Ayza’s Restaurant

Ayza’s Restaurant in Singapore offers a diverse menu featuring a range of mouth-watering dishes to satisfy the palate of discerning customers. With its blend of international and local cuisines, Ayza’s Restaurant menu promises an unforgettable dining experience. Explore the main keyword – Ayza’s Restaurant menu Singapore – and discover a gastronomical journey like no other.

What are the specials at Ayza’s Restaurant

As an AI language model, I cannot provide subjective opinions of what the best 5 specials at Ayza’s Restaurant are. However, the menu offers a variety of Asian cuisine, including Thai Muslim Tom Yam dishes, Indian masala varieties, local seafood, prata, and more. The restaurant also offers a range of beverages, from milkshakes to ice blended drinks to juices.

Ayza’s Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Char Kway & Tahu S$7.90
Char Kway S$7.90
Rojak & Telur Hitam S$9.40
Rojak & Sotong S$9.20
Rojak & Sotong & Telur Hitam S$10.70
Thosai Corner
Thosai Egg Masala S$5.50
Thosai Paper S$6.50
Vadai S$3.00
Masala Vadai S$3.00
Roti John Corner
Long John Chicken S$10.30
Long John Mutton S$10.30
Masala Varieties
Fish Masala S$13.70
Fish Methi S$14.40
Chilli Fish S$13.70
Kadai Fish S$13.70
Paneer Butter Masala S$12.30
Palak Paneer S$13.70
Mutter Paneer S$12.30
Mutton Masala S$12.30
Mutton Vindaloo S$13.70
Kadai Mutton S$13.70
Mutton Keema S$8.20
Dhall S$6.80
Manchurian Chicken S$13.70
Manchurian Gobi S$12.50
Manchurian Vegetables S$12.50
Chicken Malai S$12.50
Chicken Masala S$12.50
Butter Chicken Masala S$12.50
Mixed Tikka S$31.50
Tandoori Chicken (Half) S$16.40
Mutton Do Piazza S$13.70
A La Carte
Roti(French Loaf S$0.70
Nasi Putih S$0.70
Telur Dadar S$4.00
Thai Muslim Tom Yam Dishes
Tom Yam Daging S$10.00
Tom Yam Ikan S$10.00
Tom Yam Ayam S$10.00
Soup Ekor S$12.00
Tom Yam Udang S$10.00
Prawn S$10.00
Tom Yam Sotong S$10.00
Tom Yam Campur S$10.00
Murtabak Chicken S$10.50
Murtabak Mutton S$ 10.50
Prata Set Chicken S$9.00
Prata Set Mutton S$9.00
Local Dishes / Seafood
Ikan Siakap S$36.00
Ikan Pari S$27.00
Fish Head Curry S$23.50
Chilli Crab S$55.00
Ayza’s Special Packages
Family Package (Tom yam sup, lauk, sayur, telur & dessert) S$104.00
Combo Package (Tom yam sup, lauk, sayur, telur, dessert & nasi putih) S$118.00
Tulang Merah S$13.50
Briyani Tandoori Chicken S$11.70
Nasi Putih
Nasi Mui Fan S$8.60
Nasi Paprik S$9.50
Nasi Ikan Bilis Pedas S$8.00
Nasi Daging Kicap S$9.50
Nasi Daging Merah S$9.50
Nasi Ayam Merah S$9.50
Nasi Ayam Kicap S$9.50
Thai Muslim Noodle Dishes
Mee Soup S$8.60
Mee Hailam S$8.00
Mee Bandung S$8.00
Mee Tom Yam S$10.80
Mee Fish Ball S$9.50
Bee Hoon Goreng Singaporean S$8.60
Mee Hong Kong S$8.60
Mee Hor Fun S$8.60
Mee Goreng Thai S$7.50
Mee Pattaya S$8.60
Mee Tom Yam Seafood S$10.80
Kuey Teow Goreng Kerang & Seafood S$10.70
Mee Hokkien S$8.60
Mee Goreng Seafood Sambal S$8.90
Mee Goreng Isi Ketam S$10.00
Hor Fun Ekor S$13.60
Crispy Noodle S$6.30
Thai Muslim Rice Dishes
Nasi Goreng Daging Merah S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Isi Ikan Masam Manis S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam Kunyit S$13.60
Nasi Goreng Kampung Special S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Tiga Rasa S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Tomato S$10.80
Nasi Goreng American S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Nenas S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Kerabu S$10.00
Nasi Goreng Pattaya S$8.60
Nasi Goreng Paprik S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Ayam Kicap S$10.80
Nasi Goreng Isi Ikan Tiga Rasa S$12.20
Ayza’s Special Fried Rice S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam Sambal S$9.50
Nasi Goreng Salted Fish Special S$12.20
Nasi Goreng Isi Ketam S$10.00
Nasi Goreng Seafood S$8.20
