8 Degrees

Discover a culinary journey with 8 Degrees menu in Singapore, featuring an array of delicious dishes crafted with exquisite flavours and ingredients. From refreshing salads to hearty mains and unique desserts, their menu offers a diverse and satisfying dining experience.

What are the specials at 8 Degrees

The best 5 specials at 8 Degrees are Signature Pork Belly Rice, Scallion Chicken Rice, Prawn Fried Rice with Pork Floss, Chicken Cutlet Ramen, and Trio Egg Fried Rice. The menu features Taiwanese fusion dishes, with options such as noodles, rice dishes, and small bites, along with a variety of milk teas, coffee, and desserts.

8 Degrees Menu Singapore

Menu Price
8 Degrees Stars
Signature Pork Belly Rice S$7.30
Scallion Chicken Rice S$7.30
Oyster & Chittering Mee Sua S$8.00
Oyster Mee Sua S$7.30
Chittering Mee Sua S$7.30
Chicken Mee Sua S$7.30
Prawn Fried Rice With Pork Floss S$13.90
Cold Noodle S$8.30
Salted Chicken S$8.30
Fried Chitterling S$9.40
Fried Chicken Cutlet S$9.60
Century Egg Tofu With Pork Floss S$7.30
Eggroll with Pork Floss S$9.60
Scallion Pancake S$6.20
Noodles Fusion
Chicken Cutlet Ramen S$12.60
Tomato Egg Ramen S$8.60
Pork Belly Udon S$11.60
XO Sauce Udon S$11.60
Olive Leaf Fried Rice S$9.40
Trio Egg Fried Rice S$12.80
Iceberg Lettuce With Garlic Oil S$8.30
Pickled Radish Egg S$8.30
Scrambled Egg With Prawns S$11.60
Cheese Mantou S$6.20
8 Degrees Lovers
Marinated King Oyster Mushroom S$7.30
Marinated Cucumber S$5.10
Tang Xin Egg S$1.90
Century Egg S$1.90
Marinated Baby Black Fungus S$5.10
Seaweed Fried Tofu S$6.20
Brinjal With Pork Floss S$7.50
Cheese Fries S$6.20
Meatball Soup S$7.30
Fried Squid Ball S$6.20
Fried Shiitake Mushroom S$9.40
Braised Egg S$1.60
White Rice S$1.60
Signautre Ah Mah Chili Sauce S$10.70
Signature Ah Mah Chili OIL S$10.70
Homemade Garlic Sauce S$10.70
Homemade Sesame Sauce S$10.70
Milk Tea
Signature Milk Tea With Pearl ICE S$7.30
Honey Bubble Milk Tea ICE S$8.30
Coffee Crystal Milk Tea ICE S$7.30
Grass Jelly Milk Tea ICE S$8.30
Ginger Milk Tea ICE S$7.30
Green Tea
Jasmine Green Tea With Pearl ICE S$6.20
Honey Green Tea W Pearl ICE S$7.30
Sour Plum Aiyu Green Tea ICE S$8.30
Winter Melon Aiyu Green Tea ICE S$8.30
Yuzu Aiyu Green Tea ICE S$8.30
Passion Aiyu Green Tea ICE S$8.30
Yuan Yang ICE S$7.30
Black Coffee Ice S$5.10
Milk Coffee ICE S$6.20
Yamball Grass Jelly ICE S$7.50
Yamball With Milk Tea ICE S$7.50
Yamball With Ginger Soup HOT S$7.50
Aiyu With Passion Fruit S$6.20
Peanut Chocolate Toast S$7.50
Honey Butter Toast S$7.50
Meat Floss Toast S$7.50
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8 Degrees Location & Working Hours

| Degree | Location | Working Hours |
| Bachelor of Science in Computer Science | National University of Singapore | 9am – 6pm (Monday to Friday) |
| Bachelor of Business Administration | Singapore Management University | 8.30am – 6pm (Monday to Friday) |
| Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) | Nanyang Technological University | 8.30am – 5.30pm (Monday to Friday) |
| Bachelor of Laws | Singapore University of Social Sciences | 9am – 5.30pm (Monday to Friday) |
| Bachelor of Accountancy | Ngee Ann Polytechnic | 9am – 5.30pm (Monday to Friday) |
| Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) | SIM University | 9am – 9pm (Monday to Saturday) |
| Bachelor of Science (Nursing) | National University of Singapore | Rotating shifts |
| Bachelor of Dental Surgery | National University of Singapore | 8.30am – 5.30pm (Monday to Friday) |

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