Gangnam Pho

Looking for a satisfying bowl of Pho in Singapore? Look no further than Gangnam Pho’s menu. With a variety of delicious and authentic Vietnamese dishes, including their signature Pho, Gangnam Pho is a must-visit for any lover of great Asian cuisine.

What are the specials at Gangnam Pho

Best 5 specials at Gangnam Pho: Signature Gangnam Pho, Waygu Pho, Haemul Pho, Lemongrass Chicken Chop, and Grilled Lemongrass Beef.

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Gangnam Pho offers Korean-Vietnamese soup noodles with six different pho varieties, as well as sides like Korean pancake, and drinks including green tea and unique beverages like Pink Sweetness and Exotic Goddess.

Gangnam Pho Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Korean-Vietnamese Soup Noodles
Signature Gangnam Pho S$14.00
GP-M2. Galbi Jjim Pho S$13.00
GP-M3. Waygu Pho S$18.00
GP-M4. Wanjajeon Pho S$12.00
GP-M5. Haemul Pho S$15.00
GP-M6. Chikin Pho S$11.00
GP-S2. Lemongrass Chicken Chop 120g S$6.00
GP-S5. Grilled Lemongrass Beef S$7.00
GP-S6. Korean Pancake S$7.00
GP-S3. Wanjajeon (Beef Balls) 5 Pcs S$6.00
GP-S4. Cheesy Squid Net Balls 5 Pcs S$6.00
Ayataka Green Tea S$2.20
Jasmine Green Tea S$2.20
Coke Less Sugar S$2.20
Coke No Sugar S$2.20
Sprite S$2.20
Wonder Smash S$8.00
Zesty Punch S$8.00
Tropical Honey S$8.00
Sunny Pink Kisses S$8.00
Pink Sweetness S$7.00
Eyes on You S$6.50
Exotic Goddess S$7.00
Secret Garden S$6.50
Black Beauty S$6.50
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Gangnam Pho Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
Orchard Central 11am-10pm
Suntec City Mall 11am-10pm
JEM 11am-10pm
Raffles City Shopping Centre 11am-10pm
Westgate 11am-10pm
Northpoint City 11am-10pm

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