Yuan Cha

Yuan Cha menu in Singapore offers a delightful range of traditional Chinese teas, snacks and rice dishes that satisfy your taste buds. This authentic tea house prides itself on its freshly brewed teas and impeccable service, making it a must-visit spot for tea enthusiasts.

What are the specials at Yuan Cha

It is not possible to determine the best 5 specials at Yuan Cha without further context or personal preference.

Yuan Cha offers a variety of teas, fruit teas, smoothies, fruit vinegars, honey teas, milk teas, osmanthus teas, and fresh milk series. Prices range from S$2.20 to S$8.90.

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Yuan Cha Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Basic Tea
Tieguanyin S$2.50
Puer Tea S$2.50
Green Tea S$2.20
Black Tea S$2.20
Alishan Tea S$2.30
Oolong Tea S$2.30
Durian Smoothie S$8.90
Strawberry Smoothie S$4.90
Strawberry Banana S$5.90
Avocado Smoothie S$6.90
Mango Smoothie S$5.90
Banana Smoothie S$5.90
Fruit Tea
Grapefruit Alishan Tea S$3.60
Lime Black Tea S$3.30
Lemon Green Tea S$3.30
Lemon Black Tea S$3.30
Passion Fruit Green Tea S$3.20
Plum Green Tea S$3.20
Lime Juice S$3.50
Lemon Juice S$3.50
Strawberry Black Tea S$3.50
Fruit Vinegar
Lime Vinegar Black S$4.00
Lime Vinegar Green S$4.00
Plum Vinegar Oolong S$3.80
Apple Vinegar Oolong S$3.80
Plum Vinegar Juice S$3.00
Apple Vinegar Juice S$3.00
Honey Series
Honey Tieguanyin S$3.60
Honey Puer S$3.60
Honey Black S$3.20
Honey Green S$3.20
Honey Alishan S$3.20
Honey Oolong S$3.30
Honey Lemon S$3.80
Honey Osmanthus Tea S$4.50
Honey Lemon & Lime S$4.40
Milk Tea
Milk Tieguanyin S$3.50
Milk Puer S$3.50
Milk Green S$3.10
Milk Black S$3.10
Milk Alishan S$3.20
Milk Oolong S$3.20
Honey Milk Tea S$4.00
Strawberry Milk Tea S$3.50
Caramel Milk Tea S$3.50
Osmanthus Series
Os’ Tieguanyin S$3.90
O’s Puer S$3.90
O’s Green S$3.60
O’s Black S$3.60
O’s Alishan S$3.70
O’s Oolong S$3.70
Fresh Milk Series
Tieguanyin Latte S$4.00
Puer Latte S$4.00
Green Tea Latte S$3.80
Black Tea Latte S$3.80
Alishan Latte S$3.80
Oolong Latte S$3.80
Fresh Milk S$3.20
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Yuan Cha Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Yuan Cha (Plaza Singapura) 11am-10pm daily
Yuan Cha (Bugis Junction) 11am-10pm daily
Yuan Cha (Chinatown Point) 11am-10pm daily
Yuan Cha (313@Somerset) 11am-10pm daily
Yuan Cha (JCube) 11am-10pm daily
Yuan Cha (Northpoint City) 11am-10pm daily

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