North South Cuisine

The North South Cuisine menu in Singapore showcases a perfect blend of traditional flavors from North and South Indian regions. With aromatic spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients, the dishes offer an irresistible taste that tantalizes the taste buds. You can indulge in a diverse range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options prepared using age-old recipes that have been passed down through generations.

What are the specials at North South Cuisine

Best 5 specials at North South Cuisine are: Chili Prawns ($33), Butter Prawn ($23), Spicy Braised Beef Noodle ($8), Cabbage Pork Boiled Dumplings ($6), and Fried Crispy Noodle ($7). The menu offers a variety of Chinese dishes, dim sum, soups, noodles, rice, meats, and desserts with a focus on North and South Chinese cuisine. Wide beverage selection includes Chinese tea, chrysanthemum tea, and fruit juices.

North South Cuisine Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Cold Dishes & Starters
Beef in Soya Sauce S$7.00
Sliced Pork with Garlic S$7.00
Spicy Du Si in Chilli Oil S$7.00
Pig Ear with Cucumber S$7.00
Tofu with Preserved Egg S$7.00
Hot & Sour Jellyfish S$7.00
Cold Kelp Silk S$7.00
Corn Salad S$7.00
Shredded Cucumber S$7.00
Homemade Dim Sum
Cabbage Pork Boiled Dumplings S$6.00
Fresh Leek Boiled Dumplings S$6.00
Pour the Soup the Small Steamed Bun S$6.60
Three Pan-fried Meat Dumplings Leeks S$7.50
Pan-fried Meat Dumplings Cabbage Pork S$7.50
Leek Egg Pie S$7.00
Baked Scallion Pancake S$6.00
Sumai S$6.50
Fried & Steamed Buns S$5.00
Fried Spring Roll S$6.50
Tofu Eggs
Deep-fried Tofu Bric S$13.00
Thai Fried Tofu S$15.00
Tofu in Beijing S$15
Spicy Sizzling Tofu Braised Tofu Pot S$13.00
Raised Tofu Pot S$13.00
Crab Meat Tofu S$20.00
Green Chinese Onion Fried Eggs S$8.00
Minced Pork & Pickled Vegetable S$8.00
Fried Eggs Furong Fried Egg S$10
Scrambled Eggs with Tomato S$10.00
Leek Scrambled Eggs S$10.00
Pickled Vegetables & Tofu Soup S$8.00
Daily Soup S$7.00
Tomato Egg Drop Soup S$8.00
Tom Yam Soup S$8.00
Congee S$4.00
Fish Porridge S$7.00
Seafood Congee S$7.00
Congee with Minced Pork & Preserved Egg S$7.00
Chicken Porridge S$7.00
Homemade Noodles
The Old Beijing Noodle with Soy Bean Paste S$7.00
Sichuan Noodle with Peppery Sauce S$7.00
Dried Old Meat Chopped Meat Pork Noodle S$8.00
Spicy Braised Beef Noodle S$8.00
Hongshao Paigu Mian S$8.50
Noodle with Chicken & Mushroom S$8.50
Tom Yam Seafood S$8.00
Japanese Miso Pork Hand Pulled Noodle S$8.00
Shrimp Wanton Noodle S$8.00
Fried Noodles
Hokkien Mee S$7.00
Fried Crispy Noodle S$7.00
Fried Hong Kong Seafood Noodle S$8.00
San Lou Rice Noodle S$8.00
Xinghua Rice Noodle S$8.00
Xinghua Lu Mian S$8.00
Fried Seafood Yi Mian S$8.00
Fish Head Bee Hoon S$8.00
Rice Noodle in Creamy Egg Sauce S$8.00
Seafood Rice Noodle S$7.00
Seafood Bean Thread S$8.00
Fried Rice Noodle with Sliced Beef S$8.00
Fried Malaysian Noodle S$8.00
Fried Seafood Hand Pulled Noodle S$8.00
Tom Yam Bean Thread S$8.00
Sin Chow Bee Hoon S$8.00
Fried Rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice S$7.00
Stir-fried Rice with Shrimp S$7.00
Yangzhou Fried Rice S$8.00
Seafood Fried Rice S$8.00
Fried Rice with Luncheon Meat S$8.00
Chicken Fried Rice S$8.00
Cereal Prawn S$21.00
Gold Prawn S$21.00
Butter Prawn S$23.00
Salted Egg Prawn S$23.00
Creamy Prawn S$23.00
Chilli Prawn S$33.00
Fried Pork with Sweet & Sour Sauce S$15.00
Sauteed Shredded Pork with Green Pepper S$16.00
Garlic Fried Meat S$13.00
Twice Cooked Pork S$15.00
Leek Fried Pork Livers S$13.00
Stir-fried Pork with Picked Vegetables S$15.00
Yu Shiang Shredded Pork S$15.00
Consisting a Mixture of Fried Shredded Pork S$16.00
Pickled Tuber Mustard & Pork S$15.00
Mongolian Silk Taro Ribs S$15.00
Fried Stewed Pork S$15.00
Mommy Spare Ribs S$13.00
Black Pepper Beef S$13.00
Cripsy Bean Paste Cake Casserole S$9.00
Black Sesame Sweet Rice Dumplings Soup S$5.00
Taro Sesame Cake S$7.00
Guling Paste S$4.00
A La Carte
Frozen Dumplings S$25.00
Chinese Tea S$2.00
Chrysanthemum Tea S$2.00
Barley S$2.00
Orange Juice S$2.50
Lime Juice S$2.50
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North South Cuisine Location & Working Hours

Location North-South Cuisine Working Hours
Tiong Bahru Market Hainanese Chicken Rice Open daily from 8am to 10pm
Chinatown Complex Food Centre Bak Kut Teh Open daily from 8am to 10pm
Geylang Serai Market Nasi Lemak Open daily from 8am to 10pm
Maxwell Food Centre Hokkien Mee Open daily from 8am to 10pm
Amoy Street Food Centre Braised Duck Rice Open daily from 8am to 10pm
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