Go Noodle House

Looking for a delicious selection of Chinese noodles? Look no further than Go Noodle House menu in Singapore! Featuring a variety of noodle soup dishes and other classic Chinese fare, this restaurant is sure to satisfy your cravings.

What are the specials at Go Noodle House

The best 5 specials at Go Noodle House are the Signature Bursting Meatball, Fresh Prawn, Premium Beef Slice, Spanish Pork Belly Slice, and White Clam. The menu features a variety of soup noodles, handmade pan mee, Hakka sauce noodles, snacks, and beverages.

Go Noodle House Menu Singapore

Menu Price
A La Carte
Fu Zhou Fish Ball S$14.94
Pork Ball S$12.62
Signature Bursting Meatball S$14.94
Spain Pork Belly Slice S$17.66
Premium Beef Slice S$18.67
Premium Beef Ball S$13.93
White Clam S$16.65
Fresh Prawn S$19.99
Chinese Dumpling S$13.93
Golden Pillow S$12.62
Soup Noodles
Fu Zhou Fish Ball Noodle S$14.94
Pork Ball Noodle S$12.62
Signature Bursting Meatball Noodle S$14.94
Spain Pork Belly Slice Noodle S$13.93
Squid Ball Noodle S$14.03
White Clam Noodle S$13.93
Fresh Prawn Noodle S$18.67
Premium Beef Slice Noodle S$14.94
Premium Beef Ball Noodle S$13.93
Trio Beef Combo Noodle S$18.67
Golden Pillow Noodle S$12.62
Double Beef Combo Noodles S$16.65
Handmade Pan Mee
Superior Soup Pan Mee S$11.61
Homemade Spicy Soup Pan Mee S$12.62
Special Dark Sauce with Onsen Egg Pan Mee S$12.62
Special Spicy Dark Sauce with Onsen Egg Pan Mee S$13.93
Hakka Sauce Handmade Noodles
Hakka Sauce with Century Egg Noodle S$13.93
Spicy Hakka Sauce with Century Egg Noodle S$14.94
Trio Platter S$17.66
Fried Fish Cake S$6.56
Crispy Fu Chuk S$6.56
Gold Coin (Pork) S$8.88
You Tiao S$6.56
Fried Golden Pillow S$8.88
Five Spice Meat Roll S$8.88
Snow Pear S$4.84
Passionfruit S$4.84
Coca Cola No Sugar S$2.83
Coca Cola S$2.83
Fanta Orange S$2.83
Fanta Grape S$2.83
Sprite S$2.80
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Go Noodle House Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Go Noodle House, 313@Somerset 11am – 10pm
Go Noodle House, Great World City 11:30am – 10pm
Go Noodle House, City Square Mall 11am – 10pm
Go Noodle House, Suntec City 11am – 10pm
Go Noodle House, NEX 11am – 10pm
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