RK Eating House

Looking for delicious and authentic Indian cuisine in Singapore? Look no further than RK Eating House! The menu at RK Eating House features a range of tantalizing dishes, prepared using the freshest ingredients and traditional Indian cooking techniques. From spicy curries to fragrant biryanis, there’s something to suit every palate at RK Eating House. So why not stop by and discover your new favourite dish today?

What are the specials at RK Eating House

Best 5 specials at RK Eating House are Prata RK Special, Murtabak Chicken Cheese, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala and Thai Chicken Spicy. The menu offers a variety of Indian and South-East Asian cuisine, including prata, murtabak, tandoori chicken, and Thai dishes. They also serve hot and cold drinks.

RK Eating House Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Prata RK Special S$10.00
RK Indian Rojak Rojak S$11.90
Plain Prata S$1.80
Egg Prata S$2.80
Double Egg Prata S$4.10
Plain Onion Prata S$2.50
Egg Onion Prata S$3.40
Onion Plaster S$3.40
Boom Prata S$3.90
Plaster Prata S$2.80
Planta Prata S$3.90
Cheese Prata S$4.90
Cheese Plaster Prata S$6.30
Mushroom Prata S$4.90
Cheese Mushroom Prata S$6.30
Cheese Egg Mushroom Prata S$7.00
Banana Parata S$4.90
Cheese Egg Onion Prata S$6.30
Mushroom Egg Onion S$6.70
Banana Honey Parata S$6.30
Chocolate Prata S$4.20
Strawberry Prata S$4.20
Milo Prata S$4.90
Garlic Prata S$4.90
Italian Prata S$18.90
Pizza Prata S$18.90
Coin Prata Set S$8.50
Milk Prata S$4.20
Murtabak Chicken S$9.70
Murtabak Mutton S$10.40
Murtabak Sardine S$9.70
Murtabak Chicken Cheese S$14.00
Murtabak Mutton Cheese S$16.80
Murtabak Sardine Cheese S$14.00
Roti John Cheese Chicken S$9.00
Roti John Cheese Sardine S$9.00
Roti John Cheese Mutton S$9.50
South Indian Cuisine
Plain Rice Only S$1.70
Fried Mee (Goreng Goreng) S$6.90
Fried Mee Hoon (Goreng Goreng) S$6.90
Fried Kuay Teow (Goreng Goreng) S$6.90
Fried Maggi (Goreng Goreng) S$6.90
Fried Rice (Goreng Goreng) S$6.90
Fried Chicken S$5.00
Boneless Mutton S$7.00
Mutton Soup S$6.50
Soup Mix S$10.50
Soup Tulang S$8.50
North Indian Cuisine
Plain Naan S$3.00
Butter Naan S$4.00
Garlic Naan S$4.30
Masala Naan S$5.90
Cheese Naan S$4.80
Cheese Garlic Naan S$6.20
Keema Naan S$5.00
Kashmir Naan S$6.30
Pizza Naan S$12.90
Tandoori Chicken S$6.50
Butter Chicken S$9.70
Palak Paneer S$8.00
Chicken Tikka S$7.40
Kheema S$8.00
Dhal S$3.50
Mutton Masala S$9.70
Mutton Roast S$9.70
Chicken Tikka Masala S$15.00
Dhall Fry S$5.90
Thai Chicken (Thai Muslim Ala Carte)
Chicken Spicy S$10.50
Chicken Lemon Honey S$10.50
Chicken Ginger S$10.50
Chicken Fried Yellow Ginger S$11.20
Chicken Sweet Sour S$10.50
Chicken Black Pepper S$11.20
Thai Squid (Thai Muslim Ala Carte)
Squid Sweet Sour S$10.50
Squid Fried With Flour S$10.50
Squid Spicy S$10.50
Squid Ginger S$10.50
Squid Paprik S$10.50
Thai Beef (Thai Muslim Ala Carte)
Beef Ginger S$10.50
Beef Fried Tumeric S$10.50
Beef Red Sos S$10.50
Beef Paprik S$10.50
Beef Spicy S$10.50
Beef Black Pepper S$10.50
Thai Prawn (Thai Muslim Ala Carte)
Prawn Sweet Sour S$11.20
Prawn Fried With Flour S$11.20
Prawn Spicy S$11.20
Prawn Cereal S$11.20
Hot Drinks
Teh Tarik S$1.80
Teh’O S$1.50
Teh’O Kosong S$1.00
Teh’C S$2.00
Teh’C Halia S$2.40
TeH Halia S$2.20
Tea Cino S$3.20
Coffee Tarik S$1.80
Coffee’O Kosong S$1.50
Coffee’O S$1.50
Coffee’C S$2.00
Coffee’C Halia S$2.40
Horlicks S$2.20
Horlicks’ C S$2.40
Nescafe S$2.20
Nescafe’O S$2.10
Nescafe’C S$2.40
Cold Drinks
Assorted Teh Ice S$2.50
Assorted Coffee Ice S$2.50
Assorted Milo Ice S$3.80
Assorted Horlicks Ice S$4.10
Nescafe Ice S$3.00
Milo Cino Ice S$3.80
Nescafe Cino Ice S$3.50
Iced Lemon Tea S$2.60
Bandung Lychee S$4.10
Bandung Dinosaur S$4.50
Iced Bandung Cino S$4.80
Iced Honey Lemon S$3.40
Lychee Ice S$2.70
Lime Juice S$3.00
Mineral Water S$2.00
Tea’O Longan S$3.50
Neslo Cino Ice S$3.90
Limau Ice S$2.50
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RK Eating House Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
46 Joo Chiat Place 24 hours
1 Minde Road, Singapore 299176 Mon-Sun: 7am-10:30pm
101 Jalan Sultan #01-01/02 Mon-Sat: 11:30am-10pm, Sun: Closed
208 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-48 Singapore 560208 Mon-Sun: 10:30am-9:30pm
631 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-972 Singapore 470631 Mon-Sun: 6am-10pm
824 Tampines St 81 #01-38, Singapore 520824 Mon-Sun: 6am-10:30pm
161 Bukit Merah Central #01-3711 Singapore 150161 Mon-Sun: 6am-10pm
477 Tampines St 43 #01-180 Singapore 520477 Mon-Sun: 6am-10pm
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