Gong Cha

Discover the wide range of delectable beverages and snacks offered on the Gong Cha menu in Singapore. From refreshing bubble teas to flavorful snacks, the menu is meticulously crafted to satisfy taste buds of all flavors.

What are the specials at Gong Cha

The best 5 specials at Gong Cha are Horlicks Pearl Milk Tea, Osmanthus Honey Oolong Milk Tea, Crème Brulee Taro Latte, Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J, and Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea. Gong Cha offers a variety of tea-based drinks including milk tea, brewed tea, and specialty drinks like coconut slush and milk foam series. Prices range from S$3.90 to S$7.20.

Gong Cha Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Horlicks Series
Horlicks Pearl Milk Tea S$7.00
Mango Chocolate Horlicks Milk Tea S$7.00
Taiwan Premium Extracted Tea Series
Osmanthus Honey Oolong Tea S$4.70
Osmanthus Honey Oolong Milk Tea S$5.90
Cherry Blossom Wild Berry Black Tea S$4.70
Cherry Blossom Wild Berry Black Milk Tea S$5.90
Peach Oolong Tea S$4.70
Peach Oolong Milk Tea S$5.90
Lychee Black Tea S$4.70
Lychee Black Milk Tea S$ 5.90
Tie Guan Yin Tea S$4.70
Tie Guan Yin Milk Tea S$5.90
Buckwheat Green Tea S$4.70
Buckwheat Green Milk Tea S$5.90
Crème Brulee Latte Series
Crème Brulee Taro Latte S$7.20
Crème Brulee Mango Latte S$7.20
Crème Brulee Chocolate Latte S$7.20
Crème Brulee Strawberry Latte S$7.20
Coconut Slush Series
Original Coconut Slush S$5.80
Earl Grey Coconut Slush S$6.20
Brown Sugar Coconut Slush S$6.20
Taro Coconut Slush S$6.20
Milk Tea Series
Earl Grey Milk Tea with 3J S$6.10
Pearl Milk Tea S$5.10
Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly S$5.30
Matcha with Red Bean S$ 6.20
Green Milk Tea S$4.50
Oolong Milk Tea S$4.50
Alisan Milk Tea S$4.50
Earl Grey Milk Tea S$4.50
Black Milk Tea S$ 4.50
Taro Drink S$5.20
Chocolate Drink S$5.20
Caramel Milk Tea S$5.10
Signature Milk Foam Series
Milk Foam Green Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Black Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Oolong Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Alisan Tea S$4.90
Milk Foam Winter Melon S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Green Tea S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Black Tea S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Oolong Tea S$5.10
Strawberry Milk Foam Alisan Tea S$5.10
Rejuvenating Drinks Series
QQ Passion Fruit Green Tea S$5.90
Lemon Juice with White Pearl & Aiyu Jelly S$5.90
Lemon Honey with Aloe Vera S$4.80
Peach Black Tea with Rainbow Jelly S$4.80
Lychee Oolong with Aloe Vera S$4.80
Mango Green Tea S$4.80
Honey Lemon Green Tea S$5.10
Plum Green Tea S$4.10
Roselle S$4.30
Longan Honey Drink S$ 4.10
Brown Sugar Series
Brown Sugar Black Milk Tea S$5.10
Brown Sugar Earl Grey Milk Tea S$5.10
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl S$5.90
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk Tea with Pearl S$5.90
Brewed Tea Series
Green Tea S$3.90
Black Tea S$3.90
Oolong Tea S$3.90
Alisan Tea S$3.90
Wintermelon Drink S$4.10
Hot Drinks
Hot Pearl Milk Tea S$5.10
Hot Chocolate Drink S$5.20
Hot Taro Drink S$5.20
Hot Milk Tea with Red Bean S$5.30
Hot Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea S$5.20
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Gong Cha Location & Working Hours

Gong Cha Location Working Hours
Anchorpoint 10am-10pm daily
Bugis Junction 10am-10pm daily
Causeway Point 10am-10pm daily
Chinatown Point 10am-10pm daily
City Square Mall 10am-10pm daily
Clementi Mall 10am-10pm daily
Compass One 10am-10pm daily
JEM 10am-10pm daily
Jurong Point 10am-10pm daily
Lot One 10am-10pm daily
Nex 10am-10pm daily
Northpoint City 10am-10pm daily
One Raffles Place 10am-8pm (Mon-Fri); 11am-5pm (Sat-Sun/PH)
Parkway Parade 10am-10pm daily
Plaza Singapura 10am-10pm daily
Raffles City 10am-10pm daily
SMU 9am-9pm (Mon-Fri); 11am-8pm (Sat-Sun)
Suntec City 10am-10pm daily
Tampines 1 10am-10pm daily
The Centrepoint 10am-10pm daily
VivoCity 10am-10pm daily
Waterway Point 10am-10pm daily
Westgate 10am-10pm daily
Wisma Atria 10am-10pm daily
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