Brinda’s menu in Singapore offers a diverse range of authentic Indian cuisine, made using fresh and high-quality ingredients. With an extensive selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, Brinda’s menu is sure to cater to every taste bud.

What are the specials at BRINDA’S

Best 5 specials at BRINDA’S: Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Mutton Briyani, and Fish Tikka Masala.

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BRINDA’S offers a wide range of Indian and Indian-inspired dishes, including tandoori, briyani, naan, and various vegetarian and non-vegetarian gravies. Their menu also features a selection of drinks and desserts.

BRINDA’S Menu Singapore

Veg PakoraS$7.00
Onion PakoraS$7.00
Vadai (2 Pcs)S$2.80
Veg Samosa (2 Pcs)S$5.00
Gobi 65S$7.50
Chicken 65S$9.50
Tandoori ChickenS$17.00
Chicken TikkaS$12.00
Fish TikkaS$17.00
6 Pcs Chicken KebabS$12.00
6 Pcs Mutton KebabS$14.00
Mango LassiS$4.50
Blueberry LassiS$4.50
Strawberry LassiS$4.50
Sweet LassiS$3.80
Orange JuiceS$3.00
Fresh Lime JuiceS$3.50
Ice CoffeeS$2.80
Ice TeaS$2.80
Ice MiloS$3.20
Milo DinosaurS$3.80
Gulab JamunS$5.00
Ras MalaiS$6.50
Blueberry YogurtS$4.50
Strawberry YogurtS$4.50
Naan / Bread
Plain NaanS$3.60
Butter NaanS$4.00
Garlic NaanS$4.20
Cheese NaanS$5.20
Kashmiri NaanS$5.20
Onion KulchaS$5.20
Masala KulchaS$5.20
Methi KulchaS$5.20
Paneer KulchaS$5.80
Puthina ParathaS$5.00
Tandoori RotiS$3.80
Plain ChapatiS$1.70
Briyani / Rice Meals
Chicken BriyaniS$11.00
Mutton BriyaniS$12.50
Fish BriyaniS$11.00
Egg BriyaniS$10.00
Vegetable BriyaniS$10.00
Vegetable Meal Vadai PayasamS$8.80
White Rice Curry Chicken MealS$10.00
White Rice Fry Fish MealS$10.00
White Rice Mutton Masala MealS$10.50
Jeera RiceS$9.00
Butter RiceS$9.00
Ghee RiceS$9.00
Mutter PulauS$9.00
Vegetable PulauS$9.50
Veg Fried RiceS$9.50
Egg Fried RiceS$9.50
Egg Chicken Fried RiceS$10.50
Tamerine Rice with SambarS$9.50
Curd Rice with SambarS$9.50
Lemon Rice with SambarS$9.50
Tomato Rice with SambarS$9.50
Steamed RiceS$2.50
Plain Rice BriyaniS$4.00
Kashmiri PulauS$10.20
Veg Gravy
Tadkha DhallS$9.00
Dhall MakaniS$9.50
Kadai PaneerS$13.00
Palak PaneerS$13.00
Mutter PaneerS$13.00
Paneer MethiS$13.00
Paneer Butter MasalaS$13.00
Aloo JeeraS$10.00
Aloo MethiS$10.00
Aloo PalakS$10.00
Aloo MutterS$10.00
Veg JalfreezieS$10.50
Veg Do PiyazaS$10.50
Bhindi FryS$10.50
Bhindi Do PiyazaS$10.50
Bhindi MasalaS$10.50
Tau SambalS$9.00
Chana MasalaS$10.50
Baigan MasalaS$10.50
Mushroom Mutter MasalaS$10.50
Dry Gobi ManchurianS$10.50
Aloo Gobi MasalaS$10.50
Gravy Gobi ManchurianS$10.50
Non Veg Gravy – Chicken
Butter ChickenS$15.00
Chicken Tikka MasalaS$14.00
Chicken PepperS$13.50
Kadai ChickenS$13.50
Chilli ChickenS$13.50
Chicken JalfrezieS$13.50
Chicken Do PiyazaS$13.50
Chettinad ChickenS$13.50
Chicken SambalS$13.50
Chicken MalabarS$13.50
Chicken KeemaS$7.50
Chicken MasalaS$8.00
Non Veg Gravy – Mutton
Pepper MuttonS$15.00
Kadai MuttonS$15.00
Mutton Rogan JoshS$15.00
Palak MuttonS$15.00
Chettinad MuttonS$15.00
Mutton Do PiyazaS$15.00
Dry Mutton MysoreS$16.00
Mutton KeemaS$9.50
Mutton MasalaS$8.50
Non Veg Gravy – Fish
Fish Tikka MasalaS$14.50
Fish MalabarS$12.00
Methi FishS$11.00
Fish SambalS$11.00
Fish GoanS$11.00
Fish ChettinadS$11.00
Fish MasalaS$9.50
Fish HeadS$20.00
Non Veg Gravy – Crab
Crab MasalaS$21.00
Crab PepperS$21.00
Chilli CrabS$21.00
Non Veg Gravy – Prawn
Prawn ChilliS$14.50
Prawn MasalaS$ 14.50
Prawn Malabar MasalaS$14.50
Prawn ChettinadS$14.50
Prawn SambalS$14.50
Egg Variety
Omelette EggS$4.50
Egg MasalaS$7.50
Egg SambalS$7.50
Plain Prata (2 Pcs)S$3.50
Plain Prata (3 Pcs)S$5.00
Egg PrataS$2.80
Onion PrataS$2.80
Cheese PrataS$4.00
Cheese Egg PrataS$4.80
Cheese Onion PrataS$4.80
Cheese Mushroom PrataS$6.00
Vegetarian MurtabakS$8.00
Chicken MurtabakS$9.00
Mutton MurtabakS$10.20
Egg Onion PrataS$3.60
Roti John
Roti John ChickenS$ 7.80
Roti John MuttonS$9.00
Aloo Tikki ChaatS$9.00
Dahi BhallaS$9.50
Papadi ChaatS$9.00
Samosa ChattS$10.00
Masala ThosaiS$4.80
Egg ThosaiS$4.80
Onion ThosaiS$4.80
Egg Masala ThosaiS$5.50
Egg Onion ThosaiS$5.50
Onion Egg Masala ThosaiS$6.00
Cheese ThosaiS$5.50
Cheese Onion ThosaiS$6.00
Onion Masala ThosaiS$5.00
Cheese Masala ThosaiS$6.50
Chicken Keema ThosaiS$7.00
Mutton Keema ThosaiS$8.50
Cheese Egg Onion Masala ThosaiS$7.50

BRINDA’S Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Brinda’s @ Punggol24 hours
Brinda’s @ Marsiling24 hours
Brinda’s @ Bukit Batok24 hours
Brinda’s @ Boon Lay24 hours
Brinda’s @ Yishun24 hours
Brinda’s @ Jurong24 hours
Brinda’s @ Serangoon24 hours
Brinda’s @ Sengkang24 hours
Brinda’s @ Tampines24 hours
Brinda’s @ Bishan24 hours

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