NeNe Chicken Menu

NeNe Chicken’s menu in Singapore offers a perfect blend of Korean and fried chicken cuisine. The menu features crispy fried chicken coated in flavorful sauces, burgers, wraps, rice boxes, and sides. Explore the mouthwatering options and enjoy the delicious taste of NeNe Chicken today.

What are the specials at NeNe Chicken

The best 5 specials at NeNe Chicken are the NeNe Bundle A, 4 Pax Bundle Meal, 6 Pax Bundle Meal, 8 Pax Bundle Meal, and the Crispy Tenders Ramen. The menu offers a variety of chicken meals, including tenders, wings, and burgers, as well as ramen, soups, and sides. There are also different bundle meals available for groups.

NeNe Chicken Menu Singapore

Menu Price
NeNe Bundle Set
Nene Bundle A
5 Pcs Chicken + Curly Fries Box + Crispy Chicken Skin + 2 Canned Coke + Starters Bundle
Nene Bundle B
12 Pcs Tenders + Curly Fries Box + Crispy Chicken Skin + 2 Canned Coke + Starters Bundle
Nene Bundle C
12 Pcs Bulgogi + Curly Fries Box + Crispy Chicken Skin + 2 Canned Coke + Starters Bundle
4 Pax Bundle Meal
18 Pcs Wings & Sticks + Curly Fries Box + 1.5L Coke
6 Pax Bundle Meal
20 Pcs Tenders + 10 Pcs. Wings & Sticks + 2 Curly Fries Box + 1.5L Coke
8 Pax Bundle Meal
0 Pcs Tenders + 18 Pcs. Wings & Sticks + 3 Curly Fries Box + 2x 1.5L Coke
3 Pcs Chicken
3 Pcs Chicken + 1 Canned Coke + 1 Starters
6 Pcs Tenders
6 Pcs Tenders + 1 Canned Coke + 1 Starters
6 Pcs Wings & Sticks
6 Pcs Wings & Sticks + 1 Canned Coke + 1 Starters
Tenders Boneless
6 Pcs Tenders S$9.60
20 Pcs Tenders S$27.80
12 Pcs Tenders S$18.20
Chicken Parts
Whole Chicken S$30.50
2 Pcs Chicken S$8.00
3 Pcs Chicken S$11.80
5 Pcs Chicken S$18.70
Wings & Sticks
4 Pcs Wings & Sticks S$8.00
6 Pcs Wings & Sticks S$11.80
18 Pcs Wings & Sticks S$30.50
12 Pcs Bulgogi Wings & Sticks S$20.90
18 Pcs Bulgogi Wings & Sticks S$30.50
Nene Crispy Burger S$5.90
Nene Bulgogi Chicken Burger S$5.90
Crispy Tenders Ramen S$9.90
Ramen S$8.50
Crispy Cutlet Ramen S$9.90
Chicken Luncheon Meat Ramen S$9.90
Bulgogi Chicken Ramen S$9.90
Soups & Noodles
Japchae S$6.50
Sundubu Jjigae S$8.50
Corn Salad S$1.90
Kimchi S$2.40
Pickled Radish S$1.90
Starters Bundle S$5.90
Cheese Fries S$4.50
Chicken Spam Fries S$7.20
White Rice S$1.50
Fried King Oyster Mushroom S$7.20
Cheese S$1.90
Double Freaking Hot S$1.20
Honey Mustard S$1.20
Hot Bling S$1.20
Smoky Barbeque S$1.20
Swicy S$1.20
Yuzu BBQ Sauce S$1.90
Coke (Canned) S$2.80
Coke Zero (Canned) S$2.80
Sprite (Canned) S$2.80
Dasani Bottled Water S$1.90
Sparkling Mango & Peach Ade S$4.50
Sparkling Strawberry Ade S$4.50
Sparkling Yuzu S$3.80
Sparkling Ocean Ade S$4.50
1.5L Coke S$5.00
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NeNe Chicken Location & Working Hours

S/N Location Working Hours
1 The Star Vista Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
2 Compass One Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
3 City Square Mall Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
4 Changi City Point Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
5 The Seletar Mall Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
6 Jem Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
7 Bugis Junction Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
8 The Rail Mall Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
9 Nex Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
10 Bukit Panjang Plaza Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
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