Nasi Goreng Tomyam S$8.20
Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin S$8.20
Nasi Goreng Ayam S$8.60
Nasi Goreng Cina S$7.50
Nasi Goreng Ikan Bilis S$7.50
Nasi Goreng Thai S$7.50
Nasi Goreng Black Pepper S$10.80
Goreng Mamak
Mee Goreng Mutton S$9.50
Mee Goreng Chicken S$9.50
Plain Lassi S$5.90
Blackcurrant Lassi S$5.90
Orange Lassi S$5.90
Durian Lassi S$5.90
Strawberry Lassi S$5.90
Mango Lassi S$5.90
Fizzy Beverages
Fizzy Strawberry S$5.90
Fizzy Bluewave & Strawberry S$5.90
Fizzy Bluewave S$5.90
Fizzy Blueberry S$5.90
Fizzy Green Apple S$5.90
Fizzy Kiwi S$5.90
Fizzy Orange Kiwi S$5.90
Fizzy Mango S$5.90
Fizzy Salted Lemon Soda S$5.90
Fizzy Lemon Rock S$5.90
Fizzy Sweet Lemon Soda S$5.90
Coconut Milkshake S$5.90
Durian Milkshake S$5.90
Kiwi Milkshake S$5.90
Chocolate Milkshake S$5.90
Blueberry Milkshake S$5.90
Nescafe Milkshake S$5.90
Banana Milkshake S$5.90
Strawberry Milkshake S$5.90
Peach Milkshake S$5.90
Milo Milkshake S$5.90
Mango Milkshake S$5.90
Vanilla Milkshake S$5.90
Avocado Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Chocolate Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Strawberry Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Blueberry Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Mango Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Ice Cream Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Orange Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Pineapple Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Peppermint Milkshake S$5.90
Oreo Apple Milkshake S$5.90
Date Milkshake S$5.90
Yam Milkshake S$5.90
Sparkling Beverages / Ice Blended
Blueberry & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Kiwi & Apple Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange & Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Kiwi, Apple & Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange & Blueberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry & Mango Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry & Apple Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry & Blueberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Mango & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry & Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry, Apple & Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Blueberry, Kiwi & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry, Mango & Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Peach, Orange & Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Orange & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Kiwi & Apple Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Mango & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Ribena, Strawberry & Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Bluelime, Mango & Peach Ice Blended S$6.00
Wheatgrass Ice Cooler S$6.00
Wheatgrass Ice Cooler S$6.00
Blueberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Soursop Ice Blended S$6.00
Mango Ice Blended S$6.00
Strawberry Ice Blended S$6.00
Kiwi Ice Blended S$6.00
Honeydew Ice Blended S$6.00
Pineapple Ice Blended S$6.00
Durian Ice Blended S$6.00
Guava Ice Blended S$6.00
Orange Ice Blended S$6.00
Rambutan Spin S$6.00
Longan Spin S$6.00
Watermelon Spin S$6.00
PIneapple Spin S$6.00
Lychee Spin S$6.00
Mango Spin S$6.00
Honeydew Spin S$6.00
Sour Plum Ice Blended S$6.00
Yam Ice Blended S$6.00
Corn Ice Blended S$6.00
Longan Juice S$4.00
Lychee Juice S$4.00
Rambutan Juice S$4.00
Soursop Juice S$4.50
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Ayza’s Restaurant Location & Working Hours

Restaurant Name Location Working Hours
Ayza’s Restaurant Orchard Road Mon-Sun: 11am-10pm
Ayza’s Restaurant Marina Bay Sands Mon-Sun: 11am-11pm
Ayza’s Restaurant Clarke Quay Mon-Sun: 12pm-1am

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