Wonder Juice

Wonder Juice, one of the popular juice bars in Singapore, boasts a tantalizing menu that’s packed with mouth-watering juices and smoothies. With locally sourced ingredients and a team of skilled mixologists, customers can enjoy the perfect balance of flavor and nutrition in every sip. Whether you’re looking to detox, energize or indulge, Wonder Juice has got you covered.

What are the specials at Wonder Juice

Best 5 specials at Wonder Juice: Avocado Chocolate, Avocado Pineapple, Mango Papaya Smoothie, Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice, and Passion Fruit Orange Juice.

Wonder Juice serves a variety of sliced fruits, smoothies/milkshakes, and cold-pressed juices featuring fresh and healthy ingredients like avocado, mango, and celery. Prices range from S$1.50 to S$6.50.

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Wonder Juice Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Sliced Fruits
Watermelon 200g S$1.50
Papaya 200g S$1.50
Orange 1 Each S$1.50
Red Apple 1 Each S$1.50
Green Apple 1 Each S$1.50
Pineapple 150g S$1.50
Honeydew 150g S$1.50
Kiwi 1 Each S$2.00
Pear 150g S$2.00
Grapefruit 1 Each S$2.50
Rock Melon 150g S$2.50
Red Dragon Fruit 150g S$2.50
Guava 150g S$2.50
Fruit Cup 1 Cup S$4.50
Smoothie / Milkshakes
Avocado Milkshake S$6.00
Avocado Chocolate S$6.00
Avocado Beetroot S$6.00
Avocado Pineapple S$6.00
Avocado Banana S$6.00
Avocado Lemon S$6.50
Avocado Coffee S$6.50
Avocado Milo S$6.50
Avocado Spinach S$6.50
Avocado Mango S$6.50
Avocado Soursop S$6.50
Avocado Carrot S$6.50
Mango Smoothie S$5.00
Mango Milkshake S$6.00
Mango Banana S$6.00
Mango Strawberry S$6.00
Mango Papaya Smoothie S$6.00
Mango Soursop Smoothie S$6.00
Soursop S$5.00
Soursop Watermelon S$6.00
Soursop Red Dragon Fruit S$6.00
Soursop Kiwi S$6.00
Soursop Strawberry S$6.00
Soursop Sour Plum S$6.00
Banana Orange S$6.00
Cold Pressed Juices
Apple Beetroot Carrot S$6.50
Celery Cucumber Pineapple S$6.50
Celery Apple Pineapple S$6.50
Celery Apple Bitter Gourd S$6.50
Passion Fruit Orange S$6.50
Passion Fruit Apple S$6.50
Apple Lemon S$6.00
Pineapple Bitter Gourd S$6.00
Celery Apple S$6.00
Carrot Orange S$6.00
Pineapple Orange S$6.00
Grape Fruit Pineapple S$6.00
Grape Fruit Orange S$6.00
Water Melon Pear S$6.00
Water Melon Pineapple S$6.00
Pear Star Fruit S$6.00
Apple S$5.50
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Wonder Juice Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Wonder Juice – Nex 10am – 10pm daily
Wonder Juice – Westgate 10am – 10pm daily
Wonder Juice – Jurong Point 10am – 10pm daily
Wonder Juice – Suntec City 10am – 10pm daily
Wonder Juice – Tampines Mall 10am – 10pm daily
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