Novena Steamboat Delight

Novena Steamboat Delight is a popular dining destination in Singapore that offers a wide range of delicious steamboat dishes to satisfy your cravings. Their menu is filled with a variety of fresh seafood, meat, vegetables and more, all cooked to perfection at your table. Explore their mouth-watering options and try their specialities for an unforgettable dining experience.

What are the specials at Novena Steamboat Delight

It is unclear if Novena Steamboat Delight serves steamboat (hotpot) dishes or not, as it is not mentioned in the menu provided. Therefore, we cannot provide the best 5 specials.

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Novena Steamboat Delight offers a range of fried vegetables, meat and seafood dishes, pancakes, fried rice, noodles, and omelettes. Prices range from S$6.39 to S$23.31.

Novena Steamboat Delight Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Fried Cabbage with Seafood S$14.85
Fried Cabbage with Mushroom S$10.57
Fried Spinach with Garlic S$9.54
Fried Kangkong S$9.54
Meat & Seafood
Fried Pig’s Liver with Ginger & Spring Onion S$10.57
Fried San Yee with Ginger & Spring Onion S$14.85
Sambal Cuttlefish S$12.69
Spring Onion S$7.70
Spring Onion Seafood S$9.63
Fried Rice
Imperial Special Fried Rice S$23.31
Special Seafood Fried Rice S$8.46
Fried Kuey Teow S$10.57
Fried Bee Hoon S$8.46
Fried Vermicelli S$8.46
Fried Hor Fun with Egg Gravy S$10.57
Fried Hokkien Noodle S$8.46
Seafood Mee Goreng S$10.57
Oyster Omelette S$14.85
Prawn Omelette S$12.69
Onion Omelette S$6.39
Chye Poh Omelette S$6.39
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Novena Steamboat Delight Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Junction 9 11am – 10pm daily
Square 2 11am – 10pm daily
Velocity Novena 11am – 10pm daily
United Square 11am – 10pm daily
Tampines Mall 11am – 10pm daily
Chinatown Point 11am – 10pm daily

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