Zipp Burger and Pasta

“Discover an extensive selection of burgers and pastas at Zipp Burger and Pasta’s menu in Singapore. From classic beef burgers to vegan options, patrons can find their perfect match. Browse the mouth-watering menu to indulge in the flavorsome offerings today!”

What are the specials at Zipp Burger and Pasta

Best 5 specials: Handcrafted Hamburger, Cheesy Fish Burger, Truffle Fries, Customizable Pasta, Classic BBQ Sauce.

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Zipp Burger and Pasta offers a variety of handcrafted burgers including pork, fish and chicken, customizable pasta, sides such as fries and meatballs, and sauces like curry aioli and nacho cheese. Refreshing drinks like spritzer are also available.

Zipp Burger and Pasta Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Handcrafted Hamburger S$10.00
Handcrafted Crusty Pork Burger S$9.00
Handcrafted Grilled Pork Burger S$9.00
Classic Garlic Aioli Fish Burger S$8.00
Cheesy Fish Burger S$9.00
Curry Aioli Fish Burger S$9.00
Grilled Chicken Burger S$8.00
Fried Chicken Burger S$8.00
Customizable Pasta
Customizable Pasta S$5.00
Regular Fries S$6.00
Potato Wedges S$7.00
Criss Cut Fries S$8.00
Truffle Fries S$7.00
Cheese Fries S$7.00
Pork Meatballs (5 Pcs) S$6.00
Beef Meatballs (5 Pcs) S$6.00
Curry Aioli Sauce S$1.00
Garlic Aioli Sauce S$1.00
Classic BBQ Sauce S$1.00
Nacho Cheese Sauce S$1.00
Spritzer S$2.50
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Zipp Burger and Pasta Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Zipp Burger and Pasta @ Bugis+ 11am – 10pm
Zipp Burger and Pasta @ Northpoint City 11am – 10pm
Zipp Burger and Pasta @ SingPost Centre 11am – 10pm
Zipp Burger and Pasta @ JEM 11am – 10pm
Zipp Burger and Pasta @ Paya Lebar Quarter 11am – 10pm
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