Gogiyo menu in Singapore offers a wide range of delicious Korean dishes. From mouthwatering BBQ to their signature fried chicken, Gogiyo has something for everyone. Explore their menu and experience a taste of traditional Korean cuisine.

What are the specials at Gogiyo

The best 5 specials at Gogiyo are the Gogiyo Black Pork Dosirak, Bulgogi Beef Dosirak, Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, Pork Belly Torched Bowl, and Spicy Pork Japchae. Gogiyo offers a variety of Korean rice, noodle, and bento dishes, as well as sides like dumplings, kimchi, and onsen eggs. Green tea is also available.

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Gogiyo Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Dosirak Aka Bento
Gogiyo Black Pork Dosirak S$13.80
Chicken Teriyaki Dosirak S$10.80
Bulgogi Beef Dosirak S$13.20
Bulgogi Pork Dosirak S$12.20
Spicy Kimchi Chicken Dosirak S$10.80
Spicy Kimchi Pork Dosirak S$10.80
Chicken Cutlet Mentai Dosirak S$12.20
Fried Ebi Mentai Dosirak S$12.20
Rice Bowls
Gogiyo Black Pork Bowl S$12.20
Chicken Teriyaki Bowl S$8.80
Bulgogi Beef Bowl S$10.80
Bulgogi Pork Bowl S$9.80
Spicy Kimchi Chicken Bowl S$8.80
Spicy Kimchi Pork Bowl S$8.80
Pork Belly Torched Bowl S$11.20
Chicken Cutlet Mentai Bowl S$9.80
Fried Ebi Mentai Bowl S$9.80
Ramyon, Soups & Japchae
Spicy Chicken Ramyon S$8.20
Spicy Pork Ramyon S$8.20
Spam Ramyon (Spicy) S$8.20
Beef Ramyon (Spicy) S$9.20
Japchae Original S$7.20
Spicy Chicken Japchae S$8.20
Spicy Pork Japchae S$8.20
Bulgogi Beef Japchae S$9.20
Chicken Dumplings S$3.90
Chicken Cutlet Mentai S$4.90
Fried Ebi Mentai S$4.90
Fried Spam with Nacho Cheese Dip S$4.90
Jumeokbap S$8.00
Kimchi S$2.90
Onsen Egg S$1.00
Green Tea S$1.50
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Gogiyo Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Orchard Gateway 10am – 10pm
Jurong East 11am – 10pm
Junction 8 10am – 10pm
Northpoint City 11am – 10pm
Chinatown Point 10am – 10pm
Waterway Point 11am – 10pm

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