Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant

Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant in Singapore offers a diverse menu of delectable dishes to satisfy every palate. From traditional local cuisine to international favorites, their menu boasts an abundance of delicious options to suit any taste. Explore the flavors of Singapore with Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant’s menu.

What are the specials at Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant

Best 5 specials: Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup, Wasabi Prawns, Curry Fish Head, Nonya Ayam Buah Keluak, and Sambal Lady Finger with Prawns. Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant offers a wide range of Chinese cuisine from soups, seafood, pork and beef, chicken, vegetables, local favorites, omelettes, desserts, and beverages. They also have alcoholic beverages. Menu items range from S$1.00 to S$52.00.

Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant
Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Seafood Tofu Soup S$11.30
Seafood Bitter Gourd Soup S$11.30
Seafood Mixed Vegetables Soup S$11.30
Sliced Fish Vegetables Soup S$13.30
Fish Maw Crab Meat Soup S$16.30
Chinese New Year Special
Superior Seafood Pot S$48.00
Different Taste Special Platter S$52.00
Nonya Prawn Roll S$13.30
Nonya Ikan Balado S$15.30
Sweet & Sour Fish S$13.30
Sliced Fish Black Bean Paste S$13.30
Sliced Fish Ginger & Spring Onion S$13.30
Tofu Prawns S$15.30
Tofu Seafood S$15.30
Sambal Sotong S$16.30
Curry Sliced Fish S$19.30
Black Sauce Prawns S$21.30
Wasabi Prawns S$21.30
Salad Prawns S$21.30
Cereal Prawns S$21.30
Salted Egg Prawns S$21.30
Belado Prawns S$21.30
Curry Fish Head S$24.00
Yam Basket S$23.60
Pork & Beef
Tofu with Minced Pork S$13.30
Hainanese Pork Chop S$13.30
Honey Pork Spare Ribs S$13.30
Sweet & Sour Pork S$13.30
Marmite Pork S$15.30
Beef with Bitter Gourd S$14.30
Beef with Ginger Spring Onion S$14.30
Beef with Black Pepper Sauce S$15.30
Nonya Curry Chicken S$8.30
Chicken Dried Chilli S$13.30
Claypot Tofu Chicken S$13.30
Claypot Brinjal Chicken S$13.30
Crispy Thai Chicken Fillet S$13.30
Chicken Fillet with Lemon Sauce S$13.30
Prawn Paste Chicken S$14.30
Crispy Garlic Chicken S$14.30
Black Pepper Diced Chicken S$15.30
Cereal Chicken S$15.30
Salted Egg Chicken S$15.30
Nonya Ayam Buah Keluak S$17.30
Bean Sprout with Salted Fish S$9.30
Baby Kailan with Oyster Sauce S$10.20
Sambal Kangkong S$10.30
Spinach with Garlic S$10.30
Tofu with Mixed Vegetables S$13.30
Broccoli with Braised Mushroom S$13.30
Sambal Lady Finger with Prawns S$13.30
Sambal with Long Bean S$13.30
Bitter Gourd with Seafood S$13.30
Baby Kailan with Beef S$13.30
Broccoli with Seafood S$13.30
Baby Kailan with Seafood S$13.30
Broccoli with Crab Meat S$15.30
Chinese Spinach 3 Eggs S$15.30
Local Favorites
Rojak S$6.80
Yang Chow Fried Rice S$6.30
Seafood Hor Fun S$6.30
Seafood Bee Hoon S$6.30
Mee Goreng S$6.80
Nasi Goreng S$6.80
Nasi Goreng S$6.80
Seafood Fried Rice S$6.80
Salted Fish Fried Rice S$6.80
Seafood Mui Fun S$6.80
Hokkien Prawn Noodle S$6.80
Hong Kong Noodle S$6.80
Sin Chew Bee Hoon S$6.80
Chili Bee Hoon S$6.80
Penang Fried Kuey Teow S$6.80
Seafood Crispy Noodle S$7.80
Sliced Fishn Hor Fu S$7.80
Beef Hor Fun S$8.30
Beef with Special Fried Kuey Teow S$8.30
Beef Fried Rice S$8.80
Sliced Fish Bee Hoon Soup S$8.80
Ee Fu Noodle S$9.80
Special Nasi Lemak Mixed Set S$6.80
Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings Set S$7.30
Western Dishes
Fish & Chips S$8.80
Chicken Chop S$8.80
Crispy Chicken Wings S$8.30
Tofu with Thai Dressing S$12.30
Tahu Goreng S$5.80
Steamed Rice S$1.00
French Fries S$ 5.80
Cai Poh Omelette S$8.30
Onion Omelette S$8.30
Bitter Gourd Omelette S$9.30
Foo Yong Omelette S$10.20
Prawn Omelette S$10.20
Minced Pork Omelette S$9.30
Cendol S$3.50
Herbal Jelly S$4.50
Sago with Gula Melaka S$3.50
Longan Tofu S$3.50
Honeydew Sago S$3.50
Chinese Tea S$1.50
Mineral Water S$1.50
Homemade Chin Chow S$2.00
Coke S$2.50
Sprite S$2.50
Green Tea S$2.50
100 Plus S$2.50
Coke Zero S$2.50
Homemade Iced Lemon Tea S$2.50
Homemade Lime Juice S$2.50
Coffee S$3.00
Tea S$3.00
Milo S$3.00
Alcoholic Beverages
Tiger Beer S$6.00
Guinness Stout S$7.00
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Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant Location & Working Hours

| Cafe/Restaurant | Location | Working Hours |
|Different Taste|Blk 119 Bukit Merah Lane 1 #01-22 Singapore 151119 |Monday – Sunday: 11am to 9pm|
|Different Taste Express|Blk 18 Bedok South Road Singapore 460018 |Monday – Sunday: 11am to 9.30pm|
|Different Taste Kitchen|198 Punggol Field #01-05 Singapore 820198|Monday – Sunday: 11am to 9pm|
|Different Taste Cafe|Blk 205 Bedok North Street 1 #01-367 Singapore 460205 |Monday – Sunday: 11am to 9.30pm|
|Different Taste Cafe & Bistro|Blk 279 Bishan Street 24 #01-50 Singapore 570279 |Monday – Sunday: 11am to 10pm|
|Different Taste Kopitiam|106 Yung Sheng Road Singapore 618497 |Monday – Sunday: 6am to 8pm|

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