Haidilao, Singapore’s famous hotpot restaurant, offers a wide range of dishes to satisfy any taste bud. Their menu features signature broths, premium cuts of meat, fresh seafood, and a variety of vegetables, all served in a cozy and welcoming setting. Get ready to indulge in an unforgettable dining experience at Haidilao.

What are the specials at Haidilao

Here are some popular specials at Haidilao: Signature Beef, U.S. Wagyu Beef, Seafood Platter, Abalone, and Wagyu Japanese Beef.

Haidilao offers an extensive menu of hot pot options including beef, pork, seafood, meatballs, vegetables, and side dishes. Set meals and economical combos are available for groups, and soup bases include single and double flavors. Signature dishes like mashed shrimpwah and homemade tofu pudding are also on offer, as well as various soybean and flour products and condiments.

Haidilao Menu Singapore

Menu Price
Delivery Set Meal
Economical Beef Combo A(Half Portion) For Two People S$115.35
Economical Beef Combo B(Half Portion) For Four People S$150.66
Economical Pork Combo A(Half Portion) For Two People S$115.35
Economical Pork Combo B(Half Portion) For Four People S$150.66
Set Meal C S$350.75
Set Meal D (28 dishes) S$433.14
Soup Base
Single-Flavour Soup Base S$0.00
Double-Flavors Soup Base S$0.00
Signature Dishes
Signature Mashed Shrimpwah S$13.54
Sliced Fish S$11.18
Chicken Slices S$8.24
HaiDiLao-flavored Beef S$10.59
Fresh Pig Brain S$10.00
HaiDiLao-flavored Layered Beef Tripe S$10.59
HaiDiLao-flavored Beef Tripe S$10.59
Cheese Tofu S$5.89
Fried beancurd S$5.89
Fresh Aorta S$8.83
Homemade Tofu Pudding S$5.30
Beef, Mutton & Meat
Iberico Pork S$14.12
Black Pork S$14.12
Sliced U.S. Beef S$4.71
Signature Beef S$18.83
Sliced Pork Belly S$10.59
U.S Wagyu Beef S$32.96
Aussie Sliced Lamb Shoulder S$12.95
Wagyu Japanese Beef S$63.56
Australia Ox-tongue S$13.54
Pork Jowl S$ 9.42
Fish Maw S$7.06
Cod Fillet S$13.54
Arctic Surf Clam S$10.59
Chinese Bullfrog S$6.47
Vannamei Shrimp S$14.12
Green Mussel S$11.77
Frozen Scallops S$23.54
Scallops S$8.83
Abalone S$29.43
Seafood Platter S$17.07
Golden Pomfret S$25.89
Fresh Prawn S$10.00
clams S$11.77
Meatball & Mashed Meat
Mushroom Meatball S$5.89
Pork Meatball S$8.83
Handmade Shrimp Cakes S$10.00
Beef Cheese Ball S$8.83
Handmade Fish Balls with Fish Roe S$6.47
Pork and Corn Mixed Meatball S$5.30
Cuttlefish Balls S$8.83
Fish Ball with Roe S$7.06
Pork Meatball S$7.06
Fortune Bag S$11.77
Classic Hot Pot Dishes
Quail Eggs S$7.06
Crab Stick S$5.89
Luncheon Meat S$6.47
Pork Intestines S$8.24
Mini Cheese Sausages S$7.65
Fried Crispy Fish Skin S$7.06
Pork Liver S$5.89
Mini Sausage S$5.30
Pork Stomach S$9.42
Fish Roe Stuffed Beancurd S$4.12
Fishball S$5.89
Pork Kidney Slice S$5.89
Root Vegetables & Mushroom
Oyster Mushrooms S$4.12
Golden Mushroom S$6.47
Shiitake Mushrooms S$4.12
King Oyster Mushrooms S$5.89
Sweet Corn S$4.71
Taro S$5.30
White Radish S$2.94
Sliced Bamboo Shoots S$4.71
Kelp S$3.53
Chinese Yam S$4.12
Lotus Root S$4.71
Black Fungus S$4.12
Potato Slices S$3.53
Winter Melon S$2.94
Tender Tips of Bamboo Shoots S$4.71
Asparagus Lettuce S$4.71
Mushroom Combination Platter S$11.77
Vegetables S$Start
Lettuce S$4.12
Chinese Cabbage S$4.71
Spinach S$4.71
Leaf Lettuce S$4.71
Assorted Vegetables Platter S$11.77
Soybean & Flour Products S$Start
Frozen Tofu S$4.71
Fresh Tofu S$3.53
Sweet Potato Vermicelli S$4.71
Tofu Skin S$4.71
Konjac Thread S$5.30
Beancurd Sheet S$4.71
Fried Tofu Skin S$7.65
Thin Vermicelli S$3.53
Cheese Rice Cake S$5.30
Side Dishes S$Start
Fine Dried Noodle S$2.35
Instant Noodle S$2.35
Huai Shan Noodles S$3.53
Meat & Chives Dumplings S$4.71
Condiment S$Start
Sesame Sauce S$4.71
Sesame Oil & Curshed Garlic S$4.71
Soya Sauce S$4.71
Fermented Beancurd Sauce S$4.71
Featured Chilli Sauce S$4.71
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Haidilao Location & Working Hours

Location Working Hours
313@Somerset 10am – 6am daily
Vivo City 10am – 10pm daily
Plaza Singapura 10am – 6am daily
IMM 10am – 6am daily
The Seletar Mall 10am – 6am daily
Bedok Mall 10am – 6am daily
Novena Square 10am – 6am daily
Marina Square 10am – 6am daily
Clarke Quay 10am – 6am daily
Suntec City 10am – 6am daily
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