
AnchorpointMonday-Sunday: 8am-10pm
Tampines MallMonday-Sunday: 10am-10pm

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