Yoshinoya menu Singapore offers a diverse range of Japanese cuisine that caters to the taste buds of every individual. From mouth-watering beef bowls to appetising bento sets, the menu is sure to satisfy your cravings. With a perfect blend of flavours and nutritional value, Yoshinoya is the ultimate destination for food lovers.

What are the specials at Yoshinoya

The best 5 specials at Yoshinoya are the Chicken Katsu Don (Tarutaru), Combo Beef and Teriyaki Salmon, Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice, Tonkotsu Karaage Ramen, and Strawberry Cake. The menu offers various beef, chicken, and seafood bowls and combos, ramen, curries, side dishes, cakes, and drinks, with prices ranging from S$2.00 to S$16.90.

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Yoshinoya Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Beef Bowl S$9.00
Beef Vegetable Bowl S$10.50
Chicken Katsu Don (Tarutaru) S$11.90
Chicken Katsu Don (Tonkatsu) S$11.90
Karaage Don S$9.90
Salmon Bowl S$9.90
Combo Beef and Salmon S$11.90
Combo Beef and Ebi S$11.90
Combo Beef and Karaage S$11.90
Combo Beef and Torikatsu S$16.90
Combo Beef and Teriyaki Salmon S$13.90
Combo Teriyaki Salmon and Karaage S$13.90
Combo Teriyaki Salmon and Ebi S$13.90
Combo Teriyaki Salmon and Salmon S$13.90
Combo Salmon and Ebi S$11.90
Combo Salmon and Karaage S$11.90
Shoyu Beef Ramen S$9.90
Shoyu Karaage Ramen S$9.90
Tonkotsu Beef Ramen S$9.90
Tonkotsu Karaage Ramen S$9.90
Japanese Beef Curry Rice S$9.90
Japanese Chicken Katsu Curry Rice S$12.90
Japanese Karaage Curry Rice S$9.90
Japanese Salmon Curry Rice S$9.90
Japanese Ebi Curry Rice S$9.90
Side Dishes
Corn S$2.50
Onsen Egg S$2.00
Ramen Egg S$2.50
Rice S$2.00
Salmon S$4.40
Karaage S$4.40
Ebi S$4.40
Beef S$6.40
Taru Katsu S$7.40
Chicken Katsu (Tonkatsu) S$7.40
Miso Soup S$2.00
Strawberry Cake S$4.20
Chocolate Cake S$4.20
Cheese Cake S$4.20
Mineral Water S$2.50
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Yoshinoya Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours (Monday-Sunday)
Changi Airport Terminal 3, #B2-36 10am-10pm
JEM, #B1-15/16 10am-10pm
Marina Bay Sands, #B2-241/242 10am-10pm
NEX, #B2-26/27 10am-10pm
Sun Plaza, #01-17 10am-10pm
Westgate, #B1-25/26 10am-10pm

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