Nandhana’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for authentic South Indian cuisine in Singapore, Nandhana’s Restaurant is the perfect destination. With a diverse menu that features traditional dishes such as dosa and biryani, this restaurant is a must-visit for foodies. Discover what delights await you by exploring Nandhana’s Restaurant menu Singapore.

What are the specials at Nandhana’s Restaurant

Best 5 specials at Nandhana’s Restaurant:
1. Tandoori Chicken Full
2. Chicken Tikka Briyani
3. Paneer Butter Masala
4. Mutton Dum Biriyani
5. Fish Head Curry – Ang Ko Li

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Nandhana’s Restaurant offers a diverse range of South Indian and North Indian dishes, including soups, tandoori items, Biriyani varieties, thali meals, and noodles. They also serve hot beverages. Prices range from S$5.90 to S$26.90.

Nandhana’s Restaurant Menu Singapore

Chettinad Mutton Bone SoupS$6.90
Chettinad Chicken SoupS$5.90
Sweet Corn Chicken SoupS$6.90
Sweet Corn Vegetable SoupS$5.90
Hot & Sour Chicken SoupS$6.90
Hot & Sour Vegetable SoupS$5.90
Mushroom Creamy SoupS$5.90
Tamatar Dhaniya ShorbaS$5.90
Murungai Malli SaaruS$5.90
Starters – Deep Fry
Chicken LollypopS$12.90
Chicken 65S$11.40
Kozhi Karuvepillai VaruvalS$11.90
Fish FingerS$13.90
Fish 65S$13.90
Prawn 65S$14.90
Gobi 65S$10.40
Paneer 65S$11.40
Mushroom 65S$9.90
Onion PakodaS$7.90
Tandoori Claypot
Tandoori Chicken HalfS$13.40
Tandoori Chicken FullS$24.90
Chicken TikkaS$13.90
Prawn TikkaS$16.40
Fish TikkaS$15.40
Tandoori PomfretS$19.90
Chicken Garlic KebabS$14.40
Pudhina Chicken KebabS$13.90
Achari Paneer TikkaS$12.90
Paneer TikkaS$11.90
Brocoli TikkaS$10.90
Pudhina Paneer TikkaS$12.90
Malai Paneer TikkaS$12.90
Dum Biriyani Varieties
Chicken Dum BiriyaniS$10.90
Fish BiriyaniS$12.90
Paneer BiriyaniS$11.90
Tandoori Chicken BiriyaniS$15.40
Prawn BiriyaniS$14.40
Mutton Dum BiriyaniS$12.90
Naatukozhi BiriyaniS$11.90
Vegetable BiriyaniS$8.90
Chicken Tikka BriyaniS$15.40
Egg BiriyaniS$9.90
Plain BiriyaniS$7.90
Seeraga Samba Briyani
Seeraga Samba Chicken BriyaniS$13.90
Seeraga Samba Mutton BriyaniS$14.90
Seeraga Samba Fish BriyaniS$14.90
Seeraga Samba Prawn BriyaniS$16.90
Seeraga Samba Tandoori Chicken BriyaniS$15.90
Seeraga Samba Chicken 65 BriyaniS$14.90
Seeraga Samba Egg BriyaniS$11.90
Seeraga Samba Plain BriyaniS$9.90
Seeraga Samba Fish Fry BriyaniS$15.90
Thali Meals
Vegetarian MealsS$9.90
Chicken MealsS$11.90
Mutton MealsS$12.90
Natukozhi MealsS$12.40
Fish MealsS$12.90
Fish Fry MealsS$13.90
Prawn MealsS$13.90
North Indian Veg MealsS$11.90
North Indian Chicken MealsS$12.90
Special Chicken BonelessS$12.90
Pepper Chicken BonelessS$12.90
Butter Chicken MasalaS$13.90
Chettinad Chicken MasalaS$10.90
Chicken Tikka MasalaS$14.40
Kadai ChickenS$11.40
Chilli ChickenS$12.40
Garlic ChickenS$12.90
Ginger ChickenS$12.90
Chicken ManchurianS$12.40
Palak ChickenS$11.40
Mutton Sukka VaruvalS$12.90
Chettinad Mutton MasalaS$11.40
Mutton Varutha CurryS$13.90
Mutton StewS$11.40
Mysore MuttonS$13.40
Pepper MuttonS$13.40
Kadai MuttonS$13.40
Sea Food
Fish Head Curry – Ang Ko LiS$26.90
Vanjiram Fish CurryS$10.40
Ginger FishS$12.40
Fish ManchurianS$12.40
Chilli FishS$11.40
Vanjiram Fish FryS$8.40
Vanjiram Tawa Fish FryS$9.40
Garlic FishS$12.90
Prawn MasalaS$12.90
Prawn Pepper OnionS$13.40
Chilli PrawnS$13.90
Garlic PrawnS$13.90
Prawn ManchurianS$13.90
Ginger PrawnS$14.40
Mushroom MasalaS$10.40
Paneer Butter MasalaS$11.40
Paneer Tikka MasalaS$13.40
Vegetable KurmaS$9.40
Aloo Gobi MasalaS$9.40
Mutter Paneer MasalaS$10.40
Dal Butter FryS$9.40
Bhindi MasalaS$10.40
Kadai VegetableS$10.40
Paneer KurumaS$11.40
Green Peas MasalaS$10.40
Kadai PaneerS$11.40
Bhindi FryS$10.40
Baby Corn Pepper OnionS$10.40
Gobi ManchurianS$10.40
Chilli PaneerS$12.40
Mushroom ManchurianS$10.40
Chilli MushroomS$10.40
Paneer ManchurianS$11.40
Paneer BhurjiS$10.40
Dal MakhaniS$11.40
Channa JaisalmerS$11.40
Kadai MushroomS$10.40
Palak PaneerS$11.40
Dal PalakS$10.40
Aloo PalakS$10.40
Vegetable Fried RiceS$8.00
Paneer Fried RiceS$10.90
Chicken Fried RiceS$10.90
Mutton Fried RiceS$11.90
Egg Fried RiceS$8.90
Hot Beverages
Bru CoffeeS$2.90
Filter CoffeeS$3.20
Regular TeaS$2.50
Masala TeaS$3.50
Ginger TeaS$2.90
Black CoffeeS$2.00
Black TeaS$2.00
Badham MilkS$3.50

Nandhana’s Restaurant Location & Working Hours

LocationWorking Hours
Nandhana’s Restaurant – Kallang Wave Mall11am–10pm (Mon-Sun)
Nandhana’s Restaurant – Upper Cross Street11am–10pm (Mon-Sun)
Nandhana’s Restaurant – Serangoon Road11am–10pm (Mon-Sun)
Nandhana’s Restaurant – Sembawang Shopping Centre11am–10pm (Mon-Sun)
Nandhana’s Restaurant – East Coast Road11am–10pm (Mon-Sun)
Nandhana’s Restaurant – Novena Square 211am–10pm (Mon-Sun)

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