Ah Chiang’S Porridge

Ah Chiang’s Porridge is a restaurant chain in Singapore that offers a delectable range of porridge options. Their menu consists of mouth-watering dishes with different toppings and flavours, making Ah Chiang’s Porridge a perfect choice for a wholesome and flavourful meal. Let’s explore Ah Chiang’s Porridge menu in Singapore.

What are the specials at Ah Chiang’S Porridge

Menu: Ah Chiang’S Porridge offers a variety of porridge options, including fish, pork, century egg, and cuttlefish. They also serve soups and side dishes such as pig liver soup, Thai style jellyfish, and fried whitebait. Other options include fried egg dishes and combine egg porridge. Prices range from S$1.00 for rice to S$6.00 for stir-fried salted fish with bean sprouts.

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Ah Chiang’S Porridge Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Fish Porridge
Fish Porridge S$4.50
Fish with Mixed Pork Porridge S$6.00
Fish with Pork Porridge S$5.50
Pork Porridge
Mixed Pork Porridge S$4.50
Pork Porridge S$4.50
Pig Liver Porridge S$4.50
Minced Meat Porridge S$4.50
Sliced Meat Porridge S$4.50
Pork Ball Porridge S$5.50
Century Egg Porridge
Century Egg Porridge S$4.50
Century Egg Fish Porridge S$6.00
Century Egg Mixed Porridge S$6.00
Century Egg Pork Porridge S$5.30
Century Egg Sliced Pork Porridge S$6.00
Century Egg Chicken Porridge S$6.00
Century Egg Cuttlefish Porridge S$6.00
Cuttle Fish Porridge
Cuttlefish Porridge S$4.80
Cuttlefish Minced Meat Porridge S$5.50
Cuttlefish Mixed Pork Porridge S$5.50
Cuttlefish Chicken Porridge S$5.50
Cuttlefish with Fish Porridge S$5.50
Pork Ball Soup S$5.30
Pig Liver Soup S$5.30
Pig Intestine Soup S$5.30
Snacks/ Side Dish
Century Egg S$2.00
Thai Style Jellyfish S$5.50
Fried Liver S$5.50
Fried Whitebait S$5.50
Peanut S$3.20
Stir Fried Vegetable -Lettuce S$5.00
Salted Egg S$1.50
Rice S$1.00
Fried Onion Egg S$5.00
Fried Preserved Vegetable Egg S$5.00
Fried Da Cong Egg S$5.00
Fried Cai Po Egg S$5.00
Fried Minced Meat Egg S$5.00
Stir Fried Salted Fish with Bean Sprout S$6.00
Other Porridge
Chicken Porridge S$4.50
Peanut Porridge S$4.00
Fried Whitebait Porridge S$5.30
Combine Egg Porridge S$4.80
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Ah Chiang’S Porridge Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Bukit Merah Central 7am-10pm
Raffles City 10am-10pm
Tiong Bahru Plaza 10am-10pm
The Star Vista 10am-10pm
Funan Mall 10am-10pm

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