Fun Tea

Fun Tea in Singapore offers a diverse selection of unique and delicious drinks that cater to customers with different taste preferences. With their mouth-watering Fun Tea menu, customers are treated to an exceptional drinking experience that is both satisfying and delightful.

What are the specials at Fun Tea

Best 5 specials at Fun Tea are Honey Grass Jelly Milk Tea, Honey Wolf Berry Tea O, Honey Lime Tea, Almond Tea, and Ginger Tea. Fun Tea offers a variety of traditional coffee and tea, nutritional beverages, and premium teaF series. Local delights include Loh Mai Kai, Chee Cheong Fun, Fan Choy, and Kong Bak Bao. Prices range from S$1.20 to S$5.30.

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Fun Tea Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Fun Meal
Loh Mai Kai + 2 Siew Mai S$5.30
Chee Cheong Fun + 2 Siew Mai S$4.80
Fan Choy + 2 Siew Mai S$4.80
Local Delight
Loh Mai Kai S$3.30
Chee Cheong Fun S$2.80
Fan Choy S$2.80
Kong Bak Bao S$2.30
Hand Made Chicken Bao S$2.30
Siew Mai 2 Pcs S$2.20
BBQ Chicken Bao S$1.40
Red Bean Bao S$1.20
Yam Bao S$1.20
Kaya Bao S$1.20
Char Siew Bao S$1.40
Dry Mee Siam S$3.30
Otah S$1.90
Nasi Lemak S$2.90
Traditional Coffee
Coffee C S$1.90
Coffee + C S$1.90
Coffee S$1.80
Coffee O S$1.70
Yuan Yang S$2.00
Honey Coffee C S$2.10
Gula Melaka Coffee S$2.10
Traditional Tea
Tea + C S$1.90
Tea C S$1.90
Tea S$1.80
Tea O S$1.70
Honey Tea O S$1.90
Honey Tea C S$2.10
Gula Melaka Tea S$2.10
Speciality Tea
Honey Grass Jelly Milk Tea S$2.40
Honey Wolf Berry Tea O S$2.20
Honey Lime Tea S$2.20
Honey Lemon Tea S$2.20
Almond Tea S$2.20
Ginger Teo O S$1.90
Ginger Tea S$1.90
Grass Jelly Tea S$1.90
Lemon Tea S$1.90
Lime Tea S$1.90
Refreshing Honey
Honey Lemon S$2.10
Honey Lime S$2.10
Honey Lime Sour Plum S$2.10
Honey Ginger S$2.10
Honey Ginger S$2.10
Honey Grass Jelly S$2.10
Honey Lemon Lime S$2.10
Honey Wolf Berry S$2.10
Honey O S$1.80
Nutritional Beverage
Almond Cereal Milk S$2.70
Almond Ginger Milk S$2.70
Ginger Milk S$2.20
Oat Cereal Milk S$2.40
Cereal Milk S$2.20
Milo S$2.40
Milo Dinosaur Iced S$3.50
Premium TeaF Series
Organic Oolong Tea S$3.00
Strawberry Green Tea S$3.00
Jasmine Rose Tea S$3.00
Osmanthus Pu’Er Tea S$3.30
Snow Pear Black Tea S$3.30
Pomegranate Oolong Tea S$3.30
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Fun Tea Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Fun Tea (Jurong Point) 11am – 10pm daily
Fun Tea (Vivocity) 10am – 10pm daily
Fun Tea (Paya Lebar Quarter) 11am – 10pm daily
Fun Tea (JEM) 11am – 10pm daily
Fun Tea (Tampines Mall) 11am – 10pm daily
Fun Tea (Northpoint City) 10am – 10pm daily
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