Badam Restaurant

Badam Restaurant in Singapore offers a diverse and delectable menu featuring traditional Indian dishes and fusion cuisine. With a focus on quality ingredients, their menu highlights the unique flavours of Indian cuisine. Discover their extensive selection of dishes to satisfy your cravings today.

What are the specials at Badam Restaurant

The 5 best specials at Badam Restaurant are the Korean Halibut Set, Badam Set, Live Abalone, Soy-Sauce Marinated Shrimp, and Spicy Fish Stew. Badam Restaurant offers a variety of Korean seafood dishes including sashimi sets, grilled seafood, and stews. They also have a selection of soju and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

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Badam Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Korean Halibut Set
Korean Halibut Set (Large) S$250.00
Korean Halibut Set (Medium) S$200.00
Korean Halibut Set (Small) S$150.00
Badam Set (Assorted Sashimi)
Badam Set (Large) S$250.00
Badam Set (Medium) S$200.00
Badam Set (Small) S$150.00
Sashimi Set
Black Sea Bream Sashimi set S$200.00
Rockfish Sashimi Set S$150.00
Flounder Sashimi Set S$150.00
Ala Carte
Raw Sashimi & Seafood Soup with Somen S$70.00
Live Abalone S$60.00
Live Octopus S$50.00
Live Sea Squirt S$50.00
Live Spoon Worm S$50.00
Grilled Cheese Half-Shell Scallop S$50.00
Soy-Souce Marinated Crab S$50.00
Soy-Souce Marinated Shrimp S$50.00
Clam Mussel Stew S$40.00
Spicy Fish Stew S$30.00
Steamed Clams with Rice Wine S$30.00
Grilled Eel (Unagi) over rice S$25.00
Soju Set
Somaek Set 1 (1 Soju + 1 Beer) S$30.00
Somaek Set 2 (2 Soju + 4 Beer) S$85.00
Somaek Set 3 (3 Soju + 6 Beer) S$120.00
Milkis Set (1 Soju + 4 Milkis) S$25.00
Tonic Water Set (1 Soju + 4 Tonic water) S$25.00
Alcoholic Beverage
Whiskey S$188.00
Bokbunja (Black RaspberryWine) S$28.00
Makgeolli (Rice Wine) S$25.00
Chung Ha (Rice Wine – Clear) S$20.00
Jinro Is Back S$18.00
Chamisul S$18.00
Green Grape Soju S$18.00
Grapefruit Soju S$18.00
Cass Beer S$14.00
Terra Beer S$14.00
Grape Bong Bong S$13.00
Peach Bong Bong S$3.00
Green Plum S$3.00
Milkis S$3.00
Tonic Water S$3.00
7 Up S$3.00
Coca Cola S$3.00
Coca Cola Zero S$3.00
Vita 500 S$2.00
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Badam Restaurant Location & Working Hours

Name Location Working hours
Badam Restaurant Chinatown 18 Mosque Street, Singapore 059498 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm, daily
Badam Restaurant Geylang 566 Geylang Road, Singapore 389511 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm, daily
Badam Restaurant Siglap 712 East Coast Road, Singapore 459065 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm, daily

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