Looking for a refreshing and unique beverage experience? Satisfy your cravings with CoCoCane’s menu in Singapore. Featuring a variety of coconut and sugarcane-based drinks, every sip is an explosion of tropical flavours perfect for any time of the day.

What are the specials at CoCoCane

The best 5 specials at CoCoCane are: Super Skin Booster CocoCane, Mango Coconut Avocado, Signature Coconut SnowShake, Coconut Float, and Ginger Sugarcane with Lemon and Nata de Coco. The menu offers a variety of 100% pure sugarcane and coconut drinks, as well as signature blends with unique flavors and health-boosting ingredients like goji berries and omega3. There are also fresh fruit juices, a range of honey lemon drinks, and hot ginger honey lemon options.

CoCoCane Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Cococane Signatures
100% Pure CocoCane S$3.60
CocoCane With Fresh Lemon S$4.10
CocoCane With Sour Plum S$4.10
CocoCane With Nata De Coco S$4.30
Tangy CocoCane S$4.40
Ginger CocoCane S$4.40
Mango CocoCane S$4.90
Lychee CocoCane S$4.50
CocoCane Super Booster Series
CocoCane With Goji Berries S$4.80
Omega3 CocoCane S$4.80
CocoCane W/ Vitamin C Boost S$4.90
Super Skin Booster CocoCane S$5.70
Coconut Avocado
Honey Coconut Avocado S$6.50
Gula Melaka Coconut Avocado S$ 6.50
Milo Coconut Avocado S$6.50
Mango Coconut Avocado S$7.70
Coconut Snow Shakes
Signature Coconut SnowShake S$5.50
Lychee Coconut Snow Shake S$6.40
Mango Coconut Snow Shake S$6.70
Fresh Coconut Water
100% Pure Coconut Water S$4.40
Coconut Water with Fresh Lemon S$4.90
Coconut Water with Nata de Coco S$4.90
Coconut Water with Lychee S$5.30
Coconut Water with Aloe vera S$5.30
Mango Coconut S$5.60
Coconut Water with Goji berries S$5.60
Coconut Float (With Coconut Ice Cream) S$5.90
Fresh Sugarcane Juices
100% Pure Sugarcane Juice S$2.60
Sugarcane with Fresh Lemon S$3.10
Tangy Sugarcane S$3.40
Sugarcane with Sour Plum S$3.10
Ginger Sugarcane S$3.40
Sugarcane with Green Apple S$4.50
Watermelon Sugarcane S$3.70
Lemongrass Sugarcane S$4.20
Lychee Sugarcane S$3.50
Mango Sugarcane S$3.80
Popular Mix
Ginger Sugarcane with Lemon & Nata de Coco S$4.70
Sugarcane with Lemon & Nata de Coco S$3.80
Sugarcane with Green Apple & Aloe Vera S$5.20
Watermelon Lychee Sugarcane S$4.60
Energizing Boosters
Sugarcane with Goji Berries S$3.80
Omega3 Sugarcane S$3.80
Sugarcane with Vitamin C Boost S$3.80
Yakult & Other Fruit Juices
Yakult Red Apple S$4.40
Yakult Watermelon S$4.40
Yakult Green Apple S$4.40
Fresh Red Apple Juice S$3.80
Fresh Green Apple Juice S$3.80
Bottle – 100% Pure CocoCane (No Ice) S$4.80
Bottle – 100% Pure Sugarcane (No Ice) S$3.30
Bottle – 100% Pure Coconut Water (No Ice) S$6.30
Honey Lemon (Cold) S$2.50
Honey Lemon With Nata De Coco (Cold) S$3.20
Honey Lemon With Aloe Vera (Cold) S$3.40
Honey Ice Lychee (Ice Blended) S$3.50
Hot Honey Lemon S$1.80
Hot Ginger Honey Lemon S$2.90
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CoCoCane Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
One Raffles Place Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm
Sat-Sun: 11am-10pm
Millenia Walk Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Nex Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Tampines 1 Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Changi City Point Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Westgate Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Jurong Point Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm

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