Yunique Tea

Yunique Tea in Singapore proudly offers an extensive menu of unique and flavourful tea blends that are perfect for any occasion. From classic milk tea to fruity infusions, their menu has something for everyone to enjoy. Discover the perfect cup of tea at Yunique Tea today.

What are the specials at Yunique Tea

Best 5 specials at Yunique Tea:

1. Signature Fruit Tea

2. Passion Fruit Yogurt

3. Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pudding

4. Mango Messy Milk

5. Cheezo Blended Watermelon.
Yunique Tea offers a variety of milk teas, fresh fruit drinks, ice blended drinks and more with unique flavors such as Oreo Milk Tea and Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Sesame. Prices range from S$2.60 to S$6.60.

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Yunique Tea Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Royal Milk Tea
Triple Deluxe Milk Tea S$4.20
Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Pudding S$4.20
Honey Milk Tea S$4.20
Pearl Milk Tea S$4.20
Oreo Milk Tea S$5.40
Royal Fresh
Hey Pineapple S$4.20
Hey Lemon S$4.20
Honey Lemon S$4.20
Super Lemon Green S$4.20
Signature Fruit Tea S$6.00
Passion Fruit Yogurt S$6.60
Lemon Yogurt S$6.60
Royal Brew
Black Tea S$2.60
Oolong Tea S$2.60
Jasmine Tea S$2.60
Winter Melon Tea S$3.20
Honey Green Tea S$4.20
Honey Oolong Tea S$4.20
Milky Macchiato
Black Tea Macchiato S$4.20
Oolong Cheese Tea S$4.20
Jasmine Blossom Macchiato S$4.20
Royal Fresh Milk
Jin Jun Mei Fresh Milk S$5.40
Matcha Fresh Milk S$5.40
Mango Messy Milk S$5.40
Dragon Fruit Messy Milk S$5.40
Signature Ice Blended
Passion Pineapple Tea S$4.20
Cheezo Blended Watermelon S$5.40
Red Bean Crushed S$4.60
Royal Soda
Blue Galaxy Soda S$5.40
Lychee Soda S$5.40
Royal Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Pearl S$5.40
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Peanut S$5.80
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Sesame S$5.80
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk with Grass Jelly S$4.60
Brown Sugar Black Tea Latte S$4.20
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Yunique Tea Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Yunique Tea Bugis+ 12pm-10pm daily
Yunique Tea Chinatown Point 11am-10pm daily
Yunique Tea JCube 11am-10pm daily
Yunique Tea Jurong Point 11am-10pm daily
Yunique Tea The Clementi Mall 11am-10pm daily
Yunique Tea Waterway Point 11am-10pm daily

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