Genki Sushi

If you’re in search of a delectable sushi adventure, look no further than the Genki Sushi menu in Singapore. Known for their fresh ingredients and fun ordering system, this establishment offers a wide selection of Japanese cuisine with the convenience of modern technology.

What are the specials at Genki Sushi

It is not specified in the given information what the 5 best specials at Genki Sushi are.
Genki Sushi has a wide variety of sushi and Japanese cuisine options, including nigiri, sashimi, gunkan, rolls, hot food, rice and noodles, appetizers, beverages, and desserts at affordable prices.

Genki Sushi Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Tamago Sushi S$2.35
Inari Sushi S$2.35
Kani Sushi S$2.78
Amaebi Sushi S$3.00
Maguro Sushi S$3.42
Ebi Sushi S$3.00
Tako Sushi S$2.78
Yaki Salmon S$3.21
Yaki Corn S$2.78
Edo Tamago S$2.78
Unagi Sushi S$3.42
Hokkigai Sushi S$3.42
Ika Sushi S$2.78
Hotate Sushi S$4.49
Smoked Duck Sushi S$2.78
Hana Sushi S$4.82
Salmon Sushi S$3.00
Kajiki NS S$3.85
Hamachi NS S$4.49
Tamago Mentai S$3.42
Kani Mentai S$3.42
Kani Black Pepper S$3.42
Ebi Mentai S$3.53
Ebi Garlic Butter S$3.53
Scallop Mentai Aburi S$4.92
Salmon 3 Flavors S$5.14
Salmon Mentai S$3.53
Salmon Black Pepper S$3.53
Chicken Cheese Burger S$3.85
Hokkaido Cheese Abalone S$3.85
Salmon SpicyMayo S$3.53
Aburi Maguro S$3.85
Hamachi Sashimi S$8.77
Maguro Sashimi S$6.96
Kajiki Sashimi S$6.96
Amaebi Sashimi S$6.96
Salmon Sashimi S$6.96
Salmon Belly Sashimi S$17.66
Premium Sashimi Platter S$21.94
Hotate Sashimi S$6.96
Akaebi Sashimi S$6.96
Cheese Tobikko Gunkan S$3.42
Corn Mayo Gunkan S$2.35
Scallop Wasabi Gunkan S$2.78
Ebikko Gunkan S$3.00
Tuna Salad Gunkan S$2.78
Kani Salad Gunkan S$2.78
Lobster Salad Gunkan S$3.85
Ikura Gunkan S$6.63
Inari Kani Salad S$2.35
Inari Lobster Salad S$3.00
Natto Gunkan S$2.35
Spicy Salmon Gunkan S$3.00
Salmon Ikura Gunkan S$5.99
Crab & Crab Miso Gunkan S$4.49
Ika Capelin Gunkan S$4.49
Amaebi Gunkan S$3.42
Tuna Salad Inari S$2.35
Chuka Hotate GK S$2.78
Chuka Wakame GK S$2.35
Cheese Tobikko Ebi Roll S$4.49
California Roll S$4.49
Tamago Maki S$2.35
Lobster Salad Roll S$5.24
Soft Shell Crab Roll S$5.24
Tekka Maki S$3.42
Kappa Maki S$2.35
Kani Maki S$2.78
Natto Maki S$2.35
Spicy Salmon Roll S$5.14
Mentai Roll S$5.89
Genki Roll S$4.82
Salmon Maki S$3.42
Volcano Roll S$5.56
Unatama Roll S$5.56
Tuna Salad Maki S$2.78
Soft Shell Crab Handroll S$4.49
California Handroll S$3.00
Salmon Handroll S$3.00
Spicy Salmon Handroll S$3.00
Soft Shell Crab S$8.45
Squid Tentacles S$5.14
French Fries S$3.75
Tori Karaage S$4.82
Shishamo S$4.82
Takoyaki S$4.82
Ebi Tempura S$ 6.21
Mentai Mayo Fries S$4.82
Gyoza S$4.82
Crispy Prawn w Yuzu Mayo S$5.89
Cheese Mochi S$4.82
Fried Salmon Skin S$5.24
Chicken Nanban S$6.31
Maple Chz Fries S$4.82
Okonomiyaki S$5.67
Snowcrab Croquette S$3.10
Mentai Mayo S$0.54
Kake Udon S$5.35
Zaru Soba (Cold) S$5.14
Maze Soba S$6.63
Ebi Tempura Udon S$9.10
Beef Udon S$9.10
Mini Chirashi Don S$7.06
Mini Salmon Ikura Don S$7.06
Mini Salmon Avo Mentai Don S$7.06
Hanjuku Egg S$1.28
Spicy Sal Engawa Don S$7.06
Kitsune Udon S$6.63
Chawanmushi S$3.42
Edamame S$3.10
Nameko Miso Soup S$3.10
Chuka Idako S$4.49
Chuka Hotate S$4.49
Agedashi Tofu S$4.49
Chuka Kurage S$4.49
Salmon Miso Soup S$3.42
Chuka Wakame S$4.49
Crab Yuzu Chawanmushi S$5.24
Agedashi Hamburg S$5.14
Qoo Grape S$3.00
Bottled Water S$2.14
Jasmine Green Tea S$3.00
Ayataka S$3.00
Coke S$3.00
Coke No Sugar S$3.00
Sprite S$3.00
Maple Caramelised Imo S$4.49
Caramelised Tamagoyaki S$2.78
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Genki Sushi Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Chinatown Point Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Bugis+ Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Jurong Point Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Nex Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Orchard Central Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Shaw Centre Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Waterway Point Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm
Wisma Atria Mon-Sun 11:30am-10pm

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