Sutha’s Cafe

Sutha’s Cafe in Singapore offers a delectable menu of South Indian vegetarian cuisine. From crispy dosas to spicy curries, their diverse menu is perfect for foodies seeking a flavorful and authentic dining experience. Explore Sutha’s Cafe’s menu and indulge in their tasty creations today.

What are the specials at Sutha’s Cafe

The best 5 specials at Sutha’s Cafe are Kuthu Prata with Chicken, Mutton Set Meal, Cheese Prata, Mushroom & Sausage Prata, and Vegetarian Set Meal. The menu features various pratas, set meals (vegetarian, chicken, fish, and mutton), combos, and a range of beverages including coffee, tea, and Milo.

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Sutha’s Cafe Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Chapati Set S$4.00
Coin Prata 5 Pcs S$5.00
Kuthu Prata with Chicken S$8.00
Onion Prata S$2.50
Egg Prata S$2.80
Tissue Prata S$4.00
Cheese Prata S$3.50
Banana Prata S$3.50
Mushroom Prata S$3.50
Egg & Onion Prata S$4.50
Egg & Cheese Prata S$4.50
Mushroom & Sausage Prata S$4.50
Cheese & Onion Prata S$4.00
Cheese & Mushroom Prata S$4.50
Egg & Mushroom Prata S$4.50
Onion & Mushroom Prata S$4.00
Kuthu Prata with Mutton S$10.00
Cheese, Egg & Onion Prata S$4.50
Set Meals
Vegetarian Set Meal S$7.50
Chicken Set Meal S$8.50
Fish Set Meal S$8.50
Mutton Set Meal S$10.00
Prata Combo S$8.00
Chapati Combo S$8.00
Kopi O Kosong S$1.50
Kopi O Sugar S$1.50
Teh O Kosong S$1.50
Teh O Sugar S$1.50
Coffee S$2.50
Nescafe Coffee S$2.50
Bru Coffee S$3.00
Teh Tarik S$2.50
Teh O Halia S$1.50
Kopi Halia S$1.50
Teh Halia S$3.00
Masala Tea S$3.00
Citron Yuzu Tea S$2.50
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.50
Ginger Lemon Tea S$2.50
Milo Hot S$2.50
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Sutha’s Cafe Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Changi Airport Terminal 2 24 hours
Changi Airport Terminal 3 24 hours
Suntec City Mall 11:00am – 10:00pm
Bugis Junction 11:00am – 10:00pm
Payalebar Quarter Mall 11:00am – 10:00pm

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