Fun Toast

Looking for a delectable and diverse Singaporean cuisine menu? Fun Toast’s menu in Singapore offers a range of dishes that will tantalize your tastebuds. From traditional toast to hearty bowls of congee, there’s something for everyone. Come and discover the authentic taste of Singapore with Fun Toast.

What are the specials at Fun Toast

The best 5 specials at Fun Toast are Soya Sauce Chicken With Rice, Curry Chicken With Rice, Laksa, Chee Cheong Fun & 2pcs Siew Mai, and Juicy Chicken Cutlet. Fun Toast serves a variety of local delights, specialty teas, and refreshing and nutritional beverages, as well as a variety of toast options. Bundle deals are also available.

Fun Toast Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Premium TeaF
Osmanthus Pu’er S$3.00
Pomegranate Oolong Tea S$3.00
Strawberry Green Tea S$2.80
Snowpear Black Tea S$3.00
Bundle Deals
Bundle Rice Set S$9.12
Double Bundle Set 1 S$15.55
Double Toast Bundle Set 1 S$10.13
Double Toast Bundle Set 2 S$10.13
Double Toast Bundle Set 3 S$10.29
Fun Meal
Soya Sauce Chicken With Chee Cheong Fun S$7.40
Soya Sauce Chicken With Rice S$7.40
Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle S$7.40
Curry Chicken With Soft Bun S$7.40
Curry Chicken With Rice S$6.90
Curry Chicken With Chee Cheong Fan S$7.40
Chee Cheong Fun & 2pcs Siew Mai S$5.70
Loh Mai Kai & 2pcs Siew Mai S$5.70
Fan Choy & 2pc Siew Ma S$5.70
Mee Siam S$5.80
Laksa S$7.10
Yong Tau Foo S$7.60
Shredded Chicken Soup S$5.80
Juicy Chicken Cutlet S$8.10
Fun Toast Set
Min Jiang Kuey Soft Bun Set S$5.80
Kaya Butter Toast Set S$ 5.80
Yuan Yang Soft Bun Set S$5.80
Honey Butter French Toast Set S$5.60
Ham & Cheese French Toast Set S$6.10
Otah Cheese Soft Bun Set S$6.30
Egg Mayo Toast Set S$6.10
A La Carte Toast
Min Jiang Kuey Soft Bun S$3.30
Kaya Butter Toast S$3.30
Yuan Yang Soft Bun S$3.30
Honey Butter French Toast S$4.30
Ham & Cheese French Toast S$4.80
Otah Cheese Soft Bun S$5.00
Egg Mayo Toast S$4.80
Local Delights
Chee Cheong Fun S$3.40
Fan Choy S$3.10
Loh Mai Kai S$3.10
Siew Mai (2 Pcs) S$ 2.60
Hand Made Chicken Bao S$2.80
Char Siew Bao S$1.60
Yam Bao S$1.40
Red Bean Bao S$1.40
Kong Bak Bao S$2.60
2 Soft Boiled Eggs S$2.20
Otah S$2.10
Dry Mee Siam S$3.30
Finger Food
Chicken Wings S$4.50
Fries S$4.30
Onion Rings S$4.50
Nuggets S$5.00
Traditional Coffee
Coffee O (Large) S$2.00
Coffee (Large) S$2.10
Coffee C (Large) S$2.20
Yuan Yang (Large) S$2.30
Gula Melaka Coffee (Large) S$2.50
Traditional Tea
Tea O (Large S$2.00
Tea (Large) S$2.10
Tea C (Large) S$2.20
Gula Melaka Tea (Large) S$2.50
Almond Tea (Large) S$2.50
Ginger Tea O (Large) S$2.30
Ginger Tea (Large) S$2.40
Specialty Tea
Grass Jelly Tea S$2.30
Lemon Tea S$2.20
Lime Tea S$2.20
Honey Grass Jelly Milk Tea S$2.70
Honey WolfBerry Tea O S$2.50
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.50
Honey Lime Tea S$2.50
Honey Tea O S$2.20
Honey Tea C S$2.40
Refreshing Beverages
Red Cane Leaf S$2.40
Lemon Red Cane Leaf S$2.60
Honey O S$2.00
Honey Lemon S$2.30
Honey Lime S$2.30
Honey Lime Sour Plum S$2.30
Honey Ginger S$2.30
Honey Grass Jelly S$2.10
Honey Wolf Berry S$2.30
Nutritional Beverages
Almond Cereal Milk S$2.90
Almond Ginger Milk S$2.90
Ginger Milk S$2.40
Cereal Milk S$2.40
Oat Cereal Milk S$2.60
Milo S$2.60
Milo Dinosaur S$4.00
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Fun Toast Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Jurong Point 10:00am – 10:00pm
VivoCity 10:00am – 10:00pm
Junction 8 10:00am – 10:00pm
NEX 10:00am – 10:00pm
Changi Airport Terminal 3 24 Hours
Chinatown Point 8:00am – 10:00pm
Parkway Parade 8:00am – 10:00pm

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