Good Taste Restaurant

Good Taste Restaurant in Singapore boasts a mouth-watering menu filled with a variety of delectable dishes to satiate every palate. With a reputation for serving only the freshest ingredients, diners can expect a dining experience that tantalises the taste buds. Explore the diverse menu offerings and indulge in the ultimate culinary adventure.

What are the specials at Good Taste Restaurant

Best 5 specials at Good Taste Restaurant: Dong Bei Stir-fried with 3 Combo Veg, Cumin Lamb, Chong Qing Spicy Chicken, Pickled Fish, Mala Hotpot.

Good Taste Restaurant offers spicy and non-spicy options for vegetables, meat, and main dishes. They also have a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as Mala hotpot set meals. The beverage menu includes beer, juice, and soft drinks.

Good Taste Restaurant Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Spiciness Level
Spicy S$0.80
Medium Spicy S$0.80
Mild Spicy S$0.80
Non Spicy S$0.80
Chinese Cabbage (100g) S$1.50
China Shanghai Green (100g) S$1.50
Cabbage (100g) S$1.50
Kang Kong (100g) S$1.50
Soya Bean Sprout (100g) S$1.50
Potato (100g) S$1.50
Tau Kwa (100g) S$1.50
Eggplant (100g) S$1.50
Fried Tofu Skin S$1.50
Instant Noodle S$1.50
Cucumber S$1.50
Tomato S$1.50
Enoki Mushroom (100g) S$2.50
Oyster Mushroom (100g) S$2.50
King Mushroom (100g) S$2.50
Xiang Mai (100g) S$2.50
Broccoli (100g) S$2.50
Tofu Skin (100g) S$2.50
Vermicelli (100g) S$2.50
Agaric (100g) S$2.50
Yuba (100g) S$2.50
Lotus Root (100g) S$2.50
Fresh Kelp Silk (100g) S$2.50
Shiitake Mushroom (100g) S$2.50
Quail egg (100g) S$2.20
Bamboo Sprouts S$2.50
Wide Vermicelli S$2.50
Lamb (100g) S$3.50
Luncheon Meat (100g) S$3.50
Omasum (100g) S$3.50
Tai Wan Sausage (100g) S$3.50
Chicken Sausage (100g) S$3.50
Dolly Fish (100g) S$3.50
Crab Stick (100g) S$3.50
Fish Ball (100g) S$3.50
Chinese Smoked Sausage (100g) S$3.50
Pork Intestines (100g) S$3.50
Pork Belly (100g) S$3.50
Pork (100g) S$3.50
Beef (100g) S$3.50
Chicken (100g) S$3.50
Lobster Ball S$3.50
Fish Tofu S$3.50
Main Dishes
Garlic Belly S$14.80
Fried Meat S$10.80
Intestine with Chilli Sauce S$12.80
Dong Bei Stir-fried with 3 Combo Veg S$10.80
Shredded Meat with Special Sauce S$12.80
Shredded Pork with Garlic Sauce S$10.80
Chilli Fried Beancurd Skin S$10.80
Spicy Pork S$12.80
Cumin Lamb S$14.80
Cumin Beef S$14.80
Hotplate Tofu S$12.80
Hotplate Black Pepper Beef S$16.80
Mapo Tofu S$8.80
Homemade Tofu S$10.80
Griddle Cooked Bullfrog S$35.80
Stir-fried Green Beans S$10.80
Griddle Cooked Pork Intestine S$16.80
Mala Soup S$9.80
Xin Jiang Large Plate Chicken S$16.80
Si Chuan Style Stewed Pork S$12.80
Chong Qing Spicy Chicken S$14.80
Dong Bei Stew S$16.80
Chicken Stewed with Mushrooms S$16.80
Pickled Fish S$26.80
Bashu Boiling Fish S$26.80
Chong Qing Grilled Fish S$26.80
Fried Shrimp with Broccoli S$10.80
Fried Egg with Tomato S$6.80
Pickled Shredded Potato S$6.80
Stir-fried Kang Kung S$8.80
Stir-fried Mushroom with Shanghai Green S$8.80
Homemade Dumplings 12 Pcs S$6.80
Seaweed Egg Soup with Tomato S$5.80
Mushroom Seafood Soup S$6.80
Preserved Egg Beancurd S$5.80
Mashed Garlic Cucumber S$5.80
Kelp Salad S$5.80
Beef Tripe in Chilli Oil S$6.80
Spiced Beef S$8.00
Si Chuan Saliva Chicken S$8.00
Dong Bei Da La Pi S$5.80
Pork with Garlic Sauce S$8.00
Spicy Shrimp S$16.80
Baby Cabbage in Chicken Soup S$8.80
Stir-fried Lettuces with Dace and Black Bean S$12.80
Griddle Cooked Duck Head S$16.80
Mala Hotpot S$9.80
Black Fungus in Vinegar Sauce S$5.80
Egg Fried Rice S$5.00
Chinese Sausage Fried Rice S$5.80
Seafood Fried Rice S$5.80
Tomato and Egg Noodle S$6.80
Spicy Beef Noodle S$6.80
Sour and Spicy Noodle S$6.80
Sour and Spicy Soup S$6.80
White Rice S$1.00
Mala Hotpot Set Meal
Mala Set Meal for 1 Pax S$9.80
Mala Set Meal for 2 Pax S$16.80
Mala Set Meal for 3 Pax S$22.80
Qing Dao Beer S$5.50
Pear with Rock Sugar S$2.50
Iced Red Tea S$2.50
Syrup of Plum S$2.50
Coke S$2.00
Orange Juice S$2.00
Sprite S$2.00
Red Bull S$2.50
Jia Duo Bao S$2.50
Wong Lo Kat S$2.50
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Good Taste Restaurant Location & Working Hours

Restaurant Location Working Hours
Good Taste Bak Kut Teh 211 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059432 10am-10pm
Good Taste Seafood Restaurant 101 Yung Sheng Rd, Taman Jurong Market & Food Centre, Singapore 618499 11am-10pm
Good Taste Claypot Bak Kut Teh 8 Chun Tin Rd, Singapore 599595 11am-10pm
Good Taste Mala Hotpot 7 Jiak Chuan Rd, Singapore 089001 11am-10pm
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