Marusaya’s menu in Singapore features a wide range of authentic Japanese dishes made with premium ingredients. From their signature pork shabu-shabu to their delicious sushi rolls, Marusaya’s menu has something for every palate.

What are the specials at Marusaya

It is not specified which items qualify as “specials” at Marusaya, but some recommended dishes based on the menu are Gyu Don & Miso Soup, Wagyu Croquette Bento, Hokkaido Pork Shabu Salad, Beef Sukiyaki Udon, and Prawn Tempura.

Marusaya offers a diverse menu of Japanese cuisine, including bento boxes, appetizers, salads, udon noodles, meat and fish dishes, deep-fried items, and various beverages. Some notable dishes are Grilled Salmon Teriyaki, Assorted Tempura Udon, and Dashi Oden. Prices range from S$4.28 to S$26.75.

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Marusaya Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Gyu Don & Miso Soup S$23.54
“Makunouchi” Various Side Dishes Bento S$26.75
Wagyu Croquette Bento S$26.75
Deep Fried Chicken Bento S$21.40
Taberu Katsuobushi (Bonito Jerky) S$16.05
Dashi Maki Tamago S$12.84
Edamame S$8.56
Ohitashi S$9.63
Tomato Salad with Dashi Sauce S$8.56
Hokkaido Pork Shabu Salad S$19.26
Japanese Tofu & Wakame Seaweed Salad S$17.12
Houesemade Noodle
Assorted Tempura Udon S$19.26
Zaru Assorted Tempura Udon S$19.26
Yasai Vegetable Tempura Udon S$13.91
Zaru Yasai Vegetable Tempura Udon S$13.91
Beef Sukiyaki Udon S$17.12
Beef Sukiyaki Bukkake Cold Udon S$17.12
Meat & Fish Dishes
Deep Fried Chicken WIth Sweet Vinegar Sauce S$17.12
Grilled One-Night Dried Squid S$14.98
Grilled Salmon Teriyaki S$19.26
Grilled Salmon With Salt S$19.26
Deep Fried
Agedashi Tofu S$12.84
Assorted Tempura S$21.40
Prawn Tempura S$25.68
Deep Fried Potato S$8.56
Vegetable Tempura S$14.98
Dashi Oden S$19.26
Rice and Soup
Dashi Chazuke S$12.84
All Natural Miso Soup and Rice Set S$8.56
Miso Soup S$5.35
Rice S$4.28
Home Cooking Item
Soba Dipping Sauce Bottle S$17.12
Still Water S$8.56
Sparkling Water S$8.56
Oolong Tea S$5.35
Ginger Ale S$5.35
Coke S$5.35
Calpis Water S$5.35
Calpis Soda S$5.35
Soda Water S$5.35
Coke light S$5.35
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Marusaya Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Marusaya Sake Brewery & Restaurant @ Robertson Quay Mon – Thurs: 11:30am – 11:00pm
Fri – Sun: 11:30am – 12:00am
Marusaya Dempsey Restaurant & Marketplace Mon – Thurs: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Fri – Sat: 11:30am – 10:30pm
Sun: 11:30am – 10:00pm
Marusaya Artisanal Japanese Sauces & Deli @ Paragon Mon – Sun: 10:00am – 9:30pm
Marusaya Artisanal Japanese Sauces & Deli @ Tanglin Mall Mon – Sun: 10:00am – 9:30pm
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