Hummus and Tandoor

Looking for a mouthwatering Hummus and Tandoor menu in Singapore? Look no further! The restaurant serves an exquisite Middle Eastern and Indian fusion cuisine with a variety of dishes infused with delicate spices and flavours, making it a must-visit for foodies.

What are the specials at Hummus and Tandoor

It is difficult to determine the “best” 5 specials as it is subjective. However, some of the most popular dishes at Hummus and Tandoor are the Lamb Mandi, Mixed Grill, Falafel Wrap, Grilled Tiger Prawns, and Baklava dessert.

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Menu: Featuring Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine, Hummus and Tandoor offers a variety of dishes including salads, pastries, cold and hot mezza, wraps and rolls, main courses of lamb, chicken, and seafood, pizzas and pasta, sides, and desserts. Beverages range from fresh juices to Lebanese coffee and tea.

Hummus and Tandoor Menu Singapore

Arabic SaladS$13.90
Beetroot SaladS$14.90
Pidde LambS$19.90
Pidde ChickenS$18.90
Pidde MixS$20.90
Cheese ZaatarS$20.90
Cheese & ZaatarS$23.90
Cold Mezza
Hummus LambS$19.90
Hummus ChickenS$18.90
Baba GhannougS$12.90
Mezza PlatterS$29.00
Wara’a EnabS$13.90
Hot Mezza
Mousakaa VegetablesS$18.90
Moussaka ChickenS$23.90
Moussaka LambS$25.90
Moussaka MixS$27.90
Cheese RollS$15.90
Arayes KoftaS$20.90
Grill Halloumi CheeseS$17.90
Bamieh Lady FingersS$24.90
Batata HarraS$17.90
Wraps & Rolls
Falafel WrapS$13.90
Halloumi WrapS$16.90
Lamb Kofta WrapS$17.90
Chicken ShawarmaS$13.90
Lamb ShawarmaS$14.90
Mixed ShawarmaS$15.90
Shish Tawook WrapS$17.90
Main Course Lamb
Lamb KoftaS$28.90
Grill Lamb ChopsS$31.90
Turkish Shish KebabS$29.90
Lamb TagineS$30.90
Lamb MandiS$30.90
Mixed GrillS$49.00
Testi Kebab LambS$44.00
Testi Kebab ChickenS$41.00
Main Course Chicken
Chicken SteakS$28.90
Chicken KoftaS$27.90
Spring ChickenS$34.90
Shish TawookS$25.90
Chicken TagineS$29.90
Chicken MandiS$28.90
Main Course Seafood
Grilled FishS$38.90
Fried FishS$37.90
Salmon FilletS$32.90
Grilled Tiger PrawnsS$38.90
Seafood ComboS$49.90
Pizzas & Pasta
Margeritta PizzaS$19.90
Pepperoni PizzaS$23.90
Vegetarian PizzaS$19.90
Penne ArabiataS$18.90
Chicken Pesto PastaS$19.90
Lavash BreadS$6.90
Pita BreadS$3.90
Mandi RiceS$5.90
French FriesS$9.90
Baked PotatoS$ 7.90
Lemonade MintS$8.90
Strawberry AyranS$8.90
Carrot JuiceS$7.90
Carrot & OrangeS$9.50
Perrier WaterS$5.90
Strawberry JuiceS$7.90
Mango JuiceS$8.90
Apple JuiceS$7.90
Orange JuiceS$7.90
Strawberry & Lemonade MintS$9.90
Mineral WaterS$3.00
Soft BeverageS$4.90
Lebanese CoffeeS$6.90
Mint TeaS$5.50
Green TeaS$5.50
Apple TeaS$5.50

Hummus and Tandoor Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Hummus & Tandoor (Northpoint City)11am-10pm daily
Hummus & Tandoor (OUE Downtown)11am-10pm daily
Hummus & Tandoor (Suntec City)11am-10pm daily
Hummus & Tandoor (Jewel Changi Airport)11am-10pm daily
Hummus & Tandoor (Great World City)11am-10pm daily
Hummus & Tandoor (Raffles City)11am-10pm daily
Hummus & Tandoor (VivoCity)11am-10pm daily
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