Just Acia

Just Acia’s menu in Singapore offers a wide variety of delicious and affordable Asian cuisine options, ranging from classic rice and noodle dishes to tasty sides and desserts. Customers can expect a satisfying dining experience and excellent value for money.

What are the specials at Just Acia

The best 5 specials at Just Acia are Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Spaghetti with Crispy Chicken, Tempura Soft Shell Crab & Chawan Mushi Set, Salmon Teriyaki Set, Bulgogi Beef Set, and Creamy Crispy Chicken Spaghetti with Salmon Teriyaki. The menu offers a variety of Japanese and Western dishes, including spaghetti, udon, ramen, side dishes, set meals, meal boxes, and a kid’s meal. Prices are reasonable, ranging from S$3.50 to S$18.90.

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Just Acia Menu Singapore

Spaghetti Set
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with MushroomS$10.90
Creamy Crispy Chicken Spaghetti with Salmon TeriyakiS$15.90
Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Spaghetti with Crispy ChickenS$15.90
Creamy Crispy Chicken SpaghettiS$12.90
Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Chicken TeriyakiS$12.90
Creamy Tom Yam Chicken SpaghettiS$12.90
Udon Set
Spicy Cheese RamenS$9.40
Spicy Cheese Ramen with Spicy ChickenS$10.90
Dumpling UdonS$9.90
Kimchi Beancurd UdonS$11.90
Spicy Chicken UdonS$11.90
Chicken Teriyaki RamenS$13.90
Bulgogi Beef RamenS$14.90
Salmon Teriyaki RamenS$14.90
Side Dishes
Chawan MushiS$3.50
Xian Spinach Tofu 3 PcsS$3.50
Deep-fried Chicken 4 PcsS$4.00
Steamed Dumplings 7 PcsS$5.90
Fish Nuggets 4 PcsS$5.90
Curry Potato Samosa 6 PcsS$4.80
Just’s Chicken WingsS$4.00
Set Meals
Steamed Dumpling SetS$7.80
Dory Fish in Ginger Sauce SetS$9.40
Spicy Chicken SetS$10.90
Deep-fried Chicken SetS$11.90
Deep-fried Dory Fish with Melted Cheese on Rice SetS$11.90
Kimchi Beancurd Soup with Rice SetS$11.90
Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Crispy Chicken on Rice SetS$13.90
Chicken Teriyaki SetS$13.90
Bulgogi Beef SetS$14.90
Spicy Chicken & Deep-fried Dumplings SetS$15.90
Tempura Soft Shell Crab & Chawan Mushi SetS$18.90
Salmon Teriyaki SetS$16.90
Meal Box
Chicken TeriyakiS$6.40
Deep-fried ChickenS$6.40
Spicy ChickenS$6.40
Broiled Dory FishS$6.40
Fish NuggetsS$6.40
Deep-fried DumplingS$6.40
Spinach TofuS$6.40
Bulgogi BeefS$7.80
Kid’s Meal
Deep-fried Chicken Noodle with GreensS$8.90
Fish Nugget Noodle with GreensS$9.90

Just Acia Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Jurong Point11am to 10pm daily
Suntec City11am to 10pm daily
Junction 811am to 10pm daily
Junction 1011am to 10pm daily
Changi City Point11am to 10pm daily
IMM11am to 10pm daily
Kallang Wave11am to 10pm daily
Nex11am to 10pm daily
AMK Hub11am to 10pm daily
Causeway Point11am to 10pm daily
Lot One11am to 10pm daily
West Mall11am to 10pm daily
Bugis+11am to 10pm daily
Vivocity11am to 10pm daily

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