Ya Fu Mini Wok

When it comes to tasty and affordable meals, Singaporeans turn to Ya Fu Mini Wok. Their menu offers a variety of delicious dishes, including the famous Ya Fu Mini Wok that’s perfect for foodies on the go. Whether you’re craving for something sweet, savory or spicy, Ya Fu Mini Wok has something for you.

What are the specials at Ya Fu Mini Wok

The best 5 specials at Ya Fu Mini Wok are Cereal Prawn, Salted Egg Chicken Rice, Kung Pao Chicken Rice, Orange Chicken Rice, and Cereal Fish Rice. The menu offers various rice and noodle dishes, including Thai Style Chicken Chop Rice, Seafood Hor Fun, and Fried Dong Fen, along with a selection of a la carte dishes and sets. Prices range from S$5.60 to S$12.00.

Ya Fu Mini Wok Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Thai Style Chicken Chop Rice S$6.00
Black Pepper Chicken Chop Rice S$6.00
Sweet & Sour Fish Rice S$6.00
Black Pepper Fish Rice S$6.00
Ginger & Onion Pork Rice S$6.00
Pork Rib Rice S$6.90
Sweet & Sour Pork Rice S$6.00
Ginger & Onion Sliced Fish Rice S$6.90
Ya Fu Fried Rice S$5.60
Salted Fish Fried Rice S$6.00
Century Egg Fried Rice S$6.00
Salted Fish & Century Egg Fried Rice S$6.90
Fresh Prawn Fried Rice S$7.00
Orange Chicken Rice S$7.00
Ginger & Onion Chicken Rice S$6.90
Basil Leaf Chicken Rice S$6.90
Black Pepper Beef Rice S$7.00
Ginger & Onion Beef Rice S$7.00
Kung Pao Chicken Rice S$7.00
Cereal Chicken Chop Rice S$7.00
Cereal Fish Rice S$7.00
Cereal Prawn Rice S$7.00
Salted Egg Chicken Rice S$7.00
Hor Fun
Seafood Hor Fun S$6.00
San Lor Hor Fun S$6.90
Fried Seafood Hor Fun S$6.90
Chicken Chop Hor Fun S$7.00
Fried Beef Hor Fun S$7.00
Beef Hor Fun S$7.00
Salted Egg Chicken Hor Fun S$7.00
Chicken Chop Hor Fun S$7.00
Mee / Bee Hoon / Dong Fen
Seafood Yee Mee S$6.00
Salted Fish Bee Hoon S$6.00
White Bee Hoon S$6.00
Fried Dong Fen S$6.00
Fried Hong Kong Mee S$6.00
Mee Goreng S$6.00
A La Carte
Stir-fried Cabbage S$8.00
Stir-fried Baby Kailan S$8.00
Salted Fish Bean Sprouts S$8.00
Basil Leaf Fried Egg S$8.00
Century Egg Fried Egg S$8.00
Cereal Prawn S$12.00
Thai Style Chicken Chop S$10.00
Black Pepper Chicken Chop S$10.00
Sweet & Sour Fish S$10.00
Black Pepper Fish S$10.00
Ginger & Onion Pork S$10.00
Pork Ribs S$10.00
Sweet & Sour Pork S$10.00
Ginger & Onion Sliced Fish S$12.00
Orange Chicken S$12.00
Ginger & Onion Chicken S$10.00
Basil Leaf Chicken S$10.00
Black Pepper Beef S$12.00
Ginger & Onion Beef S$12.00
Kung Pao Chicken S$12.00
Cereal Chicken S$12.00
Cereal Fish S$12.00
Fried Combo Delight S$7.00
Black Pepper Beef Fried Rice S$7.00
Chicken Chop Fried Rice S$7.00
Pork Rib Fried Rice S$7.00
Mongolian Chicken Rice S$7.00
Mongolian Pork Rib Rice S$7.00
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Ya Fu Mini Wok Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Changi City Point 11am – 10pm (Daily)
JEM 11am – 10pm (Daily)
Waterway Point 11am – 10pm (Daily)
Jurong Point 11am – 10pm (Daily)
NEX 11am – 10pm (Daily)
Northpoint City 11am – 10pm (Daily)
Tampines Mall 11am – 10pm (Daily)
VivoCity 11am – 10pm (Daily)
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