Fat Bird

When searching for a delectable hot pot experience in Singapore, Fat Bird will not disappoint. The Fat Bird menu is a feast for the senses, offering a wide array of ingredients, sauces, and broths to choose from, all complemented by friendly service and a welcoming ambiance. Come savor the flavors of Fat Bird today.

What are the specials at Fat Bird

The best 5 specials at Fat Bird are House Special Chicken Festive Pot, Spicy and Fragrant Chicken Festive Pot, Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot, Pickled Chilli Chicken, and Assam Fish. The menu at Fat Bird offers signature pots, value set menus, appetizers, claypots, meats, seafood, vegetables, skewers, BBQ, staple dishes, and beverages. Everything is under $40 except for Chicken Stew In Pig’s Stomach ($40.15) and Crab Meat Truffle Fried Rice ($17.60).

Fat Bird Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Signature Pots
House Special Chicken Festive Pot S$39.00
Spicy and Fragrant Chicken Festive Pot S$39.00
Mushroom Herbs Chicken Pot S$39.00
Numbing & Fiery Chicken Pot S$39.00
Chicken Stew In Pig’s Stomach S$40.15
Beef Brisket Pot S$37.80
Pork Rib Festive Pot S$37.80
Pickled Chilli Chicken S$39.00
Value Set Menu
Minipot Set For 1 S$17.60
Value Claypot Set For 1 S$11.80
Mouth Watering Chicken S$11.65
Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce S$8.10
Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce S$8.10
Mouth Watering Chicken S$11.65
Pork Belly with Spicy Garlic Sauce S$8.10
Refreshing Jellyfish Salad S$8.10
Pestle Century Egg with Green Chilli & Brinjal S$6.90
Cucumber Salad S$5.70
Braised Fiery Chicken Feet S$4.55
JJ Sizzling Braised Fish Claypot S$10.45
Eggplant with Salted Fish & Minced Meat S$9.30
Assam Fish S$11.65
JJ Sizzling Chicken Claypot S$16.40
Braised Chicken In Prawn Paste Claypot S$16.40
Claypot Stewed Three Cup Chicken S$16.40
Claypot Pork Belly with Salted Fish S$9.30
Moonlight Tofu S$8.10
Spicy Chicken Cubes S$22.35
Sichuan Double -Cooked Pork Slices S$16.40
Lychee Pork S$14.05
Changde Hot Plate Pig Intestines S$20.00
Salted Egg Fish Skin S$14.05
Special Stir-fried Lala S$17.60
Spicy & Fragrant Spicy Stir-fried Lala S$17.60
Chinese Spinach with Salted Eggs and Century Eggs S$15.20
String Beans with Minced Pork and Dried Chilli S$11.65
Egg Yolk Coated Corn S$11.65
Wok-fried Fragrant Yam S$11.65
Hand Shredded Cabbage S$10.45
Pork Floss Eggplant S$11.65
Pork Belly S$4.55
Beef S$4.55
Mutton S$4.55
Chicken Meat S$4.55
Chicken Mid Wings S$5.95
Fresh Prawn S$5.95
Taiwan Sausage S$4.55
Sweet Corn On Cob S$4.55
Cheese Tofu S$4.55
Mantou S$3.60
Chicken Feet S$4.55
Potato Slices 1 Portion S$2.30
Enoki Mushroom Grilled In Tin Foil S$5.35
Lala Grilled In Tin Foil S$7.75
Luncheon Meat S$4.75
Lotus Root S$4.20
String Beans S$4.20
Cauliflower S$4.20
Fried Rice with Prawn S$12.85
Egg Fried Rice S$10.45
Deep Fried Sticky Rice Cake With Black Sesame S$8.10
Golden Fried Mantou S$6.90
Meat Dumplings (6Pcs) S$6.90
Steam Rice S$1.80
Salted Egg Fried Rice with Shirmps S$14.00
Crab Meat Truffle Fried Rice S$17.60
Winter Peach Green Tea S$7.15
Sprite S$3.35
Coke Zero S$3.35
Coke S$3.35
Iced Honey Lemon S$4.55
Lime Juice S$4.55
Fresh Iced Lemon Tea S$4.55
Iced Plum Jasmine Tea S$4.55
Mineral Water S$2.15
Soya Bean S$3.35
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Fat Bird Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Jurong Point 11am to 9pm daily
Bedok Point 11am to 9pm daily
Punggol Waterway Point 11am to 9pm daily
Clementi 321 11am to 9pm daily
Downtown East 11am to 9pm daily

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