The Whale Tea

The Whale Tea menu in Singapore offers a delightful range of refreshing tea-based beverages that are perfect for any occasion. From classic milk teas to fruity concoctions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Explore the menu and discover the irresistible flavors and combinations that make The Whale Tea a must-visit spot for tea lovers in Singapore.

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What are the specials at The Whale Tea

Best 5 specials at The Whale Tea are: Brown Sugar Avocado, Flaming Brown Sugar, Perfect Avocado, Passion Fruit Lava, and Strawberry Cheezo Milk. The menu features a variety of hot and iced teas, as well as fruit teas, milk teas, and specialties like honey series, brown sugar series, and volcanic collagen series. Coconut shakes, yam drinks, and yogurt series are also available.

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The Whale Tea Menu Singapore

HOT Beverage
Hot Taiwan Ginger TeaS$4.20
HOT Premium Dong Ding Oolong TeaS$4.00
HOT Jasmine Green TeaS$4.00
HOT Signature Classic Milk TeaS$5.00
HOT Roasted Oolong Milk TeaS$5.00
HOT Royal Earl Grey Milk TeaS$5.00
HOT Honey Dong Ding Oolong TeaS$5.00
HOT Honey Jasmine Green TeaS$5.00
Healthy Honey Series
Honey Fresh Milk with Honey PearlS$5.80
Honey Jasmine Green TeaS$4.40
Honey Classic Milk TeaS$5.30
Honey Roasted Oolong Milk TeaS$5.30
Honey Dong Ding Oolong TeaS$4.40
Honey Osmanthus Green TeaS$4.20
Honey Four Season Spring TeaS$4.40
Brown Sugar Series
Brown Sugar AvocadoS$8.50
Flaming Brown SugarS$8.50
Brown Sugar Boba MilkS$6.00
Brown Sugar Early Grey Milk TeaS$6.00
Brown Sugar Roasted Oolong Milk TeaS$6.00
Brown Sugar Classic Milk TeaS$6.00
Brown Sugar Boba CrushS$6.00
Brown Sugar Cocoa MilkS$6.80
Brown Sugar Shizuoka MatchaS$6.80
Osmanthus Green Tea Series
Osmanthus Green TeaS$3.80
Osmanthus Honey Green TeaS$4.60
Osmanthus Fresh Lemon Green TeaS$4.60
Osmanthus Honey Fresh Lemon TeaS$5.10
Osmanthus Honey Fresh Grapefruit TeaS$5.10
Fruit Tea Series
Perfect AvocadoS$7.90
Perfect Grapefruit TeaS$6.50
Perfect Orange TeaS$6.30
Perfect Passion TeaS$6.30
Fresh Peach OolongS$5.50
Volcanic Collagen Series
Hawthorn Slimming TeaS$6.80
Passion Fruit LavaS$6.80
Grapefruit LavaS$6.80
Milk Tea LavaS$5.70
Volcanic Sapphire WhaleS$5.40
Milk Tea Series
Roasted Oolong Milk TeaS$4.50
Royal Earl Grey Milk TeaS$4.50
Signature Classic Milk TeaS$4.50
Superior Taste Award Tea
Premium Dong Ding Oolong TeaS$3.80
Golden Jin Syuan High Mountain TeaS$3.80
Dong Ding Latte with Honey PearlS$6.80
Snowy Dong Ding with Honey PearlS$6.80
Clear Tea Series
Four Season Spring TeaS$3.60
Jasmine Green TeaS$3.60
Cheezo Tea Series
Strawberry Cheezo MilkS$7.50
Strawberry HawthornS$6.80
Whale Crystal Series
Orca MilkS$5.80
Orca Milk TeaS$5.80
Orca Coconut MilkS$5.00
Blue Whale MilkS$5.80
Blue Whale Milk TeaS$5.80
Blue Whale Coconut MilkS$5.00
Blue Whale Coconut MilkS$5.00
Macchiato Series
Snowy Fresh Peach OolongS$5.90
Snowy Four SeasonS$4.80
Snowy Jasmine Green TeaS$4.80
Yakult Green Tea Series
Fresh Peach Yakult Green TeaS$6.00
Fresh Grapefruit Yakult Green TeaS$6.00
Fresh Passion Fruit Yakult Green TeaS$6.00
Fresh Lemon Yakult Green TeaS$6.00
Yakult Green TeaS$5.00
Fresh Mango Tea Series
Fresh Mango Golden Jing Syuan TeaS$5.30
Fresh Mango Four Season TeaS$5.30
Fresh Mango Jasmine Green TeaS$5.30
Fresh Mango Osmanthus TeaS$5.30
Coconut Series
Coconut ShakeS$5.70
Coconut Avocado ShakeS$7.40
Coconut Oreo ShakeS$7.10
Fresh Coconut Water with PulpS$6.00
Coconut Mango ShakeS$7.10
Yam Series
Yam Fresh MilkS$6.60
Yam Fresh Milk with Brown SugarS$7.80
Yam Milk Tea with Brown SugarS$7.80
Yam Milk TeaS$6.60
Yogurt Series
Cranberry YogurtS$6.90
Mango YogurtS$6.90
Purple Rice YogurtS$6.90

The Whale Tea Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Chinatown Point10am – 10pm daily
112 Katong11am – 10pm daily
Paya Lebar Quarter10am – 10pm daily
Junction Nine11am – 10pm daily
Northpoint City10am – 10pm daily
One Raffles Place10am – 8pm (Mon-Fri)
11am – 3pm (Sat, Sun & PH)
Lot One11am – 10pm daily
313@somerset10am – 10pm daily

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