My Western Bar

My Western Bar offers a diverse menu of Western delights in Singapore. From succulent steaks and burgers to tasty pastas and salads, our menu caters to all cravings. Come and indulge in a flavorful meal that will satisfy your hunger and taste buds at My Western Bar.

What are the specials at My Western Bar?

My Western Bar offers a diverse menu of salads, steaks, pasta, sausages, burgers, and finger foods. Highlights include salmon and ribeye steaks, crab meat and mushroom pasta, and a finger food platter. Breakfast, sides, and salads are also available.

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My Western Bar Menu Singapore

Farm Greens
House SaladS$6.21
Parma Ham SaladS$13.86
Crab Meat SaladS$10.96
Smoked Duck SaladS$9.01
Chicken SaladS$8.76
Grilled Fish SaladS$8.76
Chicken Steak with SidesS$10.03
Chicken Steak with PastaS$10.03
Cowboy Fried Chicken with SideS$10.03
Cowboy Fried Chicken with PastaS$10.03
Fried Breaded Chicken with SidesS$10.03
Fried Breaded Chicken with PastS$10.03
Spring Chicken with SidesS$9.01
Spring Chicken with PastaS$9.01
Salmon Steak with SidesS$14.20
Salmon Steak with PastaS$14.20
Grilled Fish with SidesS$10.03
Grilled Fish with PastaS$10.03
Fried Breaded Fish with SidesS$10.03
Fried Breaded Fish with PastaS$10.03
Sirloin Steak with SidesS$15.47
Ribeye Steak with SidesS$20.57
Lamb Chop with SidesS$15.47
Pork Chop with SidesS$10.29
Sirloin Steak with PastaS$15.47
Ribeye Steak with PastaS$20.57
Lamb Chop with PastaS$15.47
Pork Chop with PastaS$10.29
Chicken Sausage with SidesS$10.03
Pork Sausage with SidesS$10.03
Chicken & Pork Sausage with SidesS$10.03
Chicken Sausage with PastaS$10.03
Pork Sausage with PastaS$10.03
Chicken & Pork Sausage with PastaS$10.03
Parma Ham in Creamy TonkotsuS$11.64
Creamy MentaikoS$11.82
Seafood TritatoS$13.52
Crab Meat PastaS$10.96
Smoked Duck PastaS$9.43
Fried Fish PastaS$8.76
Chicken PastaS$8.76
Mushroom PastaS$8.76
Chicken & Mushroom PastaS$9.43
Breakfast & Buns
All Day BreakfastS$7.48
Teriyaki Chicken BurgerS$9.01
Wagyu Beef BurgerS$11.64
Side Order & Finger Food
Finger Food PlatterS$12.92
Chicken WingsS$3.65
Chicken Wing With Calrose RiceS$5.78
Fried Chicken ChunkS$6.46
Chicken NuggetsS$3.91
Squid BallsS$4.67
Prawn BallsS$4.67
French FriesS$3.65
Cheese FriesS$5.18

My Western Bar Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
My Western Bar @ Clarke QuayMon-Sun: 11am – 10pm
My Western Bar @ Marina Bay SandsMon-Sun: 10am – 11pm
My Western Bar @ Orchard CentralMon-Sun: 11am – 9pm

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