Devil Chicken

Devil Chicken’s menu in Singapore is a must-try for those who love spicy and mouth-watering dishes. Featuring a range of fiery chicken dishes, this menu offers a unique culinary experience that will leave your taste buds tingling. From succulent wings to devilishly spicy burgers, Devil Chicken is the perfect choice for spice lovers.

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What are the specials at Devil’s Chicken?

The 5 best specials at Devil Chicken include the Value Box, Devil Chicken Cutlet, Crispy Chicken Skin, Sweet Potato Balls, and Truffle Fries. The menu offers a variety of fried chicken dishes, including nuggets and Taiwanese popcorn chicken, as well as unique sides like button mushrooms and honey lime aiyu. Beverages include apple juice and their signature honey lime aiyu.

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Devil Chicken Menu Singapore

Value Box
Party Box
2 Chicken cutlets, 1 chicken nuggets ,1 truffle fries, 1 chicken skin and 1 sweet potato balls
Devil Chicken
Chicken Cutlet
Juicy chicken breast meat with a light brown & craggier crust
Crispy Chicken Skin
Crackling till the last bite
Sweet Potato Balls
One and only in Singapore
Truffle Fries
Engineered to stay crispy, USA top grade potato
Sea Salt Fries
Engineered to stay crispy, USA top grade potato
Devil Chicken Nuggets
Boneless chicken thigh with special pepper salt
Button Mushrooms
Juicy button mushrooms
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken
Taiwanese popcorn chicken with salt & pepper
Honey Lime Aiyu
Unique recipe of making aiyu jelly from Taiwan
Apple Juice
Unique & refreshing flavor

Devil Chicken Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Devil Chicken Bugis+10am-10pm
Devil Chicken Waterway Point11am-10pm
Devil Chicken Jurong Point11am-10pm
Devil Chicken NEX11am-10pm
Devil Chicken Northpoint City11am-10pm
Devil Chicken Kallang Wave Mall11am-10pm
Devil Chicken Tampines Hub11am-10pm

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