BLooiE’s Roadhouse

If you’re in Singapore looking for some delicious American cuisine, look no further than BLooiE’s Roadhouse. Their menu offers a range of classic dishes, from burgers and sandwiches to ribs and steaks. Check out BLooiE’s Roadhouse menu Singapore for a taste of home.

What are the specials at BLooiE’s Roadhouse

The best 5 specials at BLooiE’s Roadhouse are the BBQ pork ribs, crispy pork knuckle, grilled roadhouse black pepper chicken, lamb rack, and roasted beer butt chicken. The menu features a range of appetizers, salads, vegetarian options, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, pizzas, mains, and desserts, as well as Taiwanese specialties and a kids’ set meal. Prices range from S$4.00 for a scoop of ice cream to S$38.80 for the roasted beer butt chicken.

BLooiE’s Roadhouse Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Quesadillas S$20.90
Nachos Chicken S$16.90
Chicken Wings S$15.90
Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers S$10.80
Special Fries S$9.00
Truffle Fries S$13.80
Onion Rings S$10.90
Fish Fingers S$12.90
Topshell S$9.80
Half Shell Mussels (8 PCS) S$16.90
Herb Garlic Toast S$7.90
Chilli-con-carne S$15.90
Stacked Spuds S$11.90
Deep fried Button Mushrooms S$14.50
Calamari S$12.90
Cross Cut Potatoes S$9.90
Jumbo Sausages S$21.90
Fisherman’s Choice S$25.80
BLooiE’s Garden Salad S$12.90
Chef’s Salad S$18.90
Classic 49th Caesar Salad S$16.80
Cobb Salad S$16.80
Grilled Vegetable Pizza S$21.80
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich S$15.80
Pasta Primavera S$17.80
Portabello Mushroom Burger S$16.80
Shrooms Olio Pasta S$17.80
Soup of the Day S$6.90
Bacon Cheese Burger S$18.90
Bacon Mushroom Cheese Burger S$18.90
Cajun Chicken Burger S$16.90
Cheese Burger S$16.90
Chilli Cheesy Dog S$16.80
Double Cheese Burger S$20.90
Hawaiian Burger S$18.90
Hot Beef Sandwich S$18.80
Mexican Burger S$18.90
Portabello Cheese Burger S$19.90
Portabello Mushroom Burger S$16.80
Shredded Pork Sandwich S$18.90
Sloppy Chilli Burger S$18.90
Special Club Sandwich S$19.80
Turkey Burger S$23.80
Cajun Chicken Pizza S$23.90
Grilled Vegetable Pizza S$21.80
Hawaiian Pizza S$23.80
Margarita Pizza S$18.80
Mussels in Tomato Sauce S$18.80
Mussels in White Wine S$18.80
Napoli Pizza S$23.80
Pasta & Meat Balls S$18.80
Pasta Carbonara S$18.80
Pasta Primavera S$17.80
Pepper Chicken Olio Pasta S$18.80
Pepperoni Pizza S$23.80
Quatro Formaggio S$23.90
Sausage Surprise Pizza S$22.80
Seafood Pizza S$25.80
Seafood Surprise Pasta S$25.80
Shrooms Olio Pasta S$17.80
BBQ Pork Ribs S$29.80
Blackened Dory S$19.90
Cajun Chicken S$19.90
Crispy Pork Knuckle S$38.80
Fish & Chips S$18.80
Grilled Roadhouse Black Pepper Chicken S$19.90
Lamb Rack S$35.80
N.Z. Striploin Steak S$31.80
N.Z. T-Bone S$34.80
Oxtail Stew S$28.80
Pork Chops S$20.90
Salmon Fillet S$25.80
Roasted Beer Butt Chicken S$38.80
Chicken Hot Dog with Fries S$13.80
Fish & Chips S$13.80
Kidz Margarita Pizza S$13.80
Mac and Cheese S$13.80
Spaghetti with Bolognese S$13.80
Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce S$13.80
Cake of The Day S$8.80
Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream S$8.80
Creme Brulee S$9.80
Molten Chocolate Cake with Ice Cream S$9.80
Scoop of Ice Cream S$4.00
Tiramisu S$9.80
Appetizer Platter S$4.30
Century Egg Tofu S$5.80
Braised Pig Intestines S$7.50
Braised Beef Shanks S$8.80
Pig Intestine With Scallion S$7.80
Taiwan Mini Sausage (6PCS) S$6.80
Crispy Chicken Chop S$8.80
Golden Boneless Chicken Leg S$8.80
Golden Pork Chop S$8.80
Salt And Pepper Chicken S$8.90
Chives Pork Dumpling (10PCS) S$9.80
Beef Soup Dumpling (8PCS) S$9.80
Braised Minced Pork Rice S$9.80
Boneless Chicken Leg Rice S$12.80
Chicken Chop Rice S$11.80
Lees Signature Bento S$13.80
Pork Chop Rice S$11.80
Salt And Pepper Chicken Rice S$10.80
Boneless Chicken Leg Noodle S$12.80
Chicken Chop Noodle S$11.80
Pork Chop Noodle S$11.80
Pig Intestine & Meatball Mee Sua S$10.80
Signature Taiwanese Beef Noodles S$13.80
Soybean Paste Noodle S$10.00
Warm Water S$1.00
Dasani Water S$2.00
Equil Still / Sparkling S$5.00
Flavour Soda S$5.00
Hot Water S$2.00
Juices S$6.00
Mineral Water S$2.00
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BLooiE’s Roadhouse Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Blu Kouzina Mon-Sun 12pm-3pm, 6pm-10:30pm
Blu Jaz Cafe Mon-Thu 12pm-12am, Fri-Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 12pm-11pm
Blu Ginger Mon-Sun 11am-11pm
Blu Party House Mon-Sun 12pm-10pm

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