OldTown White Coffee

OldTown White Coffee is a popular Malaysian coffee chain that has expanded across the world. Their Singaporean menu includes an array of food and beverage items, ranging from traditional Malaysian dishes to international favourites. Discover the delectable offerings of OldTown White Coffee’s menu in Singapore.

What are the specials at OldTown White Coffee

1. Nasi Lemak with Fried Turmeric Chicken Whole Leg
2. OLDTOWN Prawn Meehoon Mee
3. Hainanese Chicken Chop Rice
4. OLDTOWN White Coffee – Hazelnut (Hot)
5. Fresh Lemon Tea (Cold)

OldTown White Coffee menu offers a range of noodle, rice, meatless set meal, sides, and beverages including their signature white coffee and tea. Top 5 specials are nasi lemak with fried chicken, prawn meehoon mee, hainanese chicken chop rice, hazelnut white coffee, and fresh lemon tea.

OldTown White Coffee Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Noodles Set Meal
OLDTOWN Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun S$13.70
OLDTOWN Prawn Meehoon Mee S$13.70
Assam Laksa S$13.70
BBQ Chicken Dry Curry Noodles S$13.05
BBQ Chicken & Fried Wanton Noodles Dry S$12.63
BBQ Chicken & Fried Wanton Noodles Soup S$12.63
Chicken Chop Springy Noodles S$12.63
Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun Dry S$12.63
Special Springy Noodles Soup S$12.63
Old Town Curry Mee S$15.41
Rice Set Meal
Ginger Chicken Steamed Rice S$14.34
Mushroom and Chicken Steamed Rice S$14.34
Hainanese Chicken Chop Rice S$14.34
Special BBQ Chicken Rice S$13.27
Nasi Lemak Set Meal
Nasi Lemak with Fried Turmeric Chicken Whole Leg S$20.65
Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken & Potato S$16.91
Nasi Lemak with Rendang Chicken S$16.91
Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Wing S$14.34
Nasi Lemak with Sambal Cuttlefish S$13.80
Meatless Set Meal
Meatless Curry Noodles S$11.13
Light Bites
Fried Chicken Wings & Chips (2pcs) S$9.52
Chicken Bites S$7.38
Fried Wanton (7pcs) S$6.31
Golden Nugget (5pcs) S$6.31
Chicken Cocktail (5pcs) S$5.24
Curry Puff (2pcs) S$4.17
French Fries S$4.17
Fried Beancurd (8pcs) S$4.17
Fried Turmeric Chicken Whole Leg S$11.66
Rendang Chicken S$7.92
Curry Chicken & Potato S$7.92
Fried Chicken Wing S$5.35
Sambal Cuttlefish S$4.82
Sambal Dried Shrimp Kangkong S$3.10
Plain Nasi Lemak Rice S$2.03
Fried Egg (1pc) S$1.39
Hard Boiled Egg (1pc) S$1.39
Sambal Ikan Bilis S$0.96
OLDTOWN White Coffee
OLDTOWN White Coffee (Hot) S$3.53
OLDTOWN White Coffee (Cold) S$3.85
OLDTOWN White Coffee – Hazelnut (Hot) S$4.28
OLDTOWN White Coffee – Hazelnut (Cold) S$4.60
OLDTOWN White Coffee – Cham (Hot) S$3.53
OLDTOWN White Coffee – Cham (Cold) S$3.85
OLDTOWN White Coffee – Gao (Hot) S$3.53
OLDTOWN White Coffee – Gao (Cold) S$3.85
OLDTOWN’s Nan Yang – C (Hot) S$4.28
OLDTOWN’s Nan Yang – C (Cold) S$4.60
OLDTOWN’s Nan Yang – O (Hot) S$3.21
OLDTOWN’s Nan Yang – O (Cold) S$3.53
OLDTOWN Teh Tarik (Hot) S$3.53
OLDTOWN Teh Tarik (Cold) S$3.85
OLDTOWN White Milk Tea (Hot) S$3.53
OLDTOWN White Milk Tea (Cold) S$3.85
OLDTOWN Xi Mut® Milk Tea (Hot) S$3.53
OLDTOWN Xi Mut® Milk Tea (Cold) S$3.85
Fresh Lemon Tea (Hot) S$4.60
Fresh Lemon Tea (Cold) S$4.92
Black Tea (Hot) S$3.21
Black Tea (Cold) S$3.53
OLDTOWN Enriched Chocolate (Hot) S$4.28
OLDTOWN Enriched Chocolate (Cold) S$4.60
Honey Lemon Drink (Hot) S$4.60
Honey Lemon Drink (Cold) S$4.92
Longan Drink (Hot) S$4.28
Longan Drink (Cold) S$4.60
Soya Milk (Hot) S$3.53
Soya Milk (Cold) S$3.85
Lime Drink S$4.17
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OldTown White Coffee Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Orchard Central 10:00am – 10:00pm
City Square Mall 9:00am – 10:00pm
Northpoint City 10:00am – 10:00pm
Junction 8 10:00am – 10:00pm
Bugis Junction 10:00am – 10:00pm

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