Beer Factory

Looking for a delicious brew and a bite to eat? Check out Beer Factory’s menu in Singapore! With a wide variety of food options and an extensive beer selection, there’s something for everyone at this popular spot.

What are the specials at Beer Factory

The best 5 specials at Beer Factory are King’s fingerfood platter, seafood laksa spaghetti, tandoori chicken, mixed meat platter, and craft beer. The menu features finger foods, pizzas, pastas, platters, sliders, Indian-Chinese fusion, and a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Prices range from S$9 to S$50.

Beer Factory Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Chicken Spam Fries S$12.00
Chicken Wing & Drumlets S$13.00
Chicken Nuggets S$11.00
Cereal Prawns S$14.00
Breaded Calamari S$13.00
Vegetarian Spring Rolls S$9.00
French Fries S$9.00
Truffle Fries S$12.00
Cheese Fries S$11.00
Potato Wedges S$9.00
Shredded Sweet Patato S$9.00
Onion Rings S$9.00
Nacho Chips S$10.00
PIZZA 8 inch
Margherita S$14.00
Salami Pizza S$16.00
Seafood Pizza S$16.00
Spicy Chicken S$16.00
Sausage & Tomato S$16.00
Hawaiian Pizza S$16.00
Black Pepper Chicken thigh S$14.00
Grilled pacific salmon S$14.00
Seafood laksa spaghetti S$14.00
Seafood aglio-olio S$16.00
Spicy Chicken spaghetti S$15.00
Spaghetti carbonara S$15.00
King’s fingerfood platter S$32.00
Mixed meat platter S$42.00
Vegetarian platter S$28.00
Chicken S$13.00
Lamb S$14.00
mixed meat S$16.00
Lamb S$14.00
Chicken S$13.00
Mixed meat S$16.00
Mixed pepper S$13.00
FINGERFOOD (North India)
Vegetables Samosa (3 pcs) S$11.00
Samosa Chat S$13.00
Aloo Chat S$11.00
Aloo Chana Chat S$11.00
Peanut Chat S$11.00
Veg Pakora S$10.00
Onion Pakora S$10.00
Chili pakora S$11.00
Paneer pakora S$11.00
Chicken Tikka (4pcs) S$14.00
Tandoori Chicken (3 pcs) S$13.00
Paneer Tikka (4 pcs) S$12.00
Chicken Sheekh Kebab S$14.00
Lamb Sheekh Kebab S$13.00
Mixed Meat Sheekh Platter S$16.00
Gobi Manchurian S$11.00
Chicken Chilly S$12.00
Schezwan Paneer S$12.00
Salt & Pepper Prawn S$12.00
Baby Corn Salt & Pepper S$13.00
Paneer Pepper Salt S$12.00
Chicken Fried Rice S$12.00
Czech Pilsner S$8.80
Monster Green S$8.80
Weizen S$8.80
Summer Ale S$8.80
English Ale S$8.80
Kolsch S$8.80
Heineken S$14.00
Guinness S$8.50
Weihenstephaner S$14.00
Svyturys 1974 S$14.00
Corona S$7.00
Asahi S$7.00
Stella S$7.00
Hoegaarden S$7.00
Gordon S$12.00
Bombay S$12.00
Tanqeray 10 S$13.00
Hendricks S$14.00
Smirnoff Red S$11.00
Grey Goose S$13.00
Absolut S$13.00
Belvedere S$14.00
Bacardi Blanca S$11.00
Captain Morgan Dark S$12.00
Captain Morgan Spiced S$12.00
Jack Daniels S$12.00
Jim Bean S$12.00
Patron Silver S$12.00
Patron XO S$12.00
Jose Cuervo S$10.00
Any Tequila S$50.00
Monkey Shoulder S$12.00
Macallan 12yrs S$12.00
Glenmorangie S$12.00
Johnnie Walker Gold S$13.00
Glenlivet S$12.00
Glenfiddich S$12.00
Singleton S$12.00
Chivas 12yrs S$14.00
Chivas 18yrs S$12.00
Johnnie Walker Black S$12.00
Martell VSOP S$12.00
Lime S$6.00
Apple S$6.00
Orange S$6.00
Mango S$6.00
Cranberry S$6.00
Pineapple S$6.00
Coke S$4.50
Coke Light S$4.50
Coke Zero S$4.50
Sprite S$4.50
Ginger Ale S$4.50
Soda S$4.50
Tonic S$4.50
Red Bull S$4.50
Bitter Lemon S$4.50
Nu honey Soda S$4.50
Sparkling Water S$7.00
Still Water S$4.50
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Beer Factory Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Brewerkz Riverside Point Monday-Sunday: 12pm-10.30pm
Brewerkz Orchard Rendezvous Monday-Sunday: 12pm-10.30pm
Brewerkz Katong Monday-Sunday: 12pm-10.30pm
Brewerkz Bukit Timah Monday-Sunday: 12pm-10.30pm

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