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Looking for a satisfying coffee and food experience in Singapore? Look no further than Coffee Bean Menu Singapore. Their diverse menu offers everything from rich, aromatic coffee blends to delicious breakfast options, making it the perfect spot for any time of day. Explore their extensive selection and taste the difference of their premium coffee beans today.

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What are the specials at Coffee Bean?

The best seasonal specials at Coffee Bean are the Chendol Ice Blend and Laksa Spaghetti. The Breakfast Platter, Egg Club Sandwich, and Buttermilk Pancakes are also popular choices. The extensive menu offers salads, sandwiches, pasta, cakes, pastries, lattes, coffee, tea, and iced blended drinks.

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Coffee Bean Menu Singapore

Seasonal Special
Chendol Ice BlendedS$9.50
Laksa SpaghettiS$16.90
Breakfast Special
Omelette & Cheese Croissant With MayonnaiseS$12.90
All-Day Breakfast
Egg Club SandwichS$13.90
Buttermilk PancakesS$14.90
Breakfast PlatterS$16.90
Eggs BenS$14.90
Turkey Ham & Cheese CroissantS$14.90
Avocado & Pomegranate ToastS$14.90
Caesar SaladS$11.90
Pomegranate Pasta SaladS$13.90
Tuna MayonnaiseS$12.90
Honey Mustard ChickenS$12.90
Chicken MayonnaiseS$12.90
Tomato and Herb SpaghettiS$13.90
Spicy Tuna SpaghettiS$14.90
Chicken and Mushroom SpaghettiS$14.90
Chocolate of a Thousand LeavesS$8.00
Chicago CheesecakeS$8.00
Pandan Gula Melaka CakeS$8.00
Buster’s Weekly CheesecakeS$8.00
Mocha Mousse CakeS$8.00
Cookies & Cream CakeS$8.00
Strawberry Bliss CheesecakeS$8.00
Almond Banana CakeS$7.00
Pastries & More
Skinny Triple Chocolate MuffinS$4.50
Blueberry MuffinS$4.50
Raisin Custard DanishS$4.50
Banana Walnut MuffinS$4.50
Signature Lattes
Café LatteS$7.60
Oat Milk LatteS$8.50
Flat WhiteS$8.50
Mocha LatteS$8.50
Vanilla LatteS$8.50
Hazelnut LatteS$8.50
Salted Caramel LatteS$8.60
Dark Chocolate LatteS$8.60
Spanish LatteS$7.90
Hazelnut AmericanoS$7.40
Caramel MacchiatoS$8.50
Signature Brewed Coffee
Today’s BrewS$5.20
Java To Go CoffeeS$32.00
Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Vanilla Bean LatteS$8.40
Cold Brew Salted Caramel LatteS$8.60
Cold Brew Tea
Cold Brew – Peach JasmineS$7.90
Cold Brew – Black TeaS$7.00
Cold Brew Swedish BerriesS$7.00
Sparkling Cold Brew Tea
Sparkling – Peach JasmineS$8.00
Signature Tea Lattes
Chai Tea LatteS$8.30
Matcha Green Tea LatteS$8.30
English Breakfast Tea LatteS$8.30
Soy Chai LatteS$9.30
Soy Matcha LatteS$9.30
Milk-Based Treats
Hot Dark ChocolateS$8.10
Hot VanillaS$8.10
Ice Blended® Drinks (Coffee-Based)
The Original Mocha Ice Blended®S$9.10
The Original Vanilla Ice Blended®S$9.10
Hazelnut Ice Blended®S$9.30
Dark Chocolate Ice Blended®S$9.30
Salted Caramel Ice Blended®S$9.30
The Ultimate Mocha Ice Blended®S$9.30
Ice Blended® Drinks (Tea-Based)
Matcha Green Tea Ice Blended®S$8.90
Chai Ice Blended®S$8.90
Ice Blended® Drinks (Milk-Based)
Pure Vanilla Ice Blended®S$9.30
Choc Cookie Crumble Ice Blended®S$9.30
Pure Dark Chocolate Ice Blended®S$9.30
Pure Salted Caramel Ice Blended®S$9.20
Ice Blended® Drinks (Fruit-Based)
California Sunrise Ice Blended®S$8.60
Malibu Dream Ice Blended®S$8.80

Coffee Bean Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Marina Bay SandsMon-Sun: 8am-11pm
Raffles City Shopping CentreMon-Sun: 8am-10pm
Orchard ParagonMon-Sun: 8am-10pm
JEMMon-Sun: 8am-10pm
VivoCityMon-Sun: 8am-10pm
Tampines 1Mon-Sun: 8am-10pm
Changi Airport Terminal 2Mon-Sun: 24 hours
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Arrival HallMon-Sun: 24 hours
Changi Airport Terminal 3 Departure HallMon-Sun: 24 hours

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