Muthu’s Curry

Discover the delectable Muthu’s Curry menu in Singapore, showcasing an array of authentic South Indian dishes. Indulge in the restaurant’s signature fish head curry or try their famous chicken masala. Satisfy your cravings and immerse yourself in the rich flavors of Muthu’s Curry.

What are the specials at Muthu’s Curry

Best 5 specials at Muthu’s Curry are Fish Head Curry, Lamb Shank, Muthu’s Chicken Biryani, Butter Chicken, and Masala Prawns. The menu offers a variety of starters, chicken, mutton, seafood, vegetables, breads, and rice dishes, along with cold drinks. Prices range from S$4.28 to S$40.66.

Muthu’s Curry Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Signature Dish
Fish Head Curry-S S$31.03
Fish Head Curry-M S$35.31
Fish Head Curry-L S$40.66
Samosas S$7.92
Potato Wedges S$7.92
Spring Rolls S$7.92
Calamari Rings S$10.70
Chicken Wing Cocktail Kebab S$13.38
Mixed Platter S$16.59
Moru Moru Vendaikai S$12.84
Masala Chicken S$16.05
Curry Chicken S$16.05
Chicken-65 S$16.59
Muthu’s Chicken Chukka Varuval S$18.19
Chilli Chicken S$18.73
Butter Chicken S$19.80
Milagu Kozhi Varuval S$17.12
Chicken Manchurian S$18.19
Chicken Tikka Masala S$19.26
Stir Fry Mysore Mutton S$20.33
Mutton Vindaloo S$21.40
Lamb Chops S$22.47
Lamb Shank S$27.82
Fish & Potato Cutlet S$8.03
Curry Fish S$18.19
Fried Fish S$18.19
Nandu Masala S$20.87
Masala Prawns S$18.73
Muthu’s Prawns 65 S$17.66
Prawn Chukka Varuval S$17.66
Malabar Fish Curry S$18.19
Sambal Fish S$17.12
Black Daal S$11.77
Tadkaa Daal S$11.24
Paneer Makhni S$13.38
Aaloo Mutter S$11.77
Gobi Manchurian (Dry) S$14.45
Mutter Paneer Masala S$12.84
Mushroom Pepper Fry S$14.45
Paalak Daal S$12.31
Chilli Paneer S$13.91
Channa Masala S$11.24
Vendaikai Masala S$13.38
Kadai Vegetable Masala S$12.84
Paneer Tikka Masala S$18.19
Plain Naan S$4.71
Butter Naan S$5.24
Garlic Naan S$5.78
Tandoori Roti S$5.24
Butter Roti S$5.78
Pudina Kulcha S$5.78
Butter Garlic Naan S$6.31
Cheese Naan S$6.42
Tandoori Parata S$6.42
Romali Roti S$6.96
Naan Basket S$19.26
White Rice S$4.28
Biryani Rice S$5.35
Muthu’s Chicken Biryani S$17.01
Muthu’s Mutton Biryani S$18.08
Muthu’s Prawn Biryani S$17.66
Muthu’s Fish Biryani S$17.12
Muthu’s Veg Briyani S$14.45
Muthu’s Fried Rice-Prawns S$16.05
Muthu’s Fried Rice-Chicken S$15.52
Muthu’s Fried Rice -Egg S$14.45
Muthu’s Fried Rice -Veg S$13.91
Cold Drinks
Fresh Lime Juice S$4.71
Fresh Lime Soda S$5.35
Fresh Orange Juice S$8.03
Fresh Watermelon Juice S$8.03
Plain Lassi S$8.56
Salt Lassi S$8.56
Sweet Lassi S$8.56
Mango Lassi S$9.10
Ice Lemon Tea S$5.35
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Muthu’s Curry Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Little India 11am to 10pm daily
Suntec City Mall 11am to 10pm daily
Velocity@Novena Square 11am to 10pm daily
OUE Downtown Gallery 11am to 10pm daily

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