Shrove Tuesday

Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day, is celebrated globally as the last day before the season of Lent. In Singapore, restaurants and cafes offer mouth-watering Shrove Tuesday menus, featuring delectable pancake dishes for locals and tourists. Check out the best Shrove Tuesday menus in Singapore and indulge in some scrumptious treats.

What are the specials at Shrove Tuesday

Best 5 specials at Shrove Tuesday are Signature Waffles, Gelato flavors, Chocolate Lava Cake, Matcha Latte, and Beef Pepperoni Pizza. Shrove Tuesday offers a variety of waffles, gelato, desserts, beverages, light bites, and main courses including pizzas and baked rice dishes.

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Shrove Tuesday Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Signature Waffles
Milo Dinosaur S$16.00
Nyonya Cendol S$16.50
Plain Waffles
Original Waffle S$6.50
Charcoal Waffle S$7.50
Vanilla S$14.00
Earl Grey S$14.00
Chrysanthemum S$14.00
Milo S$14.00
Mango S$14.00
Gula Melaka S$14.00
74% Valrhona Chocolate S$16.50
Raspberry Yuzu S$16.50
Salted Caramel with Almonds S$16.50
Strawberry Cream S$16.50
Durian S$16.50
Rum & Raisin S$19.50
Chocolate Lava Cake with 1 Scoop of Vanilla S$9.90
Oreo Crepe S$7.90
Vanilla Crepe S$7.90
Lavender Crepe S$7.90
Matcha Crepe S$7.90
Ondeh Ondeh Cake S$6.90
Chocolate Rainbow Cake S$7.90
Espresso (Hot) S$3.50
Long Black S$4.00
Flat White S$5.00
Latte S$5.50
Cappucino S$5.00
Mocha S$5.50
Affogato Iced S$6.50
Chocolate S$5.00
Matcha S$4.90
Matcha Latte S$5.50
Matcha Float Iced S$7.00
Matcha Yuzu S$6.00
Matcha Chocolate Iced S$7.00
Dirty Matcha S$7.00
English Breakfast Hot S$4.90
Lychee Rose Hot S$5.50
Peach Honeycomb Hot S$5.50
Yuzu Tea Hot S$3.90
Lemon Tea Iced S$4.50
Peach Tea Iced S$5.50
Lychee Tea Iced S$5.50
Yuzu Soda Iced S$4.50
Coke Float Iced S$5.90
Root Beer Float Iced S$5.90
Sprite Float Iced S$5.90
Light Bites
Truffle Fries S$8.80
Chicken Drumlets 6 Pcs S$7.50
Tator Tots with Garlic Mayo S$8.50
Onion Rings S$8.00
Twister Fries S$7.50
Beef Lasagne with Twister Fries S$12.00
Chicken Lasagne with Twister Fries S$12.00
Chicken & Mushroom Baked Rice with Twister Fries S$12.00
Chicken & Waffle with Twister Fries S$15.00
Margherita Pizza S$14.00
Hawaiian Pizza S$15.00
Beef Pepperoni Pizza S$16.00
Teriyaki Chicken Pizza S$16.00
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Shrove Tuesday Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Shrove Tuesday @ Jalan Kayu Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-10pm
Shrove Tuesday @ Thomson Tue-Sun: 12pm-10pm
Closed on Mondays
Shrove Tuesday @ Yishun Mon-Fri: 11am-9pm
Sat-Sun: 8am-10pm

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