Sakunthala’s Restaurant

Looking for an authentic Indian dining experience? Sakunthala’s Restaurant Singapore serves up delicious dishes that will transport you to the streets of Chennai. Check out their extensive menu for a variety of options that will satisfy your taste buds, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Don’t miss out on trying the signature biryani!

What are the specials at Sakunthala’s Restaurant

It’s difficult to determine the “best 5 specials” without further context or information about the type of cuisine or personal preferences, but some popular dishes on the menu include Chicken Masala, Fish Head Curry, Mutton Masala, and Tandoori Roti.

Sakunthala’s Restaurant offers a variety of Indian dishes including salads, soups, roti, naan, kulcha, prata, poori, murtabak, chicken, mutton, fish, snacks, eggs, sides, desserts, and beverages. Prices range from S$2.10 for boiled eggs to S$28.00 for the Assorted Bread Basket and Fish Head Curry.

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Sakunthala’s Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Onion Salad S$6.30
Fresh Green Salad S$7.00
Vegetarian Tomyam S$6.60
Seafood Soup S$9.10
Seafood Tomyam S$9.10
Nandu Rasam S$12.00
Roti, Naan & Kulcha
Tandoori Roti S$4.20
Butter Roti S$4.80
Plain Naan S$4.20
Pudhina Naan S$4.50
Garlic Naan S$4.90
Keema Naan S$6.30
Seafood Naan S$7.00
Plain Kulcha S$4.30
Butter Kulcha S$5.60
Garlic Kulcha S$5.60
Kulcha Do Payza S$5.20
Prata, Poori & Murtabak
Tandoori Prata S$4.70
Assorted Bread Basket S$28.00
Assorted Bread Basket S$28.00
Chicken Chettinad S$11.20
Chicken Masala S$12.60
Pepper Chicken S$12.60
Chicken Kolambu S$12.20
Chicken 65 S$12.20
Chicken Vindaloo S$14.00
Chicken Thai Style S$14.00
Chicken Dried Chilli S$14.00
Chicken Sweet & Sour S$15.00
Chicken Black Pepper S$15.00
Mutton Chops S$9.10
Pepper Mutton S$14.00
Mutton Masala S$14.00
Mutton Mysore S$14.00
Mutton Kola Urundai S$14.00
Lamb Vindaloo S$15.40
Achari Gosht S$15.40
Bhuna Gosht S$15.40
Fish Head Curry S$28.00
Fish Cutlet S$4.90
Fish Curry S$9.80
Fried Fish S$9.80
Fish Chettinad S$11.90
Chilli Fish S$11.00
Fish Masala S$11.90
Kadai Fish S$12.50
Fish Jalfrezi S$12.60
Fish Mango S$12.50
Papadam S$2.80
Vegetable Samosa S$4.20
Egg Bhonda S$4.90
Murukku S$8.40
Vegetable Pakora S$10.50
Onion Pakora S$10.00
Paneer Pakora S$11.20
Chicken Pakora S$12.60
Fish Pakora S$12.60
Prawn Pakora S$16.00
Boiled Egg S$2.10
Egg Masala S$4.20
Egg Bhurji S$5.40
Onion Omelette S$6.30
Seafood Omelette S$9.80
Steamed Rice S$2.80
Chicken Cutlet S$5.40
Chicken Lollipop S$14.00
Chicken Sambal S$14.00
Thai Tofu S$12.60
Fried Tofu S$12.60
Vegetable Tofu S$12.60
Seafood Tofu S$12.60
Tofu Sambal S$12.60
Payasam S$5.20
Gulab Jamun S$7.00
Cendol S$4.90
Rasamalai S$7.70
Fresh Fruit Juice S$5.60
Tea O S$2.80
Coffee O S$2.80
Lemon Tea S$3.90
Tea S$3.10
Coffee S$3.10
Milo S$3.90
Horlicks S$3.90
Ginger Tea S$2.90
Masala Tea S$2.90
Mineral Water S$2.80
Pepsi S$3.50
Coke S$3.40
Diet Pepsi S$3.50
Diet Coke S$3.50
Sprite S$3.50
Buttermilk S$4.20
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Sakunthala’s Restaurant Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
1. Sakunthala’s Restaurant (Race Course Road) 11:00am – 11:00pm
2. Sakunthala’s Restaurant (Syed Alwi Road) 11:00am – 11:00pm
3. Sakunthala’s Hakka Cuisine (Dunlop Street) 11:00am – 11:00pm
4. Sakunthala’s Food Palace (Changi Road) 24 hours
5. Sakunthala’s Rendezvous (Serangoon Road) 11:00am – 11:00pm
6. Sakunthala’s Fusion (Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue) 11:30am – 10:30pm
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