Madd Pizza

Looking for a delicious pizza menu in Singapore? Look no further than Madd Pizza! With a variety of mouth-watering pizza options to choose from, Madd Pizza is the perfect spot to satisfy your pizza cravings.

What are the specials at Madd Pizza

The best 5 specials at Madd Pizza can vary depending on personal taste. Regarding summarizing the menu under 50 words, here’s a possible version: “Madd Pizza serves Roman-style pizza, sandwiches, starters, cold cuts & cheese platters, baked bread, desserts, and beverages including fresh fruit juices, smoothies, and mocktails. Beer, cider, and rice wine are also available. Prices range from S$2.80 to S$35.”

Madd Pizza Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Pizza Romana Al Taglio
Marinara Pizza S$11.00
Margherita Pizza S$12.00
Salami Pizza S$14.00
Zucchini & Anchovies Pizza S$14.00
Eggplant Parmigiana Pizza S$14.00
Tuna Pizza S$16.00
Quattro Formaggi Pizza S$16.00
Parma Ham & Rocket Pizza S$19.00
Focaccia Romana Bianca
Parma Ham, Rocket & Stracchino Sandwich S$16.00
Mortadella Ham & Taleggio Sandwich S$16.00
Cooked Ham & Taleggio Sandwich S$16.00
Truffle Pesto & Mascarpone Sandwich S$16.00
Vegetarian Sandwich S$16.00
Porchetta Sandwich S$21.00
Prosciutto & Melone S$22.00
Caprese S$22.00
Porchetta S$21.00
Small Bites S$8.00
Prosciutto Cotto & Stracchino Bruschetta S$14.00
Porcini Mushroom Bruschetta S$16.00
Cold Cuts & Cheese Platters
Misto Italia Formaggio S$35.00
Misto Italia Salumi S$35.00
Daily Baked Breads
Focaccia Romana Plain S$8.00
Plain Bomboloni S$2.80
Custard Bomboloni S$4.80
Chocolate Bomboloni S$4.80
English Breakfast S$4.00
Earl Grey Chamomile S$4.00
Japanese Green Tea S$4.00
Jasmin Green Tea S$4.00
Iced Lemon Tea S$4.00
Coffee, Chocolate & Milkshakes
Hot Espresso S$4.00
Americano S$5.00
Macchiato S$5.00
Black Coffee S$5.00
Caffe Latte S$6
Hot Cappuccino S$6.00
Mocha S$7.00
Chocolate S$7.00
Chocolate Milkshake S$13.00
Vanilla Milkshake S$13.00
Strawberry Milkshake S$13.00
Iced Beverages
Mineral Water S$3.50
Borsec S$5.00
Soft Beverages S$3.50
Red Bull S$6.00
Fresh Fruit Juices
Lime Juice S$5.00
Lime Soda S$5.50
Single Fruit Juice S$7.00
Say a Little Prayer S$8.80
Think S$8.80
Sparkle S$8.80
Chain of Fools S$8.80
Respect S$8.80
Fresh Fruit Smoothies
Mango Smoothie S$9.00
Rock Steady S$12.00
Spanish Harlem S$12.00
Wholy Holy S$12.00
Fresh Fruit Lassi
Dr Feelgood S$12.00
Amazing Grace S$12.00
Jumping Jack S$12.00
Mango Lassi S$9.00
Rocking Good S$13.00
Unforgettable S$13.00
September Rain S$13.00
Bitter Earth S$13.00
Funny Valentine S$13.00
Summer Time S$13.00
Bottled Beers, Ciders & Rice Wine
Budweiser S$6.90
Corona S$6.90
Asahi S$7.90
Hoegaarden S$7.90
Menabrea S$7.90
Erdinger Light S$10.90
Jinro Soju Green Grape S$14.90
Jinro Soju Grapefruit S$14.90
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Madd Pizza Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
6 Holland Close #01-20 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sun)
55 Boat Quay, Singapore 11am – 11pm (Mon-Sun)
1 Maju Avenue #02-07, Singapore 11:30am – 9:30pm (Sun-Thu)
11:30am – 10pm (Fri-Sat)

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