Tasha’s Restaurant

Looking for a delectable dining experience in Singapore? Look no further than Tasha’s Restaurant, renowned for offering a diverse menu that combines international influences with local flavors. Whether you’re craving fresh seafood, savory meat dishes, or vegetarian options, Tasha’s menu is sure to satisfy. Explore the enticing selection today!

What are the specials at Tasha’s Restaurant

The five best specials at Tasha’s Restaurant include Salted Egg Masala Squid, Masala Chicken Briyani, Tasha’s Special Murtabak, Volcano Prata, and Chicken Roti John. The menu offers a variety of Indian and Western dishes, including seafood, briyani, murtabak, prata, thosai, meatloaf, sides, ice blended drinks, tea, coffee, and mocktails.

Tasha’s Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Salted Egg Masala Squid S$11.80
Black Sauce Squid S$11.80
Masala Chicken Briyani S$7.50
Goreng S$5.00
Chicken Chop With French Fries S$9.80
Tasha’s Special Murtabak S$15.00
Plain Murtabak S$4.50
Volcano Prata S$3.80
Chicken Coin Set Prata S$7.80
Sardine Coin Set Prata S$6.80
Plain Prata S$1.40
Plain Thosai S$2.00
Uthappam S$2.50
Egg Thosai S$3.00
Onion Thosai S$3.00
Masala Thosai S$3.50
Cheese Thosai S$3.50
Chicken Keema Thosai S$4.20
Sardine Thosai S$4.00
Chicken Sausage Thosai S$3.50
Ghee Thosai S$3.20
Butter Thosai S$3.00
Sugar Thosai S$2.80
Mushroom Thosai S$3.50
Garlic Thosai S$3.20
Tasha’s Special Roti John S$15.00
Chicken Roti John S$8.00
Sardine Roti John S$7.80
Omelette Onion Chilli S$3.00
Stir-fried Chicken S$4.80
Milo Ice Blended S$3.80
Nescafe Ice Blended S$3.80
Oreo Ice Blended S$3.80
Hershey’s Chocolate Ice Blended S$3.80
Mango Spin Ice Blended S$3.80
Blueberry Spin Ice Blended S$3.80
Green Apple Spin Ice Blended S$3.80
Lemon Spin Ice Blended S$3.80
Chocolate Chip Ice Blended S$3.80
Rainbow Spree Ice Blended S$3.80
Teh C Kosong S$1.40
Teh Tarik S$1.40
Signature Tea S$1.80
Teh Halia S$1.70
Teh C S$1.50
Teh C Halia S$1.80
Teh O S$1.20
Teh O Halia S$1.50
Teh O Limau S$1.40
Teh O Limau Halia S$1.50
Kopi Halia S$1.70
Kopi C Halia S$1.80
Kopi C Kosong S$1.40
Kopi C S$1.50
Kopi S$1.40
Kopi C Halia Kosong S$1.70
Kopi O S$1.20
Kopi O Halia S$1.50
Bru Coffee S$1.80
Kopi O Kosong S$1.20
Nescafe S$1.80
Milo Dinosaur S$1.80
Milo Kosong S$1.50
Milo C S$1.60
Milo S$1.50
Milo C Kosong S$1.60
Neslo S$1.80
Limau S$1.40
Limau O S$1.40
Limau Halia S$1.80
Limau Halia O S$1.80
Halia S$1.40
Halia O S$1.40
Halia Honey S$1.80
Mango Soda S$2.80
Honeydew Soda S$2.80
Blueberry Soda S$2.80
Green Apple Soda S$2.80
Syrup Soda S$2.80
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Tasha’s Restaurant Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Orchard Central Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10pm
Vivocity Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10pm
The Central @ Clarke Quay Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10pm
Jewel Changi Airport Mon-Sun: 10am-10pm
The Grandstand Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10pm

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