Looking for the ultimate comfort food in Singapore? Look no further than the 4Fingers menu, which features a wide range of delicious Korean-style fried chicken dishes that are guaranteed to satisfy your taste buds. Whether you prefer original, soy garlic or spicy flavours, 4Fingers has something for everyone.

What are the specials at 4Fingers

The best 5 specials at 4Fingers are the Burger Jaw Breaker, JawBreaker Feast, Signature Crispy Chicken, Chick N’ Seafood, and Chicken Delights. The menu offers a variety of chicken and seafood options, rice boxes, salads, sides, and desserts, with combos and ala carte options available.

4Fingers Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Burger Jaw Breaker
Burger & Box Buddy Meal (1 Chicky Crisp, 1 DS Ricebox) S$22.30
JawBreaker Feast (2 Chicky Crisp, 6pcs W/D) S$32.90
Chicc Crisp Combo (Single Chicken) S$11.70
Monster Tower Combo (Double Chicken) S$14.00
Cheesy Stacks Combo (Cheesy Burger) S$12.90
Chicc Crisp Ala Carte (Single Chicken) S$10.30
Monster Tower Ala Carte (Double Chicken) S$12.70
Cheesy Stacks Ala Carte (Cheesy Burger) S$11.50
Signature Crispy Chicken
6 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Combo) S$12.80
12 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Combo) S$24.10
18 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Combo) S$33.50
3 pcs Drumsticks (Combo) S$14.10
6 pcs Drumsticks (Combo) S$27.00
9 pcs Drumsticks (Combo) S$39.90
1 pc Drumsticks & 3 pcs Wings (Combo) S$12.90
6 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Ala Carte) S$10.30
12 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Ala Carte) S$18.70
18 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Ala Carte) S$25.40
3 pcs Drumsticks (Ala Carte) S$11.50
6 pcs Drumsticks (Ala Carte) S$21.80
9 pcs Drumsticks (Ala Carte) S$32.10
1 pc Drumsticks & 3 pcs Wings (Ala Carte) S$10.30
50 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Ala Carte S$67.10
100 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Ala Carte) S$127.00
150 pcs Wingettes & Drumettes (Ala Carte) S$176.00
Chick N’ Seafood
7pcs Chick N’ Seafood (Combo) S$14.95
14pcs Chick N’ Seafood (Combo) S$26.45
21pcs Chick N’ Seafood (Combo) S$36.95
7pcs Chick N’ Seafood (Ala Carte) S$13.45
14pcs Chick N’ Seafood (Ala Carte) S$24.95
21pcs Chick N’ Seafood (Ala Carte) S$35.45
Chicken Delights
6 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites (Combo) S$12.90
12 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites (Combo) S$24.10
18 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites (Combo) S$33.50
6 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites (Ala Carte) S$10.30
12 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites (Ala Carte) S$18.70
18 pcs Boneless Chicken Bites (Ala Carte) S$25.40
Crispy Shrimp Fry S$13.95
Crispy Calamari S$13.95
Calamari N’ Crispy Shrimp Fry S$14.45
Crispy Shrimp Fry (Ala Carte) S$12.45
Crispy Calamari (Ala Carte) S$12.45
Calamari N Crispy Shrimp Fry (Ala Carte) S$12.95
Rice boxes
Wings Rice Box (Combo) S$11.70
Drumsticks Rice Box (Combo) S$11.70
Crispy Shrimp Fry & Calamari Rice Box (Combo) S$14.95
Tofu Rice Box (Combo) S$9.40
Wings Rice Box (Ala Carte) S$10.30
Drumsticks Rice Box (Ala Carte) S$10.30
Crispy Shrimp Fry & Calamari Rice Box (Ala Carte) S$13.45
Tofu Rice Box (Ala Carte) S$7.90
Chicken Katsu Salad (Combo) S$12.70
Tofu Salad (Combo) S$12.10
Chicken Katsu Salad (Ala Carte) S$9.70
Tofu Salad (Ala Carte) S$9.10
AddOn Sides
Kimslaw S$4.30
Kimchi Fries S$3.10
Seaweed Fries S$3.10
Plain Fries S$3.10
Japanese Rice S$1.90
Japanese Rice with Teriyaki Sauce S$2.30
Onion Crisps S$2.40
2pcs Japanese Mochi S$3.30
Bundle of 5 Japanese Mochi S$5.50
Vanilla Cream Puff With Choco Dip S$3.95
Coke S$2.90
Coke Zero S$2.90
Ice Lemon Tea S$3.10
Dasani Bottled Water S$2.20
Cocomax 100% Coconut Water (Original) S$4.60
Vida Salted Lychee S$3.20
Vida Orange S$3.20
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4Fingers Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Plaza Singapura 10:00am – 10:00pm
Junction 8 10:00am – 10:00pm
Northpoint City 10:00am – 10:00pm
Changi Airport Terminal 3 24 hours

